Premonitory dreams.

Gaizka (@Gaizka) 5 years, 9 months ago

Hi people!! I dont know if this is wrong because it says that “Self-promotion” is forbidden, and I dont know if this really is self promotion, but as Im new I wanted to introduce myself a little before going into action with Premonitory Dreams. If anyone here wants to know something else about me, just go into my profile and read a little about me. Theres not much there, but if you are interested, you should go there. Anyway, lets go with premonitory dreams.

I dont know iif this only happens to me or not, but have you dreamed anytime about one thing that later on happened exactly the same as it was in your dreams? This usually happens to me, and I dont know if it happens to somebody else, so, I ask you. I usually have short premonitory dreams, and I dream about simple things like being in the sofa watching television and then I wake up and I feel a little curious about it. When two or three days pass from the night I had the dream, something exactly the same I dreamed happens. But exactly the same, like if that dream was some kind of vision. Ok, so maybe now I sound like if I was wearing a tin foil hat. But I promise that this happens usually. Im a little bit scared, because I dont know if this happens to more people or if im the only weirdo. So yep, what do you think? 

March 9, 2016 at 6:02 pm
Denis (0) (@Justforfun) 5 years, 9 months ago ago

well, have you ever dreamed about something more specific with more details than being on the sofa and watching TV ? Because that is something that will eventually happen, and HAD (probably) hapenned before so… in your dream do you see exactly the same thing you see then, later on TV (in real life) ? I once dreamed about my father smoking cigarettes, but in the real life (before i had the dream) he didn’t smoke, or, at least, I didn’t knew it, because he was smoking : I just didn’t know it. Maybe My dream was telling me something I already unconsciouly knew, and that it wasn’t a premonitory dream but more a revelation. Do you think it could be something like that ?

samuel (12) (@gogochaos) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

One time, when I was in like fifth grade, my family was watching a baseball game on TV. The game was tied, and it was the last inning, and as I was watching, I suddenly remembered a dream I had in which the batting team scored a home run and won the game, and I specifically remembered the baseball flying over the fenced area. Anyways, I told my family that would happen, and then it played out exactly the same. Like, the image on the TV was the image I had in my dream. But that’s the only time something that extreme has happened to me. Occasionally, I get Deja Vu moments where I feel like I’ve dreamed it, but I never have done what I did that day again.

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