Psilocybin advice please!

Donch (@donch) 8 years, 9 months ago

Hey everyone! I’m new to this site and I love it! I figured this would be a great place to ask this question so here it goes!

I am very interested in trying Psilocybin mushrooms but I am nervous as hell! I’ve recently gone through a complete spiritual change and experimenting with this could help me answer all of these unanswered questions I have about myself, and my life.

I know that everything is in my head, and bad trips are only caused by my lack of control over my mind but here are the things that I just cant get past.

I smoke marijuana frequently, but if I ever get ‘too baked’ I will start to get extremely paranoid. For example: I’ll focus on my heart beat because it feels like its pounding, then by focusing on my heartbeat and worrying… it beats faster. Then comes a snowball effect and there seems to be no stopping it until I start to come back from the high. This anxiety is a pretty serious problem to me and I worry about it a lot when considering any psychedelic.

Now, know that I have tried other drugs such as MDMA and a research chemical similar to 2-ci called 25i. I’ve had incredible experiences from trying MDMA and an decent, deep thought trip on (2) 25i blotters (average potency, cant remember the microgram dosage).

I know that shrooms can be intense, and intense isn’t something i’m afraid of. I’m afraid of creating a bad trip and overwhelming myself.

I’ve listened to many Terrance McKenna talks about psychedelics, and no matter how beautiful he makes it sound or how excited he makes me to take the leap… I’m still scared! Ill be honest!

I hope you guys can help me out here, and if your advice is to ‘get over your fears’ then how?

Thanks everyone!

February 27, 2013 at 3:04 am
MsKisa (20) (@mskisa) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Obtain shrooms…do not hesitate, make a decision, take the fuckers and get comfortable for the next 20 min-1 hour. Brace for paranoia and confusion of thoughts and spirit, HAVE SOMEONE THERE, shrooming alone is terrifying and unhappy. Talk to your shroom partner during the next little while as the confusion settles. Go outside :) by then you’ll know if you’ve managed to keep the bad trip from happening or not.

There’s no accurate way to describe what a bad trip feels like to someone who hasn’t before. It’s usually caused by a bad environment, bad thoughts or unexpected situations happening while say another friend shows up unexpectedly. At Other times, a bad trip can be a lesson that needs learning.

Don’t freak out too hard about having a bad trip, and also don’t automatically expect the best trip ever. Just let it take you when you’re relaxed, not worried about food or a shower or going to the bathroom. Taking care of all that first is a good idea.

Cody (472) (@versai) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

The above advice is fantastic. I’d have to agree the only times I’ve had the experience turn toward the negative side is when the environment isn’t right–but it’s totally salvageable. In the trip, it can be confusing what exactly is wrong and how to fix it. But just take your time, deep breaths, change things if you have to. For me, having someone there whom I wasn’t friends with was extremely distracting and knocked my trip off-balance, while having a friend around that I’ve known my entire life has pulled me out of the darkest of moments. Anyone you trust that knows how to make you laugh and keep you calm is good to have around. Tripping alone can be the best time if you plan to trip alone, but if you were originally tripping with friends and decide to go chill by yourself for a bit or they do, loneliness can become overwhelming. Good company and good environment and you’re good to go.

Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

To get over your fears my son, you must confront them!

The first time I did mushrooms, I ate way more than I thought I did. Around 4.5 or 4.6 grams, maybe more, I didnt weight the dose, which I have learned is essential. I had a bad trip, and it was the most amazing thing that has happened to me ever. Period. I had problems, anxieties, insecurities, but I confronted them, I HAD to confront them. But its not too overwhelming as long as you are in a controlled environment withe people you trust!

If I were you, I would start with an eighth, and this is how I would do it: eat half of it, wait until you start coming up, wait a little longer, get comfortable with the weirdness and in YOUR mental and physical space, and eat the rest once you feel the time is right. I also like to tip as the sun goes down, but some people dont prefer that so much. If you can see many stars, go to space. The wind in the trees is also fucking incredible. Go swimming, do it during a thunderstorm lol

I once tripped the ocean while a thunderstorm was hovering four or five miles offshore there was so much ENERGY in the air and the lightning made such after-image fractals that if I had taken more acid I might’ve drowned (not likely we usually had a tripp sitter and definitely that time!)

Other musts: christmas lights, other lights, incense, music, kalidascopes, really cool shirts all good stuff :)

max (18) (@tothemax92) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

make them into tea and sip it slowly if unsure, it allows more psilocybin and less strychnine to build in the system, making for a sparklier trip, and a smooth transition from sober to expanded. if you finish off the tea and are feeling good, then eat a gram or two to intensify your perception. i used to eat mushies for days on end back in nz and i always started with a tea for the first dose, seems to prepare the body and mind if you relax and drink the tea, rather than just scarfing a huge handfull and waiting around for the first effects

Matthew (16) (@tweibaby) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Wow! A guy says he has reservations about taking mushrooms due to anxiety and everyone says, “fuck it, eat all the shroomz, bro!” ?!? Not really sound advice.

Having seen a fair share of people have a negative experience on mushrooms I can definitely say its not for everyone..

Please never jump in with a big dose. Just slowly work your way up to it, start with just 1.5g to test the waters a bit. If that goes well, then try 2g, and increase the dosage by just 0.5g every time, until you find a level thats good for you. Dont be afraid to push beyond your comfort zone a little, just dont dive in feet first.. It can become very overwhelming. Especially when you begin to focus alot on your vitals (I do this alot when I’m nervous, and it can drive things downward when youre tripping) Just remember this: You arent dying, youre just under the influence of drugs..
Sometimes you can forget that..

