Mescaline + MDMA day incoming.

 JonH (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 10 months ago

I’m very excited to announce that after around a years stay away from psychedelics (other than THC) I’m finally going to mix my most anticipated substance (MDMA) with my favorite entheogen (Mescaline) for a ride that I cannot begin to imagine.

I want to explain the choices.

First, what got me into entheogenic experiences was curiosity. One of the driving forces was actually speaking to a guy (over the internet) who had done mushrooms and subsequently went to college to study string theory, as he was sure he would find meaning there. I don’t know what became of him. Parallel to meeting this guy, I also met a man who introduced me to infected mushroom, the band. The music blew my mind, and soon I learned of the entheogenic experience one can have with incredible music and high doses of THC. (Some of you have seen my other thread).

Finally, the day came where I was offered mushrooms. They were azurscens, so in most cases, they tend to be twice as potent as cubensis. My trip was spectacular and terrifying. I was dismayed for a long time. After several months I read up and educated myself on psilocybin mushrooms and trips and read so much of people having beautifulm love-filled journeys to God and beyond. I attempted again, the trip was milder, but no less confronting. A third time, and no recovery – still blatant dismay, agony, and fear saturated the trip.

Stupid decisions aside, I started reading about MDMA. I never wanted to try it, but I thought to myself “Well damn, if I can’t have a happy trip on psilocybin, I’ll just have a happy one on MDMA!” As it seemed quite easy to ‘feel the love’ with ecstasy. . . (I mean look at the name of it!).

I searched and searched, and every time I found it it was either 4x the normal price, or not clean. Years went by and I just gave up. I didn’t care about it anymore.

Mescaline, however, hovered around my thoughts. There was a guy Brugmansia, on who would exclusively take mescaline for it was the only useful entheogen to him. It guided him like a mother guides a child, keeping him warm and awake, never throwing him over board to fend for himself (damn you psilocybin!). He would write pages about it, and his thoughts stuck to the back of my brain like glue. But I knew mescaline was hard to find.

Fast forward many years and I find myself in south america with two good friends. I was planning on taking ayahuasca, but they were too new to psychedelics to go into that just yet. Long story short we settled on drinking san pedro with a shaman. The dose was weak, the trip was light, but I knew where the substance could take me. I felt like I was on a cloud the entire time – that meditation would lift me to the skies and caress me. It felt wonderful and beautiful.

Now, I will have enough of each to fry my brain, but will be taking small excursions with both before a large combination of both.

I am excited to see the difference between the two classes of compounds tryptamines (psilocybin) and amphetamines (MDMA and Mescaline). I hope it will be beautiful and uplifting… but I’m ready if its not.

December 16, 2013 at 4:21 pm
Q (94) (@Qualohuasca) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Thanks for sharing. Good vibes to you. Have a great journey.

John “Avy” (57) (@Avernus) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Nice to hear about your psychedelic background a bit, its always fascinating how everyone gets started so differently. Whenever I combine MDMA with other psychedelics the trip takes a strong roll feeling and the mental edginess poofs away. Its a great time, but the trips seem less insightful overall and slightly overridden by MDMA although I have no experience with mescaline.. yet :)
I look forward to hearing about your trip! How do you plan on dosing each for an optimal experience since MDMA has a shorter duration?

JonH (1,139)C (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

The don’t know yet. I am thinking of having sub-threshold MDMA, since psychedelics can be synergistic. That way I will only have a threshold feel of MDMA – not an over ride like you warn. I don’t want that. The mescaline I plan to take a threshold dose as well, and measure from there. Eventually I think I will be taking a sub threshold (I think its around 100mg?) MDMA, and a ‘average’ dose of mescaline – around 250mg.

Ellie (1,363)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Sounds like a fun time. Please report back with your experiences.

Ares (0) (@Ares) 7 years, 10 months ago ago


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