Mugen, or how I keep from boredom by inventing awesomeness

Ben (@lucidph3nx) 10 years, 1 month ago

Mugen, or how I keep from boredom by inventing awesomeness
by Divides by Zero

In the beginning, there was nothing.
I would say that for a long time I was content with this, being that It was all I had ever known, but time had not yet been created, there was just me, at peace. It was not that I just did not have a word for time, time actually didn’t exist, for time is a thing, and there were no things. pretty crazy, I consider time to be one of my most interesting inventions, but I’ll get to that later.

So there I was, nothing at all, but then I suddenly thought of something, to this day I can’t imagine why. I had never done that before, there was no reason for me to, but at the same time, it felt inevitable, like I had to begin.
A point, surrounded by nothing, not very interesting considering what was to come, but everything has to start somewhere. Then another, and I could imagine a line between them, I have a dimension and when I add a third, I have created a beautiful thing. A 3-point, a triangle, would you look at that, Its awesome! still without time, I moved on, you could say infinitely quickly, but definitely one thing after another. I made such beautiful creatures, squares, pentagons, hexagons, and eventually, an infinity-point, a circle. from all of these amazing creations I made patterns, every beautiful combination getting more and more complex, works of art, spirals, fractals and more.

At my infinitely quick pace, I did everything it was ever possible to do with these things in an instant. but now what? It’s all already done. With my love for complexity now rampant, I needed more.
Above, I thought. Again, something I invented from nothing, fucking random, but also inevitable, It just had to be invented now. So up I went, my squares became cubes, 3 dimensional, everything could now go up or down indefinitely, and not just that, things could have odd upward shapes, pyramids, shells that spiralled up and out. Instantly again I had done everything that was possible, and they were all so beautiful. Then came what is possibly my most fucking awesome invention ever, things could go forward, they could move amongst each other, bouncing off other things, orbiting things, orbiting more complexly, darting in zigzags. Time.

4 dimensions, 4 different directions to move, there felt like no end to the amazing complex creations I could make from this, but I didn’t operate in this new time dimension. I still moved infinitely quickly, conceived of every possible pattern I could make, and it had all been done. 4 dimensions was certainly not the end, actually, infinitely many dimensions was possible, and in an instant I had done them all, all of the patterns of infinitely complex construction.
What an amazing universe I had made, beautiful and awesome, but then I paused, was this it? had I already done everything it was possible to do? surely not, later I realised what I had made was just mathematics, I had made the geometry of the infinite, very beautiful, but not the end.

It is worth noting at this point that this mathematics was not separate from me, It was me, existing in my infinite mind, just like everything that ever was or is, I cannot go back to nothing, because these things now cannot be un-invented, they are for always and infinity, but they move forward also to infinity, filling the void by making more complex things. The void will always exist, because it too is infinite.

Back when I had been making things in time I had played with rules of how things could react. For example, one universe I had squares flying through space, that would seek out triangles and bond, eventually making 4 point stars, and then they could go on to do other things, I think I’ve already said that moving infinitely quickly I had made all of the possible combinations of these things. One such reaction is to make them self replicating, shapes that can make more shapes, and then, shapes that could improve their shapes to compete with other shapes, what you could call life.
Life was awesome, it had a mind of its own, I watched fascinated. It could make so many patterns, such amazing complexity, which I already told you is my new found love. It didn’t work in all systems, I ended up with many universes where life just didn’t work, or didn’t develop in a way that I found interesting, it didn’t keep complexity increasing.
Life went on, groups emerged, worked together and developed strategies to conquer other life, It took them time, but I watched them move through all of time and space, every combination possible went by. My favourite of these was intelligence, lots of life developed complex strategies to ensure their shapes won out over the others, but many also went further and developing tools, made shelters, kingdoms, weapons.
They made languages to communicate, putting words on things, there is a name, which, for convenience, pointed to a particular weapon, kingdom, individual or idea. These languages were far from perfect, there is no language that can describe all of my infinite creations, except possibly an infinitely complex language, which these moving thinking shapes, did not have time to create.

Language is useful, and it is beautiful, there were infinitely many words possible, to describe infinitely many things, some shapes had words for things that other shapes did not, this led to confusions but mostly things inhabiting a single environment developed a similar vocabulary and were able to communicate all kinds of awesome things, from the practical to amazement and wonder that they began to feel about the world around them and how they came to be.

