Poem and Discussion ( Mushrooms: Magic Forest)

DeerInTheWoods (@Deerinthewoods) 8 years, 11 months ago

I took psychedelic mushrooms for the first time out in the forests of Colorado with my boyfriend and it changed my life. I was an Atheist, now I’m fully aware or nature’s spirits. I’m wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or simply just wants to talk more about what I felt or learned…

Here’s what happened:
3 grams down the hatch
Slowly, trying not to gag
Sitting on a crash pad, just finished climbing
Suddenly, the pine trees… They’re calling
The needles shine like tinsel
Look as huggable as the clouds
I become overwhelmed with happiness and begin to cry
It’s nearing sunset
The sunset illuminates one pine in particular
She looks angelic
I must go speak to her
I take off my shoes
Entering a holy realm
Fingertips graze her neighbors, the tall grass and flowers
Greeting each one as I pass
Up close my breath becomes slow and deep
Breathing in a scuba mask under the sea
Energy of the air fills me
Her pine presence overwhelming
She speaks softly welcoming me to her world
I sit in the dirt and run my hands along the stones
Turning around my eyes open wide
There’s another pine, his calm voice beckoning me
I sit on a boulder as a student in front of a teacher
He tells me:
“This is your home
Welcome to this land
People were like us once
but they felt like they needed to create
a different world for themselves
Step out of nature
And into their creations
Now we live in two separate worlds
But welcome back
Thank you for taking the time to listen
Humans fly by in cars, bikes, and fast moving feet
They don’t stop and listen
Hear about the world of trees
We don’t believe we are better
Just different
You have the advantage of movement
We rely mostly on birds’ stories
I know you are sad
Because you must go back
To your human world
But know, little one,
You will always be welcome
Amongst the trees”
I cry my happy tears
Walk to him and caress his bark skin
Thank him
As I walk back to where my love is sitting
I notice my legs walk differently
My eyes see differently
My fingertips feel differently
My breath slow..
I sit in the dirt next to my love
Bare feet
Bare legs
Bare arms
Bare hands
Golden and pale
So raw and ancient looking
As I explain my experience
I realize..
I’m a doe.
Curious, beautiful, aware, proud, connected..
I am sitting next to the wolf
Known as my boyfriend
He discovered that on another trip
Wolf and deer
Happily here.
I climb upon a tall boulder
Tune my senses to animalistic behavior
Ears twitch as slight sounds
Head turns in curiosity
Chest puffs out on confidence
Feet step strategically
I am a doe

On our drive back home I cry
Seeing concrete smother the earth
Humans in bright colored chemical clothes
Boxes upon boxes with modified climate people call home
So much plastic
So fake..
” You will always be welcome
Amongst the trees” I know.
I sit on the plastic floor of the kitchen
Boyfriend cooking
As I’m watching
Cheese in plastic
Bread in plastic
Eggs in plastic
It’s so unnatural
I sit in the floor
With dirt covered hands and feet
A deer in a kitchen..
How does any of this make sense
I try and understand the human world
But there’s no one to explain it to me
Like a tree
I’m lost in a place I’ve spent my entire life..

This is an original poem!!! Please don’t copy!!!! If you want to share, give me credit: @Deerinthewoods

August 21, 2013 at 3:49 pm
secretagentpeter (81) (@secretagentpeter) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@Deerinthewoods, This is beautiful!
I’ve been considering taking shrooms and now you have definitely strengthened that wonder!
Somehow this makes a lot of sense to me…I’ve been high on weed and with the things I’ve learned this is a true piece of wisdom! I think I’ll message you once I have my trippy nature experience…and ya know what I shall write it in poetry form too!

DeerInTheWoods (28) (@Deerinthewoods) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@secretagentpeter, I’m so glad I was able to connect with you! I honestly recommend mushrooms to anyone, especially people who are trying to really find themselves or connect with nature in a very deep level. There were a few things I left out of my post that I think you would enjoy hearing. I spent some time ( about an hour) truly feeling and exploring my boyfriend’s body. Not in a sexual way, it was more like a baby baby discovering something for the first time/ understanding and seeing every bit of anatomy/ feeling a spiritual energy. It took me a while to gather the will to look into his eyes ( I was almost overwhelmed looking at just his hands) but when i did i swear i saw his soul, i saw his spirit animal, i saw the world through his eyes!! It was truly magical! I’ve been with him for almost two years and I’ve never felt so close to him before that! Also, you lose track of time ( not like weed where things slow down or speed up and you get sorta anxiety ridden) you just completely DO NOT care about time. It’s almost as it time is a concept you’ve never learned. Do it when you around a person you COMPLETELY feel comfortable and push aside ANY negative thoughts otherwise you will have a bad trip.
Anyway, sorry for the long response! Happy tripping! Let me know how it goes :)

Danielle Coco (0) (@danicoco) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

this is so beautiful! I have done magic truffles only 3 times and they have also completely changed my life around.
my trip was not as clear as yours ( as the trees speak to you) but i felt the natural world, i felt connected to every plant around me and the skies.
there was a storm and lightning when I was tripping; It was the most beautiful and most realistic experience I have ever had. so many colours in the sky I burst into tears- it seem to have opened my eyes and since then I seem to see the beauty in the world and feel the vibes of everything around me like i never have done before.
we went back to our hotel room where we blasted some radiohead; and i danced around like my soul was finally free for the first time in my life i felt like i was actually me like i was finally able to let go of all my self worth and every little thing that ever stopped me from taking off my mask and being myself. it was the most exhilarating feeling and I wish I can get it back for good ( which is something I hope to learn through future mushroom munching)
my last trip though; was not a very good one. it was the harderst and toughest time i ever went through; and for that i am grateful and happy i still experienced it although i really hope i only get good trips in the future. Its the strangest feeling and i cant seem to wrap my fingers around it but since then i felt connected to the same exact vibes as those in the 60s? i know it sounds really ridiculous and obviously i only mean this to a small extent. I felt the vibes of people such as jim morrison and jimi hendrix (obviously their music goes hand in hand with mushrooms; but i never listened to them on my trips and have never been so interested and connected to them and their music since i last did mushrooms).
I cant understand this and what seems to confuse me more; my boyfriend who has also done mushrooms with me all the times i did them, has never experienced the spiritualness/ natural vibes/ 60s vibe/ extreme connection to the earth as i have and i really want to open more doors to this experience and enjoy it with more people but my friends are very different to this and are more interested in drugs in general then using them to open a new path and find out new wonders
anyway sorry to blag on and on I just really felt i completely understood what you experienced and this is the first time i found someone else who wrote about it in the exact same way i feel it :P

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