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H.W. Hawkins (@WhiteOak) 8 years, 12 months ago

Hello, all of you wonderful HEthens. I’m an undergrad writing an AWESOME research paper for my Sociology class and you can help me. My topic is “How Psychedelic substances influence societal views on Cultural and Structural models of reality”.
Feel free to answer any one or all of the questions, your identity will obviously remain anonymous, just need the data :)

My question is “How do psychedelic substances shape modern public opinion on concepts such as (individual identity vs cultural identity, gender and class inequality, religion, and the education system)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I plan to make this paper utterly melt your pupils into your pineal gland awesome, so the more perspectives on these questions the better.

Thank you!

October 11, 2013 at 8:45 am
Paola (25) (@paolavecuriosidad) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

i want to read this when you are finished!

H.W. Hawkins (18) (@WhiteOak) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@paolavecuriosidad, No problem! :)

Tyler (0) (@[email protected]) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

I’m the last year of my experimentations with psyches I have come to a few understandings, they heighten your senses to a new level one most learn to be comfortable with. They strengthen inner truths to ones self. Meaning lying to yourself about things have negative impacts that become noticeable in ones trip. Meditating on life during
The last presidential election on 2 hits of the same lsd I had the previous week was so deep and different it made me accept
That deep in my sub councious I knew that I did not want to join the military which I was 3 signatures away from doing so. Everytime I tried to say say something to promote doing so negative reactions IN REALITY would take place. My trip buddie sat back and let me workout the issues and demons I had to wrestle but towards the end he was as worried as I was about what was taking place. At the pek of this situation when all vibrations and feelings collapsed into my acceptance
That I did not want to join and I would have to start at square one in life again. This tree next to us shook as if a yeti had grabbed it by the trunk. My friend investigated and found nothing. We both were experiencing a presence that I had determined to have been a manifestation of my mind. This trip changed my life and my perception of syncrinicity and the power of the mind. I accepted myself. I accepted my perception of reality. During this time I was at the lowest point in my life. Living in my truck lost and
Confused. But for some reason I took LSD that day and it
My mind and life forever in the best way I could imagine. A year later I live in my own place working two jobs and getting back into school. Understanding that the system in crumbling and knowing that I am an ant, but I’m still an ant. Karma and fate walk hand in hand and everyone that exsists has a path to walk. Knowing that your ment to be we’re you are at. All things mushrooms and acid have taught me.

Psychonaut (133) (@psychonaut) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@whiteoak, Thc use which led to experimentation with psilocybin/psilocin, lsa, lsd, and salvia diniorum at age 20 induced the what freud popularized as ‘the oceanic experience’ within me. From here sparked a general interest in philosophy. Now, three years later, I am an atheistic existentialist, who also happens to be a sort of pantheist. Though a little contradictory, I’m doing my best to get it figured out…

Andrew A. (201) (@biga69) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@whiteoak, Psychedelic experiences provide the user a look at the world from a perspective so different than the one they are used to that it is inevitable that a previously held view on a sociological institution will crumble. This gives the observer an opportunity to observe as truly original, as a child sees the world so to does the psychedelic explorer see one part of their world.

thedudeabides (15) (@thedudeabides) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

the influence on public opinion is biased. sadly most of the public will not get to “expand their horizons” for lack of a better term, they will never get to see that tiny sliver of borderline psychosis that a hallucinogens can produce, i no longer partake or imbibe the quantity of narcotics i used to, i would be totally fried out or dead but the hallucinogens that i took dramatically altered my world/universal perspective and my place in it, finding out some of the things my mind was capable of was a riviting and a true spiritual awakening, i only wish the rest of the population could come to grips with these experiences achieved through the hallucinogens, not saying making a lifestyle out of tripping or whatever but i know i saw the world through new eyes ever since, and that was almost twenty years ago. the general public is to scared to blow their minds or even entertain the possibility, they mostly believe they will take acid or whatever and try to jump out a window. so i feel that hallucinogens can only have an effect on the individual, social, religious beliefs/practices, and the gender inequality, if these people are taking them. then the effects are able to be evaluated. i will say this in places where it is common to due these things i.e. burning man, music festivals, communes ect, there is an overall heightened sense of well being and consciousness on the small community, there is respect and concern for one’s fellow man, also there is concern on the impact the communtiy has on the greater good of the outside world. should everyone live that way…, should everyone be given the opportunity to see the world through that experience….absolutely

who (557) (@season) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@whiteoak, My reality is that they open you up to so much information that if anything you “believe” does not fit with what might be called “real life” then you have the choice to take your blinders off or die.

Mushrooms took me back through all of human evolution and I re-experienced what it was like to be cold in the dark, discover fire, bond through culture, to finish as a well-fed warrior looking to fuck up the world that used to scare him and then a tired philosopher staring at the stars.

