psychic abilities a blessing or a curse?

JoKer5464 (@JoKer5464) 6 years ago

At the start of this year I notice that I may have psychic abilities, so I did some researched the topic and found that I have more than one abilitiy. With finding this out everything has gone too shit and there seems to be no end. I have mixed emotions on this at times I wish I never knew I did have them and other times  im glad i do.

August 12, 2016 at 1:37 pm
AngelicAlien333 (0) (@AngelicAlien333) 6 years ago ago

Well i can say one thing, have you ever thought, maybe things are going to shit because your letting them?  3 signs you have REAL ABILITIES and your not just walking around dellusional wishing you did.   1) YOU CAN FEEL ENERGIES AND PROCESS THEIR FORCE BEFORE THEY ENTER YOUR E.M.P. 2) YOU CRY OVER ANTHING BEAUTIFUL, OR YOU CRY WHEN YOU HAVE A MAJOR EPIPHANY, OR FOR NO REASON WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, EVERY MORNING 3) YOU BECOME SELFLESS AND WANT TO EXPAND YOURSELF TO ONLY MAKE THE WORLD BETTER. AND I DONT MEAN BETTER MATERIALISTICALLY.  going online to see you have psychic abilities because SOMETHING DID HAPPEN is fine.  Going online and finding out some people do and then wishing you were one of them, can really mess your whole life up, thats on the lines of satanism, and black magic.  ALSO, having these abilities means you have an important role in this world and universe.  Their are A LOT of zombies out there.  333

JoKer5464 (1) (@JoKer5464) 6 years ago ago

1) everday of my life so far has been mostly shit and not by choice.2) i can sense energies from the living and the dead.3) you second reason doesn’t apply to everyone.4) I don’t care bout materialistic good it life experinces are more important too me.5) I’ve always had to abilities it’s just now i’ve noticed there getting stronger( i only know this cause i’ve recently had 2 times the negetive energy from someone was prevoking my demons to be unleashed i’m suprised i keep my shit together). Also i didn’t post this to get critisim from some biblethumper just sayin.

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