Poetic rendition of Life

 Animator (@dadachicken)7 years, 4 months ago

I wrote this and thought I should share it. I dug deep into my conscious mind and freewrote a poem consisting of repetitive rhythm.
I hope you like it and comment your thoughts in my writing.

The reminiscence of the Present Day
Architecture of our Life
Day to Day
Creation from which
Humanity installs into our World
Day after Day after Day
Reconstruction of scientific formulas
Hypotenuse versus Hypothesis
A war, Us against our Dreams
Sun Day through Saturn Day, One Day to another Day
With Time,
And Destiny
As our guides
These common entities control life
Maintain Balance
When corruption disrupts the scale
Chaos gradually consumes this species
Blizzards of Blood
Bullets drumming our Bodies
Banquets of Bent Blades Buried Beneath Bastardly Bruises
Being Built Behind Bones Breeding Bio-genetic Brainwaves
Born into Building Bridges
Blended Blisters drenched in Bile
Bloody Blemishes Bailed
Blazoned Books producing Greed
Bespoken Blame Brewing Bon vivants
All that must Be Brought Breathes
Binged Bits of The Big Bang
Blasted Bytes
Bourgeoisie Balloting Business Brokers
Battered and Bellowing
Pure Bogosity
And so we Stand Straight
Benevolent Warriors
Day to Day, Day after Day after Day
Best Be Heard
Better Be
Blunt Blitz
Blank Bricks
Brown Brass Blurred Bland
Blogged Beauties
Blinded and Broken
Bitter Blue Bickered Black

February 14, 2014 at 4:50 am
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