Good luck.
Definitely keep a good setting. Be somewhere comfortable and familiar, but dont stay in the same place for the entire trip, try to move around and check out new things, this keeps your mind sort of travelling forward, if that makes any sense.. It helps drive a more productive thought process in my experience (at least on mushrooms)

Timo (41) (@timoteo) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Bad trips are not caused by you not bein able to control your mind. They are caused by you TRYING to control your mind. My advice for you? Just let go. Let all thoughts/emotions be there, and relax into them completely.
The truth is, you cannot control your mind, the mind does what it does, but is your servant. All you can really do is observe. Once you surrender to being the silent observer to all reality you will be free.
The trick to having a good trip always? Just remember the universe is in control and you are just observing. Relax and love everything!
Peace and good trippin

Jay (87) (@jaygran7) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Get comfortable with yourself, have someone to talk to about what you are going through in the case that you are feeling too far out or anxious, and make sure you enjoy your environment. The last time I did them (June 2011) I was not at all in a place to do them, and I probably shouldn’t have, but did. Despite the weird graffiti all over my friend’s walls (where I tripped), the amount of pharmaceuticals I was forced into taking, and the insanity I experienced at the time I took them, in retrospect it was a good experience. I delved into some of the layers of the ego and found myself for the time I was on them. It kinda equalized the medications, made me realize their purpose, and helped me find a resolution.

The other times I’ve done them, it’s been a relatively similar experience. There’ve been bad circumstances, and a lot of fear, but, I gained a lot from the beautiful experiences. It’s a matter of asking yourself, truly, if you have never done them “Am I willing to open doors in my consciousness that may never truly close? Am I willing to possibly lose the attachment I have to my current ego and perception of self? And, am I willing to open myself to the universe?”

If you can answer yes to all three of those, then maybe you should just do them and experience it.

trippyrizzle (10) (@rizzle) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@donch, All you can do is let go. Your not going to die, your not going to go crazy. just chill with some good music. you will probably not have a bad trip just because it is your first time, unless you eat entirely too much. If you cant put what your describing into words, don’t do it. you will find those answers your looking for as well, you cant change the answers so dont try. Also dont be in a dark room for a long time in the first half of your trip, unless you want some extremely intense visuals. Oh yeah and if anything really gives you some bad vibes just remember.. its just the shrooms homie.

Colton Moosefeldt (0) (@cjmoose3595) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Don’t go into it with doubt, because you’ll have a bad time. Levae an open mind and take it as it comes. Good enviroment, good music, good vibes.

Les Moore (0) (@lesmoore) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

A certain amount of fear is normal for a new situation, particularly one that can be as intense and intimate as a psychedelic trip. Regular meditation helps with the practice of letting go and is highly recommended. Any “excess” fears need to be met gently, without resistance. It’s just feelings and sensations, maybe you could allow them to just be without judging them or pushing them away. If you can, you will find that over a period of several trips, your paranoia will decrease, and you will eventually be “done” with those fears. Good luck.

There are plenty of good guides to tripping:

Terence Stone (48)C (@inception360) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@donch, Embrace the fear. It’s very natural. Anything unknown usually cause these feelings. Just take the leap. You said, “I know that everything is in my head, and bad trips are only caused by my lack of control over my mind but here are the things that I just cant get past.” It is not the lack of control over your mind, it is the desperate need to control that will take you down a bad path. If you want to have a ‘good’ trip, you must surrender. Accept that control is an illusion and that your normal thought processes will not be functioning normally. Let the trip take you.


ThatWhichIs (2) (@mrlight) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

My advice to you is to take a little dosage depending on the potency and see what it feels like so that you can be prepared for the trip. Check the water temperature with your fingers before you jump in. Also try to have someone you trust to be there as your ego to keep you from making stupid stuff because yours will be in wtf land .

The first time I did shrooms was INTENSE in every way; My trip went from extremely bad to extremely good for hours. I was being reckless and ate them like chips (forgot how much grams) since I thought it would be like different form of high.

No first timer should try them alone; I am talking by experience.

Make sure you do not abuse them because otherwise they will abuse you.

Skizzy Dizzletron (0) (@biggit404) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Just remember that whatever’s happening, however crazy you may feel, however much you’ve lost touch with reality, that you will come back, and the effects aren’t permanent. And remember that your going to get out of it whatever you put in, so just dont have the wrong motives.

And if you can find them get Penis Envi’s (Ecuadors), they’re the most visually intense. Out of the 3 or more strains I’ve had experience with, there is only one other strain that can compare, not as much visually, but in mind fucking ego-crushing-ness, unfortunately i don’t know the name of them.

But yeah, Penis Envi’s, they have black and blue spots, and for the most part look like dicks with long stems and plump caps. You’re going to want a small dose [1 gram] of the most potent for your first time , otherwise you’ll underestimate their potency down the line, which never ends well. Just remember you’re choosing a drug which is capable of making you’r ego look like a puny whining bitch in the sea of consciousness, if you dose too high that is. You’ll probably fucking love it though, just make sure you have plenty of music and pot.
I’d suggest you smoke throughout, starting at the come up [30 minutes to an hour, you’ll know] i find that cannabis helps ease the mind through such and experience, and be prepared to laugh uncontrollably at nothing/everything.

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