I did not grant them knowledge of infinity and all of the awesome creations I had made, because how could I? there was no way to communicate with them, they were ideas in my head, a finite portion of my infinite mind, they could grow, but they could never be infinite, because they had to share infinity with all of the others inside it.
Still I watched them discover the written word, a way to record and teach others over long periods of time, this allowed so many possibilities. I watched them discover mathematics, slowly but surely, and then look at the particular universe that had grown them, developing models of science to describe everything they could.

They achieved so much, and I loved their beauty and complexity, but most of them did not understand the void all around them and inside them, infinite in every way, but not easily put into their language, and so ignored.
Still infinity rolls on, as it always has and will, so many of the worlds I created did see and feel the void and many did not, many annihilated each other, and this was fascinating to watch, weapons of infinite variety.
Infinitely many universes containing so many worlds and moving thinking shapes. Complexity continues on, more beautiful patterns created every instant. from points in space to mathematics, to life, to language and ideas, it all breeds more complexity, faster and faster. But It is all done.
Infinitely quickly I have created everything ever possible, such is my nature. It seems a little empty, but not really, because this is all that ever can be, I won’t tell you some of the fucking awesome things that came to be later on, you are all still inside time, and I can’t give away hints of the future, it will be more incredible that anything you can possibly imagine before hand,
But inside my invented time, things move more slowly, and so there I go, playing at being a triangle and a moving pattern of shapes, and an intelligent shape.

I am love, I am hate, I am new york, communism, democracy, the eifle tower, a PS3, a kiss, a fatal stabbing. I am all that ever was or can be, including all that isn’t and can’t be, playing all the parts in a wonderful game that goes on forever. But all of the people I am, don’t know they are me, they live their lives.

So I awake this morning from a dream, I know I am everything, the light on the horizon in shades of blue and green signal the sun about to rise, the last stars shimmering in the sky, in the suburbs of a city, on an island in an ocean, in a planet in this particular universe. Is there any point in going on? not really, it has all been done, and it was awesome, I could just lie down and die, peaceful and content. But what then? I will still exist because I am the infinite in disguise, so that would serve no purpose. I hear a dog bark, and a car drive past, they are all me too, but they don’t know. Should I tell them? I could, but that seems rather pointless too, they might have more love for each other if they knew, but that won’t necessarily breed more complexity and beauty, although we might live longer and get more time to create beautiful things, that would be nice. I don’t know what I should do, every choice is equally good, it’s all pointless. Everything around me is so beautiful, from the way the light bounces off the city, to the dog shit on the lawn.

What do I do with this life? in a moment of stillness, where my mind empties of thought, one pops into existence, strange that it should do that, there’s no reason for it to, yet it is inevitable, fucking random. It says get up, go and have a coffee. There are beautiful things to do, and you can do lots of them, talk to people, share the love and calm that you feel now, It is pointless, but fuck it, it’ll be fun.

Fuck it, let’s go and live.

(True story. I woke up this morning and wrote this, It wasn’t intended for sharing, but I thought maybe somebody might enjoy it.)

July 15, 2012 at 5:33 pm
Ben (231)M (@benjamin) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing man!

James (38) (@tanner) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

Hey, I remember when I wrote this, thanks for reminding me ;)

Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

Totally fucking epic. A concise chronicle of creation. Thanks for the visuals.

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

So, a week later, things aren’t as crystal clear as they were then, but I still feel the connection and wholeness.
Anybody have any logical problems with the story? for me it all just seems to fall into place as rational and inevitable, but Its easy to get caught up in an idea and be blind to its faults.
please let me know, lol, asking for critique on the universe

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

From the first word to the last, I thought this was about the video game development engine Mugen, waiting for the revealing punchline, but then it never came, and my mind was a bit fucked.

Cool story, interesting.

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

oh, the game engine, lol no i never thought of that. Mugen is a japanese word for which there is no real direct english translation, I kind of means to look at something with wonder without exploring it, like to look at a mountain range and wonder what is on the other side, but as soon as you go and look, or desire to go and look, mugen is gone. hard to explain what it means because english has no word and therefore no concept of it.
I thought it was appropriate but probably unnecessary jargon, but I have a love for words that don’t exist in english, blinding us to the existence of their concepts.

