Only for u Indians please share you acid Lsd experiance.

Ajay420 (@Ajay420) 6 years ago


I am wondering in India finding real Lsd is impossible 

You might get some acid in kasol or goa 

What is the best dosage to take??  For first time?

Can someone share there entire trip experiance?  It will be very helpful too relate (complete story)

Further how to prepare for Lsd trip please suggest your valuable tips



September 7, 2016 at 8:46 am
Rémi Marenco (1) (@Remi-Marenco) 6 years ago ago

Why “only for u Indians”? Others can’t understand?

Ajay420 (0) (@Ajay420) 6 years ago ago

All experiances are welcome but specifically I am interested to know about Indian people experience 

Rémi Marenco (1) (@Remi-Marenco) 6 years ago ago

I would advice to edit your title then. I am guessing this is why you don’t get any answers :)

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