~Never Not Broken~

CosmicSpirals (@randiriplinger) 9 years, 7 months ago

Akhilandeshvari ~ Never-Not-Broken Goddess

~In my isolated solitude,

I find greatest peace.

Within my own vulnerability,

… I learn my strength.

With power,

Comes intense and colorful emotion.

A sixth sense so strong within my heart,

I begin to see differently;

Etherically, peripherally, and optimistically.

I begin to open my heart;

As if a newly potted flower was in bloom,

Brightly painted pink, green, and gold.

As my heart continues to unfold,

My third eye starts to vibrate.

Shooting out purple knowledge rays to infinite heights!

As I sit here in my solitude,

I find more awareness about myself and power.

I silently learn the power and language of God,

A language so powerful,

it brings tears to my eyes.

Tears of utter happiness, ‘cuz I am giving a chance to feel

I feel pain and love,

Happiness and anguish,

Excitement and sadness,

All emotions that need to felt through the soul,

Each emotion as a vibration I need to experience in this life,

To experience and to learn.

The Lord has shed a tear for me,

For he has laughed for me,

He even has shown anger for me.

We are all part of the Divine soul and Light!

So we mustn’t be afraid of our own solitude,

For it may speak highest truth and,

Truth will set us free!

As I sit her in solitude,

I feel the structural decay crack,

Creating room for my birght light to shine through.

My energy is helping to change the energy field of the world,

Into something spectacular, I am travelling.

I am breaking out of the shell,

My wings are spreading and my aura is peeking through.

Manifesting love, I take flight.

Within my solitude for I am Never-Not-Broken

June 20, 2012 at 8:00 am
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