Occupy Gezi

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Okay so, This has frustrated me to my wits end. In Turkey a HUGE protest is going on between the cops and civilians. It started when the city had plans to take down a park in the middle of their city and build another mall complex, people didn’t like that and believed that there were too many shopping mall already, but it was happening so they camped out, stood in front of the bulldozers the next morning. They did nothing other than standing in front of the machines.No newspaper, no television channel was there to report the protest. It was a complete media black out.

But the police arrived with water cannon vehicles and pepper spray. They chased the crowds out of the park. They used no discretion and aimed straight for the face.

In the evening the number of protesters multiplied and so did the number of police forces around the park. Meanwhile local government of Istanbul shut down all the ways leading up to Taksim square where the Gezi Park is located. The metro was shut down, ferries were cancelled, roads were blocked. Yet more and more people made their way up to the center of the city by walking. And still it was a Media Blackout. Its outrageous!

You can read more, this is just brief,

But you cannot tell me this does not sound like the ‘hippies’ from the past, saving our land and our Mother Earth.This is making history, and its not well known. We need to stand up for our earth and stand up against the big corporations that breath money not oxygen. You can get more information below :)


What You Wont See On The News ” The Turkish Revolution Will Not Be Televised ” #Turkey early today #OccupyGezi #Resistaksim

A must read: Here’s a blog post from someone on the ground ‘What’s happening in Turkey’ >http://bit.ly/16zAbNl

A Letter to the Rest of the World from Turkey

Watch this video>> http://bit.ly/11O9H7G

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS NEWS GLOBALLY! Dear friends all around the world, Something brave and significant is happening in Istanbul, Turkey. >>http://on.fb.me/18FfnBq

In solidarity with our Turkish brothers and sisters
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Their own media isn’t even covering it. Pretty fucked up.
Just a peek:

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