Molly for the 1st time at 38?

2old4this (@whitewings7) 5 years, 4 months ago

Ok, I feel pretty dumb for even bring here but I really would like to know if maybe you guys could help me understand this drug a little more. I have been addicted to MANY drugs in my 38 yrs of life. I was popping speed at 12 and snorting coke at 14. Was a full blown addict by the time I was 15. There is many I haven’t at least tried. (My only exception has always been herion). Anyway, I have been on zannies and oxys for more than 6 yrs and have thrown in some coke a few times. But I have got to be completely honest and say that this drug “Molly” is by far my all my time favorite. Today is my 3 time using it in a week. I have a 21 yr old son in college who I am very close with and is so anti-drug (believe it or not I did manage to raise him against drugs and he never knew of my drug abuse). He called me about 6 months ago and he tells me he wanted to let me know that he tried Ecstasy. We are her close. Of course I did the whole mom thing about how dangerous drugs are and etc etc. He is in Pre-Med so I am worried about what he is doing. More so because I don’t want him to turn out like me. 3 days ago my husband comes home with this drug called “Molly”. Yes I had heard of it before but never really felt the urge to try anything new because of my love for the oxys. Well he told me that it was a lot like “E” and I remembered my son telling me that has never been so happy in his entire life than he was when he tried “E”. So I of course, being the addict that I have been for many years tried. And I have got to be completely honest, I am “In Love” with this drug!! It by far passes any high that cocaine or oxys or other stimulates. I have ever tried in my entire life. As a matter of fact had my husband go buy us 2g’s of it yesterday. And it really blows my mind how 2 little lines of this stuff ( I prefer to snort my drugs) can last for HOURS  and I have yet to have the “comedown” or the depression that I apparently have to look forward to soon. It is an truly unbelievable drug. However, there is a BUT…

How addictive is this drug? The first time I tried it I can’t think of any other drug I would rather have right now and that means a lot coming from an Oxy addict, and it is A LOT cheaper. I am not worried about me though. I am worried about my son. He is in his 3rd year of college, juggling a full time job and going to school full time and he recently got married. Him and his wife are also very athletic. She is a dancer and he plays football for the university he attends. When he talked to me about his experience with “E” it is a lot like mine with the “Molly”. How addictive is this drug?? Is this something I will have to worry about for my son? He has never known about my addictions. I have always maintained a good career and am putting him in college. Can I please get some insight from maybe some of the younger crowd here as to how well known this drug is on school cacampus? Especially college? And high school if anyone knows? I have a sender in high school and a Jr. I may sound like a crazy person. Here I am admitted my drug addictions (even though I have a feeling Molly may become my favorite for awhile until she let’s me down). But I am truly worried about my son right now. Just knowing that he has tried “E” makes me really nervous….any opinions without judgment would be really cool… I already know I am a hypocrite. 

Thanks for listening to my long drawn out story.. Lol 

July 31, 2016 at 12:16 pm
Tashabelle (1) (@Tashabelle) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

Hmm very interesting. Maybe coming clean about your addiction with him will give him some insight and clarity. I too fell in love with E the first time I tried it but because of the chance of getting a bad batch, I can’t my kids losing me. With that being said maybe sit down with him and open up and voice your concerns. With you two being so close this may push your relationship to another level. 

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