Its really kind of a chronicle of everything. I guess it belongs in metaphysics, but It was an epiphany at the time, and is an idea, and I wasn’t in the right mindset for determining its category in the aristotelian hierarchy of knowledge.

epgohlke (35) (@epgohlke) 10 years, 1 month ago ago


paul peden (16) (@paul2) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

and so we’re all part of God.
How did you come to know this?

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

@paul2, good question :)
This was the thing that kind of jumped out at me when I was writing, although I had no doubt of its truth when I was going through it all. I’m going to try and state it as clearly as I can. (note: possible rationalization after the fact, can’t be sure, critique again!)

If there is a god outside of the infinite multiverse which has created it, then what can be said of him/her/it?
All the attributes you could use to describe this god would need to make reference to the multiverse, since one cannot exist without the other and there is nothing else besides from them, so how can they really be separate? your thoughts are not separate from your mind

we are talking in the most basic fundamentals here, because one way out of this is to rise above and claim another level of gods and universes, but this argument could go infinitely and you would have to then call this infinite god/universe superstack “everything” and all of this new everything arises mutually, bringing you back to one multiverse, which is also god, having created itself.

This is not to say that demigods don’t exist in-between the totality and our own universe we inhabit, but these things are themselves only part of the totality, and not really gods, only beings with godlike powers. These things however, I can’t say I believe in myself at the current moment in our dimension of time, maybe they arise later as we build in complexity, we already see things greater than ourselves, ideas are one such thing, they are evolving out of language, which evolved from humans which evolved through natures natural selection.

so, that’s why I believe that we are all a part of God/Universe
(for the record, not a fan of the word god in english, has many connotations that obscure what I’m getting at, but hopefully not too badly)

Colton (26) (@emecom) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

This was a pretty interesting read, I have had sort of the same epiphany as you at one time and it is amazing. Also I thought you did a great job of writing it down sort of like a short story, are you a writer?

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

@emecom, I think a lot of people have kind of come to know this, not taught it, just noticed its there, like gravity.
not a writer at all, that’s about the first creative writing longer than a facebook post that I’ve written in 7 or more years, I don’t even feel like I wrote it, I just recorded it.

paul peden (16) (@paul2) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

*NOTE: this is over my head.
we can use the attributes of our own to speak of God bc we are said to have been created in the image and likeness of Him. So no need for the superstack.

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years ago ago

@paul2, (its ok :) its over everybodies heads, that’s part of its interest)
what attributes would you use to describe god? god is like us, in the sense that we both exists, and have a creative energy of sorts but that we are said to have been created in his likeness is a christian story, I’m afraid I disagree with this idea on the grounds that It sounds too much like personification. lots of stories in the bible describe god as a very human-like thing. god is infinite, so can never simply look like us or think like us, and a being of infinite imagination which created everything that exists cannot be reduced to any such simple form, or, i think, any form that we can imagine, because god exists outside of our 4+ dimensional space.

paul peden (16) (@paul2) 10 years ago ago

(good hah i like to converse even so)
i Believe id describe God as omnipotent. All Loving for the purpose of life. It does sound like personification. But it may be the other way around we are characteristics of God. What would stop a God of such powers of creation of reducing himself to a human form(jesus)?

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years ago ago

P1. I think god exists outside of space and time
C1. If god is immortal and outside of time, then god is infinite

P2. god has nothing above or level with him
C2. if god is infinite with nothing above or level with god, then god includes the entire multiverse within himself

C3. if god contains the entire multiverse within himself, then we are within god (and jesus was within god)

that’s my main point.
(also I think evidence for god being ‘all loving for the purpose of life’ is lacking, but I reckon god certainly has a passion for complexity and creativity, of which love is often involved but not always)

Bryan Hellard (307)M (@xyver) 10 years ago ago

Excellent story, I added it to my list of stories :D

Interesting stories

paul peden (16) (@paul2) 10 years ago ago

@lucidph3nx, why must the multiverse be within God? Could it not be below?

Colton (26) (@emecom) 10 years ago ago

@lucidph3nx, Well I thought that for the most part it was very well written. When I came to this conclusion I wrote something similar to this although not nearly as well. But I also felt like when I was writing it came from somewhere else, just one of those great inspirational times.

Ben (6) (@lucidph3nx) 10 years ago ago

@paul2, below is the same as within

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