Moving on in life

Jack (@tokinblackguy) 3 years, 9 months ago

I have had great memories in high school, hanging out with friends, enjoying summers, drinking and smoking lots and being generally carefree. Sharing great memories with friends and girls and all the rest. It seemed like it would never end even though some how I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Memories of swimming in summer, night spas and drinking late into the night while blasting great music will be times I will never forget. I would venture out of my comfort zone with some of my closest friends and will cherish every last moment. This was adoloscence, experiencing the sun setting over the beach with my closest friends while we laughed and pondered the future. I have memories of the deepest conversations of laughter experienced with close friends that brought me to tears and uncontrollable joy, ephinany and laughter on multiple occassions. Days and nights have been spent in complete harmony with one another while we tried to make peace with the ever changing turmoil of our unpredictable youth. While it was a painful learning experience, filled with heartbreak, in-permanence and yearning for peace, it was paralleled with intense love, joy, happiness and euphoria for one another. We hated each other, but we cared for one another that was so hard to communicate in words or actions. This will be a period of time reserved for some of my most important lessons in life i’ve learn’t, that life is what you make of it, count your lucky stars but don’t wish away what you could have, remembering your friends never meant anything by it, but that they were just struggling themselves, and thats what made them human, we all just want the same thing; friendship, love, belonging, accomplishment and appreciation of our individualism. I feel nothing but gratification for every person that came into my life, because they taught me important lessons, taught me appreciation  for the unknown, how important it is to be a positive influence in other peoples lives whenever possible, to understand that good friends have positive intentions for you and want you to succeed, and to develop yourself and believe in yourself, because that drive is what keeps you and the people you surround yourself with healthy. Life is filled with ups and downs and making the most of it is; which is more important than material wealth, monetary gain or idealistic status. You are a success when you surround yourself with people you love, doing things you love to do, and have only positive memories of the past, which I believe everyone is capable of. Life is a miracle and whatever you choose to do with it what makes it so special. Treat everyone with as much respect as you can, be grateful of everything that comes your way, good or bad, it will either help you learn or will teach you an important lesson, and most of all this special time in your life, as well as every  one will all be gone, times will never be the same again, the comfort of seeing your friends everyday will disappear. Eventually everyone will move on and you will be left with only the memories you shared with those few you allowed to get close enough to you. To share anything in this world is pure ecstacy and you should know that you have learn’t alot from it. Don’t let people convince you otherwise. Being able to share in happiness with one another is how we build this world for a better future. Generations yet to come will benefit from what you understand; your knowledge is powerful. Go and live a life you will be proud of and i’m sure all your ancestors will be there in your spirit, helping you along the way and pushing you to be a greater you. Goodluck and I hope you experience all the emotions that you can, and that you rest utterly exhausted when you pass. It is not the years in your life but the life in your years.

September 13, 2018 at 7:35 am
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