Chris Angel (@cloud) 10 years, 1 month ago

Recently i had a horrible nightmare and do not wish to go through that process again. I’ve read that having cold air hit your head influences nightmares to happen. Any thoughts or speculations on how to avoid having a nightmare.

If anybody wants to share their story it will be happily appreciated because it will help me know i’m not the only one that goes through these things. I’m a guy so everybody knows.

Here is how my dream went:
(begining has nothing to do with the scary part it was just part of the dream)
I was at high school on the second floor and there was this huge hole in the wall at the end of the hall I went near it and started seeing people throw balls through it. me Some students and I started to block them so it wouldn’t hit anyone. I tried blocking them i felt no pain when i blocked them, however i couldn’t block all of them. Then some big security guard stopped me and forcibly took me into the classroom. (i don’t know what classroom it was, but i had a recollection that i had been in the classroom before) He started pulling the sleeve of my shirt and i shouted back at him telling he can’t do that to me and i started to argue with him about respect. I got out of the classroom(i had been in the classroom for like 10 minutes) and for some reason my family and i were having dinner next to the hole in the wall on the second floor of the high school. It was night time and nobody was there except us. Then i went out of the building and right next to the building was my old house where i use to live in i was thirsty so i decide to go to the fridge to get something to drink. i was really scared because it was really dark in there and i had to go through three hallways from the door to the kitchen (even though in real life there was no hallways connecting these parts of the house) to get to the fridge. the three hallways had lighting but the switch to turn on the lights was at the end of the hallway. I saw the entrance to my house and i was hesitating to go in because it was so dark, but i went in and turned on the light to the first hallway( note: these hallways are hallways i encountered throughout my lifetime which always have a switch at the end for the lights) then there was a break in the hallway leading to rooms, one room was to the left of me the other was to the right both filled with darkness. The second hallway the lights flickered on and off and i had eerie feeling that something bad was going to happen then the lights turned off on me and the there was also two doors next to me as the previous hallway but i decided that i should just go to the end of the third hallway. at the end of the third hallway there was a room in front of me and it was closed (my mom said my little brother age 10 was sleeping there) then to the right of me was the kitchen. I went into the kitchen there was a door to the end of the kitchen and it was pitch black also but it didn’t bother me so i just went to the fridge and got out what look like a a big 5 gallon bottle of powerade, but instead of the sports drink inside it had something inside like lard so i put it back(note: i do not have something like this in my fridge) then i got a smaller powerade and started drinking and then the cry. The cry was the worst thing that i ever heard the lights turn off and on but then stopped turning of and on and stayed on. The i started calling for my mom as loud as i can i was so scared then she came dashing in and we all started hearing it cry and it was coming from the room at the end of the hallway but the door was not there no more. The cry started coming closer but we could not see it because the room was completely dark then something like a deformed baby came out walking and then I woke up with my heart pounding. And across from me was my little brother sleeping on a separate bed (we share rooms) and because i have bad vision i started seeing his eyes open and face change, but that was just my imagination because i put on my glasses and i saw everything was normal.

Any tips on not having nightmares. Thanks! It is greatly appreciated :)

August 23, 2012 at 9:55 am
Meridian1124 (6) (@jbaker15) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

@cloud, First, if you do not have terrible reoccurring nightmares then don’t sweat it. I’ve had some bad ones myself. I would say do everything you can to put yourself in a state of bliss all the time. For me all it takes it to wakeup, make myself eggs and toast and especially tea and then set aside 5-10 minutes to meditate (learning how to meditate has done wonders for me). Eat healthy foods and make yourself a great workout plan. These easy things have let me flush out the bad in my life and bring in the good.

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