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How do people feel about overpopulation as an issue? Is the mass proliferation of human population growth inherently bad for the Earth and bad for people? Could it even pose an existential threat to both? Have we created an unsustainable system through the ages? Have there been societies in history that have practiced low-impact existence that worked for them and was good for the Earth? Is there anything people can do to mitigate this potentially dangerous situation without stepping into outright totalitarianism? Do any of our current economic and social issues have a potential connection if not root in overpopulation?

March 2, 2014 at 6:53 pm
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Human populations have grown greatly post-Industrial Revolution and improved medicine. Most cultures pre the 18/19th century were low impact, as they didn’t have the means to affect greatly their environment (if a Roman Emperor or some European medieval king ordered a forest to be burnt down, so what it would grow back in time).

As for economic issues, well this is due IMO to economics not being an exact science. It was thought pre-2008 that economies were strong, and very few realised the debt-based economy would stop.

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I think there are 2 main problems with over pop. : 1.) a growing population exceeding the amount of food we produce/ use for consumption – and other manipulation of the supply for less accessability and 2.) a growing population producing too much waste – i.e. unsustainable/ unrenewable energy and other misc. waste, that with too large a population could ensue new and more potent sickness/disease.

at the moment, especially in a first world country, food is a non issue for the vast majority, neither is the issue of over pop. (China IMO is a small notch down from the US, our rural country is still far more advanced than theirs.)
I think with any risk we pose a danger to ourselves and our planet but many people are too consumed by society to look else where. Our system IS unsustainable because there is no profit in clean energy, socialism and caring for the general betterment of one’s humanly neighbor. If you disagree, the forbes 400 would disagree with you.
When it comes to low-impact existence native americans are among many groups that come to mind… I love the episode of Futurama when the comet of trash comes heading back toward earth, I always remembered them saying something like ‘we made the this into trash, so we made our trash into something else.’
We have the technology and know-how to curb this problem but again there is no profit in it, and, especially in the US, the entire way of society would drastically change… people don’t like change.
I can’t really give a good example for your last question though… all that comes to mind is convenience. The convenience of the industrial revolution… made it easier to travel, made people healthier (longer life means more people), and allowed people to live closer together (cities and such) as well as farther apart.

I just tried to stick to the questions and answer them without going into detail, I’ve read quite a bit about this issue, potential outcomes and how ridiculously insane things of and about it could be terribly manipulated just for menial gain

Emily (12) (@ekich) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

There is plenty of space and plenty of food for everyone here. It’s just a matter of making different personal decisions. We are voting with our dollars every day towards the future that we want to see. Every day, we can be making excellent decisions, inspiring others, and inciting incredible, positive change. All it takes is asking ourselves a few more questions as we consume. When you think about the real value of something–something really cheap, for example, that you got a “deal” on–who is really paying for that? What kinds of chemicals go into it to make the manufacturing faster and cheaper? What kind of labor is used to make it–both that of humans and other animals?

There are many unsustainable practices of which we’ve lost sight and overlooked over the years. But there are many practices of which we don’t need to be a part. Our corrupted system is really turning itself around now, and it’s exciting! And it’s even more exciting to be a part of it!

Now is the time to ask as many questions as possible. Not all answers are going to be pleasing to the ear, but these are all things that we’ve known have been happening (to some degree or another). Now is the time to actually do something about it! There are options, and there are better decisions that we can all make.

We should know where our products come from, and we should be aware of the times that we are consuming too much. It does take some getting used to at first, but ultimately, there is a much deeper sense of satisfaction when we make every decision an important one. There is far less chance of over-consumption and mindless waste when all of our actions are truly mindful.

-Join a CSA or food-coop and support local agriculture.
-Buy clothes that are made locally and from sustainable materials.
-Reuse unwanted items by shopping at thrift stores.
-Read ingredient and content labels.
-Share more with others.
-Ask more questions and follow up by looking up the answers–there is so much information out there!
And there is so much that we can do differently.

Thought depths (4) (@jiggaboo) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I honestly think we are fucked, simply because as humans it seems like it is natural instinct to push things until the furthest limit possible until it’s already too late to realize what we have done wrong. I think we might be able to see what we have done in our generation and I also think that we will regret every bit of it. How stupid can we be to see these enormous cities even in their beauty they look like mounds of mold tearing apart mother earth, AND think nothing of it. Overpopulation is the end of a lot of the human population. Something will wipe us off the face of the earth because of what we have caused, 90% of the species to ever exist ARE EXTINCT and what makes us so superior to overlook all the damage we have caused. Even if its not an extinction I think whatever major event does happen will wipe out the majority of us. WE CANNOT SURVIVE with an estimated 11 BILLION people living on this planet and whether it be in 50 years or 100 years this dooming fate will dawn upon us , who knows we might even be alive to see it…

Thought depths (4) (@jiggaboo) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

Just look at the effects china has already suffered from overpopulation, and imagine the whole world. That country is a small scale of what the world will be like in 2100 with an estimated 11 billion

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Inferno by Dan Brown that’s all I have to say

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