Painful past, desperate present – a poem

 TheSeer (@drallarnnat)7 years, 8 months ago

Remember when we kissed in the rain?
And spun around till we were dizzy?
Remember that feeling you felt
when we were apart?

Do you remember the river?
Nature and love
Woven together
by us.

Do you remember
the dancing
and the running
and the connection?
Love tied us together
an inescapable knot.

Remember the times
Our grips were lost?
When a heavy weight
laid on my chest and throat?

Do you remember the late,
warm nights?
sharing ice cream?

I remember.
I visit the past.
that old, magic place.
Where everything
seems more beautiful.

Bring that beauty back.
And feel the hot tears run down your cheeks
As you look around
and weep

Look at me now.
Nothing worse
Than an inner battle.

Find that beauty
That you once saw.
Where is the feeling
That my name creates?

Your name.
Is a spell.
An incantation.
Of the most powerful.
Find that magic
that we once had mastered.

But you don’t want to.
I want to.
Why did time have to flow?
Why did it have to flow
into hell?

I ride the waves
the past creates
as they slam into the rough walls
of now.
Bring back the past.
and rest
and bathe in the beauty
of what we used to be.

January 6, 2014 at 6:54 pm
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