Do you believe in Miracles?

I underwent a Christmas Miracle. One of my dogs had been lost since 1st November. We searched everywhere, put up ads with rewards, visited dog pounds and searched all the shelters. We never stopped praying but hope was dwindling that we could ever find him. However, on Christmas eve we found him in the most miraculous way. We never step out on Sunday afternoons but this Sunday we did and while returning home we spotted our dog on a crossroad, bang in the middle of the road we were about to take a right turn at. What were the odds that he would be standing right there in clear view while we were waiting to take a turn on the road on a day that we never go out after 2 months of frantically searching for him? We called him and he came running to us and he kept crying after he saw us. It was a very emotional time. We walked him home from there, which is 3 kms away. Albeit he was weak and dusty but both my baby and my family are so happy. Our prayers were answered. Miracles do happen.

Was wondering if somebody has ever experienced miracles or strange inexplicable events?

December 27, 2017 at 3:45 am
flower21 (17) (@flower21) 3 years, 2 months ago ago

I do definitely believe in miracles, cause everytime I make a wish for a holiday, it comes true. It might have some time, though it will happen for sure 


just like the law of attraction, when we really want something it happens :) and holiday wishes coming true  are the best!

Jordan Bates (4,683)A (@bashfulkoala) 3 years, 2 months ago ago

wow, that is incredible. so beautiful to hear this story—it’s making my skin and head tingle with a sense of the mysterious. Jung wrote of synchronicities—coincidences which seem too meaningful to be mere coincidences. i’ve experienced these many, many times, to the point of feeling confident (though not certain) that there are deeper, mysterious forces at work in our lives—that events are not simply random accidents. as for miracles, i think it depends on one’s definition. i’m agnostic on the Big Questions, so i don’t believe in supernatural events, per se. however, i think from a certain vantage point, everything is a miracle—existence itself is a miracle. none of us know why there is something instead of nothing—and not just any something, but this rich and marvelous cosmos in which we find ourselves. 

if i found my dog in the way you found yours, i think i would feel it was a fairly miraculous synchronicity indicating that some deeper inexplicable forces exist that we can’t presently fathom. i wouldn’t try to come to firm final conclusions though—would just thank my lucky stars. : )


I just read up about Jung’s synchronicity and it makes so much sense. We brush off a lot of things as mere coincidences. I really like what you’ve written, gave me a deeper insight to what I went through. Thank you! :)) And I do thank my lucky stars all the time…….especially every time I look into his big brown beautiful eyes :’)

Anjelica (101) (@Anjelica) 3 years, 2 months ago ago

That’s beautiful. My childhood dog walked miles away from our house several times and I had walked around aimlessly calling his name & praying to find him enough times, and did find him, that for some reason I always knew something would lead us back together. I do believe that miracles are a natural mechanism from being very sincere and reverent. Sometimes it’s a miracle when we don’t get something we think we need or want too.  


Wow, that’s truly a miracle. Our furry babies have been too adventurous. I am so glad to know each time you’ve found him.

Sometimes it’s a miracle when we don’t get something we think we need or want too.  — Very true.  <3

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