Robin Jacobi (4) (@rjacobi42) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@whiteoak, My experience has been that when you tell people about the insights that you encountered while tripping, a lot instantly shut off and feel repelled. They say that everything that you have encountered, which can range from the general feeling that something is wrong in our society to very distinctive insights, is completely false and just a fabric of your imagination. It doesn’t really matter what topic or how well explained and funded the thought is, when it is in connection with “illegal drugs” it is not an argument.
But I suppose you meant that question in the context of how psychedelic substances shape the public opinion when they have an effect that is distanced from the propaganda of the war on drugs. Unfortunately I cannot give you that much information on the topic, but I’ll try my best.
I have to admit that most of the experiences I’ve had with weed so far were much less down to earth than the topics you named. For me these topics have never sprung up and were overshadowed by the far less concrete sense of oneness and unity that I felt. Things like inequality, either gender or otherwise, were illogical and impossible in the state of mind I was in.
With mushroom tea as well, these problems that we’ve faced seemed pity and small. It was probably similar to the experience that astronauts have when they see the earth from the moon.

Jonth (4) (@gypsytricks) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

You will have to break down your question into multiple ones, my friend.

Asking people such a broad question will only get you lengthy, murky and confusing answers, most often ending in answers with little relevance to your original question as people write in a directionless manner.

You can write a paper about it this subject, yes. It’s a fair question to want answered.
But you will have to conclude the answer for yourself, from the information gleaned through multiple questions. I would recommend creating a questionare online that you refer to, where people can fill out their respective answers to each question. Then compile this information, and draw conclusions from it. What trends do you see in each question?
Why? etc. For example you must specify exactly which concepts exactly you want the answers to. You cannot say “concepts such as”. This will lead to people answering questions to such a varied amount of concepts that it will be impossible to write a good paper on it. Then you will have a thousand opinions on a thousand different topics, nothing to base any conclusions on. Limit yourself to a number of questions, and specify them clearly.

You cannot expect answers with value without breaking it down like this. Your paper will end up shit. No offense meant ofcourse, I just want you to succeed and believe this is constructive for you to hear. Looking forward to seeing the questionare i hope you decide to do!

Scarlet Wall-flower (14) (@stick2skript) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

Im not really….into drugs….i prefer natural highs. Music, excitement, even running (sorta) …ect.
Im naturally out there as it is so i dont really think i need it.

Scarlet Wall-flower (14) (@stick2skript) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

I think, dont hate this, please, is that what really gets peoples wheels churning wish when a sober person comes up with deep, great ideas. Like, i plan on establishing a school of philosophy some day. And that blows people away because theres like “are you high?!” When they hear all my ideas, and i tell them im not and for that they admire me. They see the human acheivement, not the drug acheivement.

Scarlet Wall-flower (14) (@stick2skript) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

And the ability that man him self has, with out aid, is astonishing.

Nic (60) (@ltwild3) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

@psychonaut, Makes sense to me, cause it seems you are only using the term atheist to deny that a patriarchal oligarch exists. Am I right? Many “athiests” I have met use the term for that same meaning.

, Dude I love your idea, I wish I was still in school just so I could share papers like this with others.

“How do psychedelic substances shape modern public opinion on concepts such as (individual identity vs cultural identity, gender and class inequality, religion, and the education system)?

I believe that psychedelic substances shape modern public opinion only in the sense that a tool shapes a work surface. The tool on its own is nothing. Without the hand to manipulate the tool, it will just lie there. So to me, the psychedelic does not shape anything, we use it as a tool to shape things ourselves. Some will use a hammer to drive a nail, others will use a hammer to hit someone else in the head. This is one of the most powerful tools in existence however, because it is used to reshape perception, from which culture spawns and feeds. This is why it is violently oppressed, the current power structure in this cultural paradigm know how easily the tides could turn if the masses experienced psychedelics.

Individual identity from my experience has changed in a very interesting way. A 4.5g dose of Psilocybe Cubensis helped make clear many struggles that I seemed to face. It did this by giving me new eyes to see the problem. In our normal perception, associations and patterns form in our cognition of experience, causing us to start to ignore a mass amount of information that our senses take in. I think these patterns form based on saturation by popular media, as well as the very construction and use of our language. Our language is constructed by associations when the external world has none. The more we saturate our experience with associations, the further we separate ourselves from the simplistic reality. When the substance is ingested, it temporarily disables our associative firewalls, opening the sensual floodgates to create new, and previously unobtainable connections and associations. It is like a defragment program. To me, this made seemingly impossible problems easily solvable because I was no longer hindered by cognitive blockage.

Now I believe if one is constantly using these substances, without allowing their new neural pathways, or new associations to solidify, they will start to appear dysfunctional to society. I believe you have to bring back your experience to the “sober” world, then occasionally use the psychedelic, to prevent your associations from blocking and blinding you to new revelations or solutions.

