Necessary Extinction

Stealf (@stealf) 10 years, 3 months ago

First off, I’m sick as hell because I just took MDMA for my first time and for some reason the sickness has been going on for 3-4 hours. I only write so belligerently because I can’t really formulate sentences as my usually self would. Writing is kind of like driving when it comes to being sick, it takes my mind off of it, and I’d really rather not pay attention to this dull, almost stupid feeling that has taken over my body the last 4 hours.

Alright anyway, I’m not trying to be some sort of depressed downer here or anything. I am very healthy and I enjoy life more than you could say most people do (which is why I like High Existence). My happiness is not mutually shared by many people alive today. There are neurotoxins and deadly, gene degrading, chemicals everywhere I go. I wake up, take a shower, wash myself with a random assortment of cleaning products that contain a multitude of unpronounceable additives and ingredients. Then I brew up a nice batch of coffee to unnaturally energize myself and take my daily herbs depending on what I’m feeling that day. They range from Echinacea, to Bilberry, St Johns Wort to Guarana and I can say these natural plants are beautiful supplements. There is absolutely no “comedown” from any of them and they provide my natural personality. Anyway, back to my main point. I smoked a few bowls and popped half a capsule of molly cause my “most junkiest” friend told me I’d be alright. We drove to McDonalds to get some water because it was 2am and that was the only thing around that was open. I ended up getting two Sausage Mcmuffins because they stopped serving dinner and started serving breakfast. I had the munchies like a mother fucker and I pounded right through them but I can tell my body was going to reject them almost right after. Why I ate them? Maybe because everyone else does? Yea, look at that bullshit mindset. Wait, how did I get from coffee to sausage mcmuffins? It doesn’t matter, this whole topic is composed of random attributes anyway. What I’m trying to say is that we need some type of global enlightenment or maybe temporary extinction of the human race to be recollected a few hundred years from now. Most people are constantly poisoning themselves from soda, sugary crap, and fake additives/ingredients. The mass media has completely brainwashed me since I was a kid, and although I know it now, I cannot take back that previous part of my life in which I was unaware of anything around me. I work at a restaurant where people are constantly preferring soda over water, and even worse, diet aspartame. I question myself every time I make a soda thinking how people can actually go about their day feeding themselves this unappetizing pop. And once again, it comes back to the media, the giant intergalactic information source with tons of valuable, useful information (sarcasm). Was it the MDMA or the McDonalds, or maybe the weed was laced, maybe my house is being filled with toxic chemicals as I write, maybe the water had something in it. Maybe I’m over reacting to this sickness, but it really doesn’t feel like a human should ever feel this way. We’re meant to be a happy people filled with love, intelligence, wisdom, compassion, and while sometimes we may not feel well, I can only blame it on unnaturally processes. I work out daily, I have an excellent metabolism, and I rarely ever get this sick (3-4 times in my life). I’m sorry if you read this and got absolutely nothing from it; very selfish of me. Anyone that actually did care to read: Please, with all your will, keep yourselves healthy. It the most important part of life and the more healthy you are the happier you will become.

I’m going to try to sleep now, which I couldn’t have possibly achieved prior to this rant. Have a nice day everyone, I mean it. Take time out of your day today and enjoy. Don’t live your life fearful toxins and bad things, take control and stop fucking around with your beautiful bodies.

June 27, 2012 at 10:07 am
dylan (17) (@dylmill) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

@stealf, I agree with you 100%. The healthier you are the happier you are. It also bothers me that we as a species have created so many harmful products that we consistently use, abuse, and are told will help us. I have been thinking about this lately, and I am noticing myself re-evaluate what I use and consume, based on whether or not it was something we were born with or was created by nature and meant to be used by humans. Although in the US, where I currently reside, I think it would be a gargantuan task to completely eliminate all that is not meant to used/consumed by these wonderful bodies we have all been blessed with. The human body is the vessel through which EVERYTHING in our physical life is experienced, it is the ONLY thing that will be with you until the day you die. It boggles my mind that people would not take care of it. Why break down the one thing that supplies us with the means of exploring the world we live in? I just do not understand.

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