NLP // Hypnosis ! (in Florida?)

Nick (@nickfields) 8 years, 8 months ago

I\’m an avid user of NLP and Hypnosis (and DHE), seeking out others to multiply the fun, results, connection, learning

I\’ve been at it – virtually alone – for nearly a year. It\’s fucking amazing.

I\’m fascinated at the prospect of having other people with which to practice techniques/ push each other cognitively/ induce deeper and deeper states/ explore and expand deliberate use of our neurology

Being the only one I know in my social circles with an intrinsic love and practicing passion for NLP and related cognitive tools, I\’m also deeply interested in even talking via these intwerwebs with any of you who love hypnosis/NLP/DHE.

April 6, 2013 at 12:24 am
Subwoofer Stevens (246) (@jakehay) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Explain to me what NLP and DHE is.

I mean, I could google it, but I think it contributes to this discussion if you explain it in your own words.

Nick (0) (@nickfields) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

I agree:::

(The following information is not guaranteed accurate ((but it is, haha)); It’s just that I’m more of user and less of a historian. But I’ve been at it long enough to pick this all up)

Simply defined by its co-creator Richard Bandler, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques. It’s also been called the psychology of interpersonal communication and achievement. (I like: The study of subjective experience)

Basically a very perceptive group of people found those who could do BLANK and found out what they were doing in their minds to make it happen. Ex: Person paints incredibly well. You find out via systematic questioning that they have a vivid image of what they want to paint in their minds (duh) and that the way they transcribe that image to canvas is by imagining a wire connecting their external hand to an imagined hand which can trace or paint the features of the internal image. An effective painter using this strategy has probably been practicing it (likely unconsciously) for a while and is probably only aware of the sensation that their hand guides itself as though a real wire were connected. They feel a sense of flow as the gentle tugs transform the color exuding from the tip of the paint brush into the picture they hold in their mind.

Basically, Bandler found unconscious processes which allowed people to do things and taught others to engage in them deliberately. Infinite possibilities extend from this methodology; he taught people to overcome phobias (in a few minutes) by eliciting the process people who got rid of phobias used to finally change their emotions after years of instantaneous, overwhelming fear responses. (NLP is known for that=Phobia ‘Cure’). He found out how successful people plan out events in their head and taught others. He found out how people generate positive powerful feelings, learn quickly, perform exceptionally in sports, etc., etc.

From all the elicitation spawned variables which can be manipulated in the mind and run in any order and sequence to create results in subjective experience (which is chemically driven; so biochemical changes). This process-oriented approach defies all the psychological mumbo about root causes of problems and allows people to focus on the processes they run in their brains to change the results they get in their lives.

While NLP is great for eliminating problems and acquiring talents, it was based on the ‘modeling’ process above which means it was limited only to what people were already doing. Bandler invented DHE (Design Human Engineering) to shift the focus from “how can I quickly/ easily do what they are able to do?” to “how can I design what it is that I do inside my head to go where they’ve never gone?”
He also found that lots of people did wonderful things but motivated themselves by putting stressful/psychologically painful representations in their mind. He of course wanted to create a method by which people can not only achieve cool shit but also feel good as they do – motivating themselves with pleasant representations/ healthy feelings.

Personalizing the description:
NLP and persistence has assisted me in overcoming all the nonsensical emotional problems I used to have, and help my poorly-programmed family to do the same. DHE has helped me in my shift from eliminating problems to designing a killer life. I love using and creating strategies by which to go into wantonly Fun/pleasurable states. I love dropping into deeper and deeper trances and installing new states in which to experience all the facets of life in a new way/ from a new perspective. Exploring the full range of capabilities of running our own neurology for deliberate fun, success, etc. etc. is where I’m at!

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