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 Kee (@Kee123)5 years, 12 months ago

I am new here and havent really read much. I saw people asking for help and thought I would give it a try. Normally I would search a website extensively before posting to find answers. My concentration is next to nonexistent right now. So I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I am not sure how to keep this short but will try. I am awakening as is my daughter. My daughter and son are special needs and we are trying the best we can. My daughter has aspergers and is very intelligent but communicating things is difficult for her. My son is severely autistic and we notice things going on with him but are limited on how to help him, yet he seems to be handling this the best. I am recently separated from my husband, his outburst and attitude got too much for us to handle. I am not sure if this is what was causing it as we also deal with Gulf War Syndrome. My daughter has been able to help him some by telling him about chakras and such. I am on and off with being able to understand these things and when I can get it there is some help.

What is strange about all this is I have memories of being taught all this when I was younger. Sometimes it seems like it was a dream yet I know these things. I was taught about different religions and beliefs.I do not belief this was a dream as I also have repressed memories of abuse that have been supported by others as well as scars and what not. I also had head injuries and I believe this is what caused me to not remember the events. 

About 6 years ago things started to change. I started dancing, drawing, understanding usage of herbs and such for healing. All things that were seemingly new to me yet I was familiar with. I was overweight because of meds and in a few weeks lost over 40 lbs, 1/3 of my body weight. I grew 2 inches (at age 47) and over night the loose skin shrank up and was softer and smoother. My hips changed and looked more like someone who never had children.  I had an experience where I fell over my dog and something up righted me. I hand a hand print on my leg that could not have been mine. It was larger and the angel it was would have not been possible for me to put there. 

There are so many other things that I am convinced this is not just a mental issue. I know I should be understanding what is going on but it is like there is a part of my mind that is locked off and I cannot understand things. I am getting irritable very easy. As I mentioned I have 2 special needs children and cannot afford this. I would appreciate if someone could help me through this as I have no idea which way to go. Like I said this is lengthy and there is much more involved in this but if anyone has any directions I would appreciate it. The odd thing here is I am usually the one helping people through the trials of their life and yet I am unable to work this out. I could probably explain all the ins and outs to someone going through this but am unable to pull it out to help with this myself. I do not know how much of this is the awakening and how much is the pressures that have been happening in our lives since all this started. As I said I am separated and trying to take care of the children on my own. I am unable to drive and the house needs more work then I can do.

If anyone has any ideas or needs more information please contact me I would greatly appreciate it.   

June 21, 2015 at 9:13 am
Peter (116) (@Gismo) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

Hi, welcome to HE :-)

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for ideas on (chakras / strange experiences / life challenges ) – but after reading your post I would suggest not to regard any particular thing as “the right thing” (like chakras and so forth) but use whatever gives you a better experience in life and what works for you.. (which the chakras-theory could do :-)) 

Regarding your experiences with the hand print and loosing weight, etc. – I would say don’t try to explain it / read too much into it, but just be happy that apparently good changes happened in your life and hopefully will continue to do so :-)

It sounds like a difficult situation with your children and being a parent on your own, not being able to drive and the house needing fixing, but focus on one task at a time, do your best, seek out the help you can get and try to stay positive, with regards to getting easely annoyed a practise of meditation could help on that – though it might be hard for you to find the time, a little is better than nothing.. ( you know, find some quiet time, a comfortable position, focus on your breath, and just be calm and leave the world around you behind for a moment..) 

I hope the best for you! :-)

eextreme (31) (@eextreme) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

These or possible ways to go about the issues mentioned above. I can’t guarantee they will work or not but here are something to try (but sometimes it is better to leave things as it is). 
If your daughter and son isn’t spending time together or not communication then help them do so by providing mediums of communications such as drawings, and musical instruments else let them work out and understand each others perks and flaws and make sure the general needs are met such as healthy food, sleep, exercise, knowledge (physical books, textbooks, and Encyclopedias) are met (There is the internet but you’ll need numerous restrictions)
In general, you need to be able to maintain the minimal necessities for your children. To do so there are a couple sources you can try.
<p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”>1. Familiarize yourself with your neighbors and reconnect with your friends, relatives, and family members and describe your situation and seek assistance
2, You can go on and explain your current situation (as honest as you can) and ask for donations (make sure to link it in social networks and related areas to become known)
3. There should be some sort of welfare, or child care costs
If you are willing to discuss things in more detail (general location (e.g CA, US. etc), costs per month, income), feel free to send me a private message or an email address. I’ll see what I can do to help out.

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