This in turn affects the culture like a disease affects the body. The individual experience will spread through word of mouth and curiosity if properly discussed. The 60’s movement hit hard, but not with enough force to overthrow the paradigm. It just rocked the boat, and the captain started a campaign of fear on the wind, to make the waves stop. That does not stop a storm however, the curiosity and perceptive influence has just temporarily moved underground. It can be seen spreading through the artistic community through music, books, SOME movies, and recently more rapidly through the neural network called internet. The influence, thanks to the internet, of the psychedelic experience is again becoming mainstream. More people will join the force of the psychedelic movement this time around after witnessing the failure of Govt. to solve the problems the 60’s movements were trying to address. Possibly this time, the psychedelic experience will throw the current paradigm into shambles, for rebuilding, just as it does the individual mind.

As gender and class equality, and the current function of the education system are not natural realities, but cultural constructs, the problems could be reassessed just like any other problem one might have, by dissolving the associative barriers. I believe the religious experience is directly influenced by a psychedelic mindset. I believe those who receive revelation had a psychedelic experience, either from an interaction of nature, or a natural schism in their psyche. Then religion enters as a hijacking by those who have not had a psychedelic experience, claiming that they know what it was all about.

Sorry this is so long, I just love this subject. Good luck with the paper man!

TheRevolution (1) (@Esser420) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

I just wanted to start off by saying I have watched this video:
which describes 5 levels of psychadelic experiences. Myself, beeing only a regular weed consumer, have only had a psychadelic experience of second degree, so I hope this message still counts.

I was oubviously raised with the idea that DrUgS are BAADDD, but when I started smoking weed, you know, just for fun, I wanted to research the real harm it was doing, so I did. To my surprise I found all the evidence about medical MJ and how good it is, so I decided to never stop smoking.
Now I was experiencing all these new thought patterns that were soo incredible, I got really enthusiastic knowing that I could use cannabis as a tool and that I was learning to use it way more efficiently than the stereotypical stoner.

So from a 3 year experience I must say that psychadelic experiences make you think, they make you question (things the ystem doesn’t like) and you get to this point where you peak through these mental barriers and find out so many amazing things that close-minded people will never find out or aren’t even interested in. As I like to call it, cannabis was (is) a true curiosity sparker, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) becomes interesting, the craziest ideas suddenly become plausible.

I could go on and on about how it raises conscioussness, but ultimately I believe that, if used correctly, it makes you a better person from the inside out.

hello (113) (@smortlur51) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@whiteoak, I think you should definitely post your paper after you finish it, a lot of people on here would love reading it.

I think that the biggest thing that psychedelic drugs do for people is allow them to think and perceive the world in an entirely new light that most would be unable to achieve without the use of drugs. It gets us to thinking why do we do things just because we’ve been doing them forever? Then this is an interesting link; humans have always been trying to change our consciousness with drugs, and yet this then leads us to question things that we have always been doing.

As to the educational point, I believe one way that psychedelics are changing things is that more and more people are experimenting with them and realizing that what they have been taught their whole lives, drugs are bad and will kill you, is not necessarily true. In fact, they can greatly improve your life.

Good luck on your paper!

H.W. Hawkins (18) (@WhiteOak) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@ltwild3, I just wanted to personally thank you. Your views are greatly aiding this paper. Much appreciated!

Nic (60) (@ltwild3) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@whiteoak, Im glad I could help, that was the perfect opportunity to rant on a subject I hardly get to talk about. Hope the paper goes well.

Andrea (0) (@shadesofindigo) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@whiteoak, take a look into the psychedelic music of the late 60s. The catalyst for psych music had to do with the vietnam war and the political situation that was going on during the time. It was a means of thinking outside the box and delving into your subconscious instead of being so narrow minded and ridden with limitations. Like the person above me was saying, they were trying to address a problem. Psychedelic was an era of creative ingenuity and you can tie that into your paper about how it was catalyzed by the political upheaval of the 60s. You can reference the doors, for example, whose music was a means of exposing the social unrest and upheaval of the time. It was a method of revolution to change people’s narrow minded and conformist way of thinking.

LiveItLoveIt (16) (@liveitloveit) 8 years, 11 months ago ago


I have tried the usual mushies, L, salvia, MDMA, as well as many 2C derivatives, 25-ACO, DOC, LSA, DXM…. etc.

Personally I believe psychedelics give you an insightful mind state that may not be possible elsewhere, except perhaps meditation. Ego loss. This is the crucial element of tripping that allows us to see who we are from a third person perspective. Only once you have completely lost a sense of self may you see your own identity for what it is.

Psychedelics will show you your subconscious, allow you to find your motives for what you do more easily, see how you influence others and others influence you. I find psychedelics have helped me to analyze how I work and how much of what we accept as reality is planted within us. To me, psychedelics helped break me from what I accepted as reality and see that perception has as much to do with reality as what is actually there.

Psychedelics made me question the idea of sychronity and really start to understand how our actions manifest our destiny, quite literally as well as on a plane I think it is impossible to grasp.

I think most importantly psychedelics showed me who I was and made me question if that was the person that I wanted to be, thus proliferating positive changes.

H.W. Hawkins (18) (@WhiteOak) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

@liveitloveit, Thank you, this helps a ton!

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