My poem, what do you think?

 Blah (@tentninja)7 years ago

I’m not suffering anymore.

It’s so hard to believe that someone wants to be generous.

I’m surrounded by doubters, they’re so unbelievably copious.

People don’t believe, and so they make it true.

But I’m about to share a secret, just keep it between me and you.

There are people who have suffered, they have really felt some pain.

I’m not talking physically, but it still always leads to shame.

These people you would pity, but its not really what they want.

They only want to be happy, so don’t make ‘em feel a cunt.

You see when you show pity, you give reason to be upset.

But if you show them love, its you they won’t forget.

You don’t need to cry, or even feel their pain.

For they have felt it, and the lesson was gained.

Now all you need to do is listen,

For the ones that suffered have got a lesson,

And if you’re not careful and you don’t listen,

Theres something very important you’re going to be missin’.

The ones that suffered only want to be happy,

So for their sake, for god’s sake be happy.

Don’t ask them if its OK, or say you can’t imagine how much it hurt.

Because when you do, and only when, you make them feel like dirt.

All you need to do is smile, and understand that its all ok.

For those that have suffered, suffering only comes, when others are in pain.

So when you see the one that suffered, and you start to suffer too.

You’ve created some more suffering, and you’ve included me and you.

June 10, 2014 at 8:41 pm
_instinto_ (8) (@8instinto8) 7 years ago ago

Awesome. People should put more effort in understanding each others, thinking of it is not that difficult, but the modern lifestyle we have has changed the way we interact. We also should aim for full hapiness, this been happy with ourselves and contribute to others hapiness

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 7 years ago ago

We shouldn’t aim for full hapiness, it should just be normal :) just as the smell of your house becomes normal and you cant smell it, but when your friends come in they notice the smell and mention it but you cant smell it no matter how hard you try. This is how happiness should be. You should be happy without even noticing it. It should be so normal that we dont even notice how happy we are just like we dont notice the smell in our homes. And when friends come, if they are not happy, they will see that you are, just as they smell your house when they walk in they will see you are happy when they see you. They will mention about your happiness, but you will be so clueless and you will try to notice what they mean, but you wont. Because happiness has become normal :)

The more we try to understand someone the less we understand because we complicate it. We look at it through a filter of rules we’ve created for ourselves and it blinds us from what we are actually really looking at with what ‘we think’ we are looking at. Its so simple!! haha, all we have to do is stop trying so hard to do things, and instead just be good. Be honest, be kind, be compassionate, be loving, be interested, be generous, be aware and BE FREE!!! lol

Everyone on this website seems so pessimistic at times :D Dont talk about happiness like its something we have to strive towards in the future as if it is not available right now to us in this very moment my friend!!!

Because in reality all we truly have is NOW! this very moment is the only thing that is ever truly real to us. We spend so much time worrying about the future and regreting the past that we forget to live in this very moment we are present in :)


:) take care my friend lol <3

Anonymous (64) (@) 7 years ago ago

Powerful. Your poem really made me go introspective and take to heart the lesson you are sharing. Although I don’t know that I have enough mastery over my own mind to control my sense of suffering when I see someone else who is suffering I empathize and agree with the idea of radiating love and acceptance rather then pity towards that person. Well written. It helped me grow as a compassionate person. Thank you and peace.

Brought to mind the the song ‘Mr. Wendell’ by Arrested Development:

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 7 years ago ago

Im so glad you are learning what i want you to learn from my poems!!! :P i was worried that people would misunderstand like we do with so many things in society and just decide for themselves rather than try to understand my meaning!!

for me poetry is a way to shout something into someones brain and bipass their ego! i’m able to tell something what i want to tell them straight away and have them let me finish before inturupting me and themselves with new thoughts and opinions.

i get my point across first and then we are able to discuss it as a community :) share what we are learning from our external environment with each other here (our self created internal environment) so that the ideas can spread quickly and grow and be shared among all involved including the one who planted that internal environment seed in the first place :P

Dont worry about what you can and cant do at the moment. Notice what you are doing that you don’t want to do, and be aware of yourself when you do it every time you do it. The more you take notice of the things you do that you dont want to do, you will automatically start to take control over it and you will begin to notice that you have more control over how you act than you think.

If you want to be good, you have every possible way available to you to do so, you just have to be more aware of what you’re doing now.

The best way to do this i think is to concentrate on your 5 senses, rather than on your 6th sense (thought). Good ways to do this is to notice your breathing and try to fuller deeper breaths. Just be aware of that for as long as you can.

You will forget, but dont worry or get angry about forgeting, when you realise you’ve forgotton, just go back to concentrating on your sensing again.

Concentrate on what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what temperatures you feel, what you feel touching your skin, concentrate on everything around you, read everything there is to read like road signs and license plates, look at the people you walk past and smile at them, notice how each person reacts, notice how you feel inside when you do this, take note of your emotions.

the trick is to teach yourself to start paying attention to what is happening to you right now.


if you are patient and do what i say, eventually you will become whoever you want to become.

if you dont listen to me, which you dont have too :) then you’ll be caught in the same cycle you’ve been in since you can remember.

Animal lover (1) (@Kristinrs7) 7 years ago ago

Wow this is so insightful and so full of truth! I love that you just said everything so eloquently that I try so hard to tell people every day! Very well put!!


Really liked the message of this one, Especially this line “People don’t believe, and so they make it true.” It seems like a lot in life results from self fulfilling prophecies where your thoughts create something that doesn’t even exist. Great job hope to see more

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 7 years ago ago

haha :P i think thats the most important line in the poem, its funny you should pick that one out to mention.

I think you understand exactly what i meant so i wont confuse you by adding more of my opinions to your reality :P

glad you understood!! have a nice day.

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