Modern Day Peasantry

Mike Wuest (@mikeyw829) 6 years, 8 months ago

People think that since we live in a democracy, that everyone is free to think and act basically however they want.  They believe they are not being controlled by anyone or anything, and that they have autonomy and sovereignty over themselves.  We live in a “free society” they say.  While the potential for this exists (decreasingly so), very very few people actually utilize it.

While in past ages peasants were primarily forced to do the biding of their rulers, modern day peasants are incentivized into consent.

Even in America, there is a peasant class.  The “99%” and even most of the people in the “1%.”  They give up their freedom in exchange for security and protection provided for them by their surrogate parents (government and society).  Their mind becomes a tool of the culture and all of the institutions within in. They submit to social norms and play their role in order to be rewarded with relative comfort, primarily through acceptance from other peasants and monetary compensation.

Since their lives lack meaning and purpose other than the purpose and agenda of the society that controls them, they distract themselves with adult pacifiers (sugar, drinking, drugs, general entertainment), which serve to calm them and suppress the anxiety that comes from being a puppet on a string and feeling as though they have no personal agency or control over anything.

They focus on trivial issues create trivial problems for themselves.  They unquestioningly believe in the cultural agendas and narratives presented to them, which are in place to keep them enslaved as peasants.  Comfort and safety are the most important and sought after things in their lives, so to question anything that might interfere with these things is unthinkable.  They chit chat, gossip and small talk their way through lives.

They are at the mercy of a small percentage of people who feel they need to control and manipulate other people in order to have power.  These people are also slaves.  While they to some extent have more personal agency, awareness and autonomy than a normal peasant, their power still comes from outside of themselves.  The rulers and the ruled in our current order are both slaves.

If you want to be royalty, instead of a peasant, you need to be free from the bondage of beliefs that enslave the peasants to a certain lifestyle- caught in constant anxiety and the rat race of life.  You need to see that you have personal power. You need to become a little arrogant. You need to stop giving your power away to other people or institutions in exchange for a perceived and fleeting security.

You need to realize that you can create the life you want once you are free of the mental bondage and limiting beliefs that control you. You need to become unaffected by the trivialities of everyday peasant life.

One of the biggest things is that you need to become OK with not being accepted by the peasants.  When you go your own way, you’ll be rejected by the peasants.  The peasants cling together in thought and behavior, and when someone goes against this, it scares them.  They can’t understand it.  But it’s easy not to care once you can actually see that their opinions do not matter in the slightest, since they have no control over what they think and believe.  It almost becomes comical.

Don’t judge or look down upon the peasants.  They’re going down the path present to them, and you can choose a different one.  They have disowned their own power and choose a well-trodden path that is not truly their own. They choose to be functionaries at the service a system that rewards them for enslaving themselves.  It’s their choice.  But it doesn’t have to be yours.


November 18, 2015 at 8:04 am
Mike Wuest (510) (@mikeyw829) 6 years, 9 months ago ago

Even people considered to be “counterculture” and unique are no better off.  They are merely different on the surface of how they dress.  They still need acceptance from each other, and conform their beliefs in order to receive maximum acceptance.  They can console themselves by feeling as though they are somehow above the normal peasants simply because they act slightly differently.  

But they still gossip and concern themselves with triviality as much as anyone else. They are concerned with fitting in as much as anyone else.

They’re only compensating for the fact that they were too dysfunctional and awkward to fit in with the normal peasants, so they created an alternative peasant class where they could mutually validate each other for being dysfunctional and neurotic (in my town, the meme is “Keep Madison weird”).  

Don’t fall into the trap of identifying with this group of people either (commonly called hipsters), as if it is somehow more enlightened or intelligent.  I think a lot of people on this site do.  This group of peasants is really no better off.  You can get all the tattoos and peircings you want, but ultimately if you’re still working at a coffee shop- and you’re cynical about life and not happy doing this- you’re still just as much of a peasant.  The only difference is you get to feel special about yourself because you have different tastes than a mainstream peasant.  

K4RM4 (19) (@K4RM4) 6 years, 8 months ago ago


You bring up some valuable topics. A few thoughts of mine that may contribute to your perspective:

America is not a democracy; it’s a kleptocracy (rule by thieves), an ineptocracy (rule by the inept). Regardless of the term used, it’s a State (government). Business exists IN SPITE of government. Capitalism, not the sorry excuse for it in the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe, is the most liberating form of natural order that facilitates human prosperity. Read “For a New Liberty” by Dr. Murray Rothbard, one of the best Austrian economists. I’ve written a few posts on capitalism/anarchocapitalism/free-market-anarchism. Check out my  most recent: and see if it adds value to your thoughts. Capitalism is anathema to the state. May you consume in order to create, and create more value than you consume.

peasant_world (0) (@PeasantWorld) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

I signed up just to comment on this. I’m always going on about how we are “modern day peasants” to my friends and on my social media account. “Peasant” is probably my favourite word, I like it because it is still appropriate for our lives today, people are brainwashed to think we have “got the life” and everything is how it should be.

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