Monkey Dream DNA: How can we take action?

 Verbal DNA (@doblearcoiris)8 years, 3 months ago

Last night a friend of mine passed by and picked me up at my house. We drove over to a secluded area and lit up a joint. Lately, I have been hesitant to smoke weed because when I do I drift into existential thoughts and find myself ruminating on the nature of life and reality, which is not entirely an unpleasant activity but I am never able to manifest these thoughts into action. I sit back and recognize the problems that plague me as an individual, my lack of drive and motivation, my lack of perceivable future, my frustrations with my perpetual and unchanging present. I usually end up disgusted at myself for spending my time smoking weed, but that thought keeps growing and growing until I realize that all my current actions are irrelevant pursuits.

And then there is the collective, I get frustrated thinking about how concerned people are with the NBA playoffs in the face of 100,000 dead in Syria and the collapse of our industrialized culture and how fucking meaningless it is to sit and watch these overpaid men shoot balls through holes. Why can’t I act? Why can’t my fellow man act? Why is it that I am able to recognize the danger our species is in but I fail to muster up the courage or will to act in self-defense?

There are 7 billion human beings on this planet, yet people say that our problems are too big. I have always accepted this as truth despite the many great figures of our history who have succeeded in the face of great odds, but in my mind greatness belongs in the realm of fiction, how can I or anyone properly aspire for greatness?

I expressed these thoughts to my friend, but he like many others could only entertain the thought without giving it the weight it actually has.

How the fuck can I sit and hotbox this VW bug when I know people are being slaughtered en masse on the other side of the ocean?

How the fuck can I sit at a hooters getting drunk watching the NBA playoffs when I know that our economy is structured to metabolize itself into failure?

How the fuck can I go to work and do a job made more for a machine than a man when I know the true creative potential of the human brain?

How the fuck can I worry about chasing girls when this species has a gun pointed to its head in the form of nuclear weapons?

How the fuck can I jack off and eat shit on the internet when I know the true power such a system and its potential for circulating powerful ideas?

How the fuck can we all do something other than attempt to change the culture and by extension the world?

“It’s all willpower” my friend said, a smile creeping up on his face as the THC settled in.

“Truth is, every single person can do whatever they set their mind to, it’s only self-doubt that stops everyone from realizing this” the lighter was failing to light the joint.

“Like this joint not lighting, I want it to light, but the lighter is not working. I could put the joint away and accept that I myself cannot make fire to light it because it is beyond my capabilities to do so, or I could say no to any thought that tries to frame something as impossible and walk my ass to the gas station and buy another one.” Luckily, he had another lighter. He takes one of his epic hits and passes it to me.

“But why can’t we realize this on a larger scale?” I asked, the THC also contorting my facial muscles into a smile.

He put out his two hands and spread them apart.

“Because between here and here there are too many distractions and there are too many people invested in distracting others or distracting themselves”

“Like this joint?”

He nods. “Exactly” I pass it back to him.

I ask you fellow HE members, what if we were to use this thread as an action-taking one. Of course, I have no proper ideas, but what if we recognized a problem and using the internet to its true potential, strived to achieve it. Hopefully, no one will declare it a fruitless endeavor prematurely because that is always a meaningless contribution. It might take months or years before something happens, but I will return to this thread every single fucking day for as long as I can because I want, no, I need something to change.

There are 43,955 members on here at time of this posting. If one man, like MLK or Ghandi, can change a culture. 40,000 can change a galaxy. There must only be will and an engaged community with no pessimism.

So please, help me, help yourselves, help others. We all think about changing the world, we all wonder if there is something more than what we currently have, there is and it is only bounded by the imagination. I see countless people wandering about with dreams about how life should live. Evolved monkeys seeking to evolve even more.

Let’s come up with the framework for change, lets create the monkey dream DNA that will guide us there. It’s not a matter of whether or not we can do it, we need to do it because if not, we risk losing everything the past has been building.

Open your mind to me, open it to others, open it to yourselves.

I have many friends who do not know about the horrors occurring in Syria and the true nature of Western involvement. How can we alert more people to the real consequences of this conflict?

June 20, 2013 at 8:26 am
Phil (2) (@EOTCfan516) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

the way i see it is that society as it is cannot resolve many of the problems it causes, much like being allergic to allergy medication. that means that we’d have to throw politics, government, economy, society, inequalities, echelons, wealth, war and all the other societal developments you can think of out the window because for a world that we could only dream of living in can’t happen within the advanced modern seems that the further we come in technological and economical and political advancement and such, the bigger the wedge that we drive between ourselves and the dream.consider it, so convinced by the human rights act, how is one going to alter his thought processes and make choices that directly violate their own human rights that’d be required for this dream. with medicine where it is, what person will willingly give up their medical care to live in a more natural and sustainable world. for this dream to become we would have to make a world of sacrifices that modern day people in their ways would not be willing to make. perhaps the answer is in a new global religion, that incorporates a way of thinking that’s crucial in making progress towards a world where money and status won’t be on anyones agenda, a world where socialism and government can coincide without war. i like the idea of a new religion. it may just bring about the changes we need, not religion in the conventional sense, but more of an organised way of thinking.

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