Natures Earth In Harmony Community A Self Sustaining Community

NEHC Member (@NEHC) 9 years ago

We are a group of individuals who want to live on the Earth as it was intended (our version anyways) to live in harmony with the Earth.

We are striving to create a community where the Earth supports us and we support the Earth in turn.

We will be fully 100% self sustainable at the full completion of the community.

We will be searching far and wide to find the following people you might have 1 or more of the skills we are looking for they can be found one for one or any combination of them.

artisans both of crafts and foods
IT support and creation
homeopathic people with a verifiable background in the area of healing
yoga, meditation, exercise and well
engineer, maintenance, design, construction, and labor
gardeners, landscaping, herbalist, hydro and aqua
people with solar and wind experience

Everyone resident who comes into our community either on a permanent basis or short term resident will learn more as many of the areas as they are interested in. If the resident has new knowledge and would enjoy teaching we welcome them as well to teach our permanent residents and students as well. learning never stops and we are open and willing to learn.

now we are talking about having 3 slots open for scholarship residency as we develop this aspect we will posting details later.

students who want to be a part of learning all of the above and more by working, living and contributing to the community.

We will be running several programs when fully operational

student work exchange
labor work exchange
and our primary permanent residents

once fully up and running we will have:

a market store on premises to sale our handmade goods
a cafe to sale our food and produce
online store for the above
also a farmers market area
Any produce that we have left over we will have a donation supply as well.

We are hoping to bring awareness to being fully sustainable and still doing what you love to do in life.

Our focus is to live in a community that is tight knit and whom everyone believes that we can work for the betterment of each other by doing the things we have a passion for and still living in harmony with the earth in a fully sustainable community.

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident or short term resident or if you wish to donate please feel free to contact us and someone will get back to you with in 12-24 hrs.

September 22, 2013 at 9:03 pm
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