Nostalgia: Who else wants to go back?

I can remember even when I was 5 yrs old the thought of wanting to go back from wince I came lingered in my head…I guess I’ll live forever yearning for the past…the eternal infinity that I can’t remember but somehow know there’s a place for me there where ever it is…NOSTALGIA

September 1, 2013 at 9:01 pm
Egarim (363)C (@egarim) 8 years ago ago

The “past” that you yearn for is nothingness: it is non-existence. To return to a state of non-being would be to cease to exist. It won’t feel like anything, because there is no “thing” that can feel (that thing being what you are now, but when you cease to exist there is nothing left that can feel).

On a much deeper level, no-thingness is actually everything (ness). To not be a single “thing” is to be everything. By coming into existence and being you, you create a point of reference against the rest of the universe: you are you, and the universe is outside of you.

The death of self is the birth of everything. You rejoin the universe in death, how poetic.

Not sure what the point is that you’re trying to get across but it sparked some interesting thoughts in my head.

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 8 years ago ago

Get born, don’t hold on hope, don’t hold on to sentiments, hold on to embracing moments. Big smile.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years ago ago

@man-of-the-future, I want to go back as well. I’d go back to the baby boomer era, before america was fucked up. Or I’d go back to at least the ’90s. But I’d go back, for sure.


@egarim, honestly man I was just watching a movie about some kids at camp and it reminded me of middle school and from there i was on a nostalgic trip down memory lane thus remembering when i was a child and how I used to literally cry because I didnt want to move forward (this happened at almost every pivotal stage of my life) Which lead me to a much deeper question Was I truly afraid to go forward or did i truly just want to go back ? Lol and im glad to have sparked some thoughts, i love to breed thoughts in the minds of others keep them thinking therefore keeping them entertained therefore keeping them alive


@theskafish, forreal man back when I was a christian i envisioned heaven as this place where you could relive happy moments in life who knows with the excretion of DMT in our minds after we die anything becomes possible


@beyond, youre right but sometimes the knowledge of the past shuns the ignorance of the future…

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