problem finding a proffesnal bliss

 Germain (@germain) 7 years, 8 months ago

i would say my bliss would be finding my bliss, i have things i like like snowboarding and chess or driving fast, travel , partying and thinking aboth exsisting and the world witch im in a and finding grenral peace of mind but i cant turn any of these things in to a proffesson, and working is what am going to be doing most of my time anyways to maintain my stranderd of liveing and the jobs iv tryed dont rly tap in to my intrestes and dont rly simulat my brain in any sugnificant ways quiet franqly i think is boarding to work and go to school, im gonna be honest and say i want money but when i say so is becouse i want to experianse the best in life i dont wanna bull other people or be dominat becouse of money itself its just i want freedom to explore the tings that intrests me and when it comes finding my bliss i would say it would be someting like findiing a job in witch i can progress in and become better at it and have greneral intrest for it and over time i can become a master of it, i want a job that lets me express my personalty and in one way or another gives to the greater good. any thoughts pepole ?

February 6, 2014 at 7:03 am
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