[QOD] If you found out that your parents never loved or liked you?

 Jon Brooks (@JonBrooks)5 years, 11 months ago

High Existence Question of the Day: 

It’s a deep one…

If your mother and father told you that they never really loved or even liked you, and you knew it was absolutely true, how would if affect your life?

July 10, 2015 at 11:31 am
Jon Brooks (4,512)A (@JonBrooks) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

It’s really hard to imagine this for me. I guess my reality would crumble. I would be disorientated. It would feel like the security blanket of my reality was yanked from  beneath me. I guess you would try to reason with them. But you can’t talk someone into loving you. It would be soul destroying. No other way to put it. 

Dusty (14) (@abe-linkin) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

I can’t even imagine what that would do to me… or anyone. We’ve all heard of bad parents, from parents who are more invested in themselves all the way to raging alcoholics, but to have a parent be completely indifferent about you’re existence… I’ve never even heard of that. I’m sure it’s happened, but it’s never been something I’ve thought about, until now, and the thought definitely saddens me. But for someone to THINK they were loved by their parents and find out they weren’t… that’s far worse that just having cruel and unloving parents. 

Patrick Triplett (8) (@trippypatty) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Well, I would’ve been devastated. So, up to this point, they’ve been fake towards me and I’ve learned today that they didn’t love me? I would probably break down and cry, remembering all the suffering my family has been through, and all that we have managed to overcome. I can’t put into words what kind of rage I would feel, let alone be able to coherently relay that to them. I would never want to be around them again, but, seeing that they didn’t love me, they would probably be glad. I don’t know how I would get out of this situation. Go live in a youth hostel? Orphanage? Run away? To where? Maybe Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, or even neighbors will take me in. I would want the whole world to know of what kind of people they really were. At this point of my 19 years on Earth, I have learned a lot. You can’t let anyone take your happiness. I would bounce back and find my happiness, continuing my life as a child of the universe,  Your world may seem destroyed because the ones that brought you into this world are not there for you, but home is where you make it. It doesn’t automatically mean the people with the same last name. 

Dafirestar (5) (@dafirestar) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

When our world or I should say our sense of reality is broke, we go into a mental shock so to speak. That shock is extremely powerful, and for some completely debilitating. Finding out that someone you thought loved you and really didn’t would shake the foundation that your reality of life was based upon. At that point in time we have a choice, feel sorry for ourselves and let that eat us up and ultimately kill us, or we realize that our life up to the point is over. Embrace the fresh start, that part of life is over and start fresh. Embrace it, everyone needs a fresh start, look upon it as a gift.

Jonise (1) (@Jonise) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Well I wouldn’t ever want to know what’s it’s like to be completely sure that my parents don’t even love me. Imagine how kids who are in adoption agencies or get beat mentally physically or emotionally. Yes ofcourse its obvious to be felt broken up, lost or even confused. With stomach turning pain. But to allow yourself to fail in life or just stay in mental shock is beyond failing yourself. 

But the fight against such a brutal pain is what will make whom ever a stronger individual. To be able to face factors of understatement that it’s not always the victims lost nor fault, sometimes parents aren’t always the ideal or in position to be the “superheros”. Some parents are just honestly weak’ afraid or not knowing what unconditional love even feels of. So to defend all kids children’ teens who are worth the fight, I’m telling you it’s not always because you’re the “problem”. 

So yes it will affect your life, as in having trust issues or maybe doubting yourself effortlessly’  crying till you feel empty. You’ll be heartbroken. Besides all the emotional, negative feels you will face. They’ll be the strength of you as a person of destiny and personal being. If you believe in an higher power or religion, you will be aware that sometimes even your family, parents, may not be the face of your “savior” parents can just be there to awaken your soul of reality or even just be in the way of your future.  It sounds ridiculous and just scary but just maybe God built you to stand out in some kind of odd way.  

MercifulPennies (2) (@mercifulpennies) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

It would be really difficult for me to imagine this.. just because my parents have demonstrated that they truly love me. But for the sake of this question.. if they didn’t really love me or even liked me.. my whole world would be covered in darkness. It would be heart-breaking to know that. 

ObsidianSoul (4) (@ObsidianSoul) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

It wouldn’t bother me. My mother has told me this many times in my life, anyway, and has acted it out, too. If my father did, it wouldn’t bother me that much. It would be an unusual thing for him to do, but it’s his life. If he disliked me, that would be something for him to do with what he would. Life would go on.

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