Power Structure

ELizard (@heavydreamz) 8 years, 10 months ago

“He who is unseen and can make desirable that which benefits himself has power”

Break it down-
Unseen — A non-physical concept for us to try to comprehend but not necessarily something that can be agreed upon, we have nothing to ‘see’ only abstract ideas floating around, questions we ask ourselves, “Where do we look?”

Makes desirable what benefits him — You have a certain task and you do it because you are made to believe that it will be benefitting to you, but you are working for this entity, “What’s the agenda?”

Has power — Basically a sustainable system, it runs itself. Everyone has their part (or occupied), they are happy to partake, someone is benefitting beneath the veil indefinitely. “Who is benefitting from this?”

Is this the game that humanity fell for a long time ago? I personally believe in an over-arching control structure that dates back most likely since before the Vatican. Its a gut feeling that I’ve always had. Everywhere I look I see evidence, I see a world full of actors. Who feels the same?

January 23, 2013 at 11:00 pm
TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@heavydreamz, yea, I see it everywhere too. It’s a bummer, and certainly frustrating to work for once you know the score, when you know that you have to work for the very thing you are against, just to eat – taking advantage of the human body’s natural frailty, they use lack to manipulate you against yourself. But the sooner you become self-sufficient, the sooner you can stop playing. If you’re making everything you need yourself, then you don’t need their money and you don’t need their jobs. Dependency makes slaves and also kings. Violent revolution won’t work, it’s all about everyone learning how to take care of themselves without being dependent. This way the bottom will simply vanish underneath the power structure.

ELizard (229) (@heavydreamz) 8 years, 10 months ago ago
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