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 Zak (@ZakDamien)6 years ago

Hey Everyone , I have been a silent spectator for the amazing Blogs , Video’s and Discussion on this site and all of this made much more sense to me after i had my first LSD Experience . I really hope to get some expert advise as i am currently struggling to figure out whats happening . I had started meditation and have being doing it for the past 6 months 3 times in a day and all those days where like being high on meditation and i felt i had this glow on me . So one day one of my relative was really sick and my family and me we all went to c the person 2 or 3 times in a month and on the third time the sick guy was asking for my hand saying it is cold here and i need some hand warmth and i refused and then asked for it again and somehow got his hold on one . At that time i felt he was pulling something out of me and i couldn’t move then too he let my hand go with in a minute’s time . this is where i wanted to know is this possible can some one just like that tap into your energy fields . and since then i had trouble meditating when ever i did i would see unpleasant things so i stopped . Can any one tell what can this mean and whether would things get back to normal .

September 10, 2015 at 2:41 am
Jordan Bates (4,684)A (@bashfulkoala) 6 years ago ago

my intuition is that things like this are not possible. however, i have heard of another friend who had some so-called “friends” invite him in to smoke some cannabis one night and proceeded to perform some kind of ritual. my friend was super drunk and so wasn’t really aware of what was happening but he remembers kneeling down and swearing something and thinks they performed some kind of satan worship aimed at emptying him of his soul.

i suppose that story isn’t really reassuring. i’m extremely skeptical that such a thing could be possible, but i have no way of proving that certain people don’t have such abilities. 

i would focus on the overwhelming probability that you’re just paranoid and that everything is fine. just keep meditating, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, exercise, breathe consciously, take walks. everything will be okay.

Dhyan (37) (@Dhyan) 6 years ago ago

Hi.  If you noticed  what,  happened,  it happened. 

Now  the issue  is,  why  you  let  it happen? What  does  it bring  you?  In a positive  way. We have  fields  of  energy, layers  that function  differently.  Or we have different  bodies,  each  with  a function,  like physical,  mental,  emotional,  Astral  etc. I would  suggest  to read  about  aura layers, and  connect  with  them.  Your friend  gave  you  something,  now  open  up  and  do inner  research.  And  yes  continue  meditating and continue  taking  notice.  And take  care of yourself,  heal  energy fields 

That’s  my  2 cents :-)  Greetsz 

Dhyan (37) (@Dhyan) 6 years ago ago

Become  a healer,  trust  me:-))) 

Callowman (12) (@Callowman) 6 years ago ago

Hi bud,

I think you’re overthinking things. Meditation is a wonderful practice that can help in a number of different ways, the most prominent one being the stilling of your mind and the metal ‘reboot’, followed by clarity. It is however, important to remember that the meditation you do, in fact anything you do, affects your perception on the world, but you must remember it is your perception of the world. If you stop for a moment and take a second to consider how the ‘sick guy’ felt, from what it sounds like he was cold and frightened and all he wanted was some human contact for comfort. A common mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that they’re a much larger part of other peoples  world than they are – It’s just the human condition. I doubt he had any knowledge of your meditation and your worries about energy, which is a little silly in itself. I’m guessing, but you’re following the Tibetan Buddhism route of meditation and oneness? I mention this one because it’s the one in which I’m most familiar, but the teachings in that school of thought are of an infinitely powerful and interconnected universe in itself. In short, you shouldn’t worry bud. He was scared and looking for comfort, and if you felt like he took some energy from you, he probably did, but remember that a) he needed it at that time and you were an easy access point to tap into that energy, and b)it’s infinite man. Meditate, recuperate, continue on your journey.

Happy trails

begumette (0) (@begumette) 6 years ago ago

I believe that this kind of unpleasant things, feelings or thoughts that we can experience at altered states of consciousness give us important information that we can use in our personal growth journey. There is more than one way of perceiving a situation, for instance in your case, you could have felt happy to be the channel between the infinite energy and your relative. Ask yourself why it disturbed you? Feeling like somebody’s tapping into your energy fields, which is the seemingly unpleasant event here, might be (I believe that “it is”) a manifestation of a psychic phenomena. Try to figure out what it can be, accept it and enjoy its transformation to a positive feeling.
Reading on the “Individuation process” of Carl Jung and his theory of the unconscious, “Thus spoke Zarathustra” of Nietzsche and practicing Vipassana meditation (and learning on the concept of equanimity) helped me greatly to clarify my questions that arose in similar situations. There won’t be A way or A “right” answer to your question. Sources are countless, you should take the parts that resonates with you. Since nothing is static, things move, these unpleasant things will move too. Only you can determine the direction of the move.
I am sure you will find your way out from this feeling sooner than you think. Do not be afraid of the unpleasant things that are happening, there is “free will” =)
Much serenity

SoulPerfection (25) (@soulperfection) 6 years ago ago

To answer your question, yes it is easy to tap into someones energy field, simply by touch or just being in proximity to your Auric field. I do it to every person i pass, every new plant i see, or creature that be! 

BUT…. that does not mean you are having your energy stolen from you, can happen, but usually a rare case. It is more likely you where acting as a conduit to transfer energy from source. This does not effect your own life force supply. Think of yourself as the wand of a magician. It is quite common for those who encounter people deficient in certain energies/life force and is a natural ability humans poses few are aware of.

AS you have become aware of this i recommend you consider working with energy more, learning MORE about your chakra system, including the energy points in your hands and feet, The pineal gland & nervous system, and the pillar of light or 12d shield (anchoring higher energies to ascend). -Awakening the feet points is crucial and may require an opening of the energetic pathways via yoga.

>> I have roughly 10 years experience of daily meditation & extensive experimentation with various psychedelics for consciousness expansion.

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