Music to listen to on LSD?

 Old soul (@cantelope)7 years ago

I recently got my hands on some good stuff, and the first couple times of doing it I listened to the regular stuff, Jimi and The Beatles. I’m kinda tired of listening to them while tripping now, so what music do you guys recommend? I really like instrumentals, and I’m not a huge fan of electronic stuff. Just something calm that my trip will go nicely with.

September 15, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Anonymous (64) (@) 7 years ago ago

Enigma – specifically the LSD album (Love, Sensuality, devotion). (It is electronica though….)

Also Pandora ‘Buddha Bar’

Have a beautiful time brother. All is well with the universe, we are all one, and you are loved.


Charlotte (51) (@11mothernature) 7 years ago ago

shpongle, how the jellyfish jumped up the mountain.

shpongle, shpongle shpongle all day long!

hmmm. flying lotus pandora radio is good.

oh sorry just read your comment about not being into electronic :/

Elvis Ferdinand (0) (@ElvisFerdinand) 7 years ago ago

Depends on set and setting, I guess. When i last took acid this summer, i dropped someplace out in the woods, in Norway, where i live. We tried listening to Jimi Hendrix, The Doors etc. like we had used to on weed for many years, but it just didn’t talk to us. This is when we cleaverly downloaded an album of Norwegian folk music, as well as a classical album by Edward Grieg (Yes, Norway has internet in the middle of the freaking woods…), which turned out to really hit the spot, as it fit in with the wild nature of the forrest, and the whole norwegian landscape.

From this, i conclude that if you are tripping outdoors, typical, older local music like folk and classical is great.

However, for a calm trip, i seem to remember i really enjoyed Neil Young’s “Harvest” album. I loved hearing Force Majuere by Tangerine Dream, alone, looking up at the stars with my headphones on.

Safe travels.

Renato (0) (@Renato) 7 years ago ago

One of my favorites: Pink Floyd – careful with the axe eugene

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