"Metaphorazing" the Life – challenging you to live your life on your own world.

Nícolas Gonçalves (@nycknyck) 9 years, 10 months ago

Well well well…
I am new here on HE, and I do not know if it agree with the purposes of the site, but I’ll try to express my thoughts and ideas here and with it I want to challenge you to do the same or tell me on the coments if you already do what I’ll say. And I already say sorry for my english, I’m not very good with it…

Almost for all my life, I kept “metaphorizing” the world. I never agreed with this hard reality of our world, and my mind automatically started to fit the reality in a make-belive world. But only in the last weeks I started to think about it – I was always afraid to surrender myself completely to my subconscious fictitious life – and then I percepted that surrendering for this is not harmful, but gainful.
With this, I can see and focus better my great and little objectives, that will be acting all together. I see the world with a tipe of “imaginary glasses”, that makes the life extrememaly more interesting, and reinforce the will of beeing alive and seek out our guests.

What I want to say with this?

You can se on my profile: “I am… an angel with hurt wings. My weapons against demons are the feelings, the knowledge and the art.” – This is part of my whole imaginary world, where there are demons on the power making people suffer, trying to elevate infinitely themselves, and there are the angels, who fight for the Ethics and Morality (GOD). The world is a great battlefield of angels against demons. If some people have some objective in his life, he had chosed by what side he will fight – the darkness or the light. There are to tipe of people, the one who cares only for themselves, and the ones who cares about the others more than self, Demons and Angels. Each one with your own and exclusive weapons – you can choose your own, choose a feeling, choose your virtues and fight with it. And exatelly like reality, people without dreams and objectives aren’t nothing more than empity souls.

You will wish more to make your “weapons” bigger for your fight, and to seek out what you want. The dreams and feelings are the essence of human life, you know.

I know is a kind of crazyness too, but who said it doesn’t work?
What side will you choose? What side DO you choose?

And this is my challange. If you feel you need, if you feel you have such a imaginary power unbound on your mind, put a stylish design on your life. You just need an objective, that is what I know majority of people on this site may have, and open one more tool to live high!

If you do not have such a great imaginary, I land you my “magic glasses”, you can take my life-context of demons, angels, and you will se how every little thing fits on the right place in the and things become more and more fascinating, if you were able to get deeply envolved with your own imaginary.

Dare yourself to this, and live a literally surreal and high life.

That’s it, I’m glad to have shared this with you.
And if you already live like this, please tell me how is your world, what is your metaphor, on the coments and I will be glad to hear!

December 3, 2012 at 9:26 am
Levin (1) (@roll) 9 years, 10 months ago ago

@nycknyck, Yeah man, I’m with you. We grow up as kids playing role playing games, then some ego comes and tells you it’s immature to make imaginary worlds, you should stop that! I say, fuck reality, it’s so overrated, yeah, it’s important, but to change how things are we must first imagine other realities currently not existing. It’s called ‘reframing’ events, but what you tell me is going to the extreme. I always thought of life being somewhat an RPG, so why not make it a cool one?

If you make your life a story in your own context, it’s so much more fun! You’re the hero of your story, why are you behaving like an NPC? There is a site called SuperBetter that tries to use this analog for the betterment of people (players). Not the best site, if you ask me, but at least it tries, and does wonders to some people, helps them live life like a game again.

About complete imaginary universes, adding ‘narration’ to what you experience… I thought about it half a year ago. But… It’s a little frightening, like maybe everyone will think I’m nuts. Maybe I’m nuts to think imagining things is awesome, or maybe I’m not ‘strong’ enough to cope with ‘harsh’ reality as it is. Whatever, man, who gives a fuck, I’m gonna create a world with so much color, so much swag, and with magic and shit. In your face.

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