Random thoughts.

 Plidan (@Plidan) 7 years, 10 months ago

Random “induced” thoughts.
This is going to be long.
I don’t know if this is right. But still something to think about.

There is only one thing that exists.
Which is what everything else that is and everything that isn’t makes up.
We are necessary but insignificant at the same time.

We are nothing next to a “god” but we are part of whatever plan or decisions for itself and environment. Whether it is the atom, the cell , god what the fuck ever. We were right for it and it made us or we made ourselves.
Nothing but everything.
If you look at it that way and know what I mean.

I don’t like to admit it and I don’t practice it but my views from a philosophical perspective seem to match up identically with Christianity but because I took acid it is like I get a different meaning out of everything that other people don’t get but all the greatest minds were avid drug users at one point. So I understand their teachings and message more.
Sometimes I think you can’t understand Einstein or Buddha if you aren’t on drugs.

I basically believe all of science and religion but my religious view isn’t obscured like the church’s twisted the word. The bible is a philosophy book and quantum physics proved it. The laws and worship are all twisted though. I know the whole story. 99% of the bible is a code. Words are used to cover for philosophical and physics terms. People should exactly but should not exactly at the same time take the bible literally.

When the bible says “you shall be punished, but I can save you”
Or things along those lines it basically means that people will punish you because they will never understand the truth but I can teach you to understand that it is never a bad thing. That pain is not real that it is nothing to fear. There is a plan for you so don’t let your emotions destroy you.
All you are is your emotions you are the part of you that feels every thought and bit of data. You are the little bit of perception. It is a beautiful ride but you cannot let you destroy you. If you constantly view everything positive your brain will make everything seamlessly better for you. There are infinite pathways that are all laid out but they are all accounted for and known. All outcomes are predicted. So every time you are going to be at the same outcome no matter what you do because you never knew it otherwise. But the way you label a feeling is how it affects the circle you only get one shot at life and once you finish it you are done you locked in it forever. It is the past which cannot be changed. Once your life is over time from your perspective will be absolute and set in stone. So the essence of you after you die will forever be where you decided.
You don’t have free will but you do. You are yourself a god made out of god. So is everyone else. We are all creating our universe with what we let our brain process. We teach our brain but our brain makes the decision but you feel like you gave it the option.
It is impossible to die because time is always happening so the universe always repeats. But once you unlock the potential to be at perfect harmony you will remember in your next life and every life will get better and better till eventually you live as a god of a man but time is always set in stone because there are an infinite times it never appears that way.
Eventually you will realize you can be or do anything by thinking and eventually you will meditate and go inside your head and realize you are god who went inside yourself and made yourself human which made a universe that had to explain how you existed and then you will do it all over again.

Have you ever done dmt before?
It basically makes you realize that you can create a universe within your head with an infinite amount of time.

Which made me realize that I and everything else that existed and exists is really just me and I am everything else and that we are all god and I made myself subject to myself and everything and everything and myself subject to me. And that I need to entertain my environment for it to entertain me and that I see everything as everything sees everything and I myself am only the image everything else has led me to believe.
The past has been made reality to everything but I know at every given point of time nothing else has ever been a reality before or after it because I am merely a witness to the grand code which is everything at once that is always being played so there is a life behind me of me a moment before going a different branch but the code has been active at all parts always since the beginning and this life is me at the rate of an instant per instant that I am perceiving the given path.

I guess you could say I believe in everything but I don’t believe in anything in particular at the same time. I have just come to terms with what I am.

Quantum physics Einstein and neuroscience together somewhat have proved that every instant you perceive from moment to moment your brain has already process trillions upon trillions of data faster than the speed of light as we perceive it.
Life is a puzzle I figured it out now I can enjoy it and do whatever I want.

When I die from my perspective my brain is going to trip on dmt. I am going to craft my afterlife in that trip. The way my brain is built I can go to heaven or hell because that Is what I am inclined to think as I die so it will manifest in the trip.
Heaven is always a choice for me however it is no matter what your view is heaven is heaven. Whatever it is it is heavenly and perfect.
So it always is perfect.
Hell can be enjoyed. But only if you know how to be ready for it. Because the trip is infinite and once you lock yourself in you are locked in. You can fulfill every fantasy and desire in hell. But you will also go through an infinite amount of pain because you think it is required.

So that is why you get everything out of the way. You can sin all you want in life as long as you can fully give yourself to god before you die. Or do whatever you need to so you can craft the idea of heaven in your mind when you die.
Christianity is the strictest so it is the easy to use towards your end to make sure you truly believe you are going to the kingdom of heaven after. if heaven is on your mind you will go.
But say you were fucked up and you raped a little girl. You had to atone desperately and beg and believe you are safe before someone hunted you down and killed you. That much peace of mind is not easy.especially that quick
If you went to prison and you got beat everyday would you be able to live by the word and apply it constantly when your nightmares of you being raped and beat and you are reminded everyday?
You see what I am saying ?

Yeah religion is a cheatcode to life.

To have an amazing afterlife.
If you truly believe and think you deserve and are going to a perfect afterlife in your head then yeah you most likely will
No matter what side or story you pick or write for yourself.
God is in the neurons.
It all goes back to do unto others.
You get what you deserve in the very end.
Even if you die a violent death you will reward yourself for how you think of yourself.
What you truly think about yourself as a person means more than anything

Everything is incredibly complex yet so simple.
All you have to do is apply all available information together. Combine it and you always get the same answer.
All knowledge fits together its all a story and all the parts need to be accounted for.
Just like the bible. It is written in the fashion that you need to apply every single verse to every single verse including itself and then use what you learned to read it and the story is way different .
The first book tells the whole story lol. Every book is the same story lol . Every book in the bible is the same exact story.

I mean you can skip halfway through a book and figure out what happened in a general sense by reading the effects of the past if you pay attention and use logical reasoning

But B-C does not = A
And C-B does not = A
That is because A equals 1 and B= Infinity
Infinity plus one is still infinity and you cannot add to infinity because the addition was already there so the equation can not exist.

We will never understand infinity because numbers do not exist. No matter how many times you subtract from infinity you will always be in an infinite .
Infinity minus 1 would mean infinity did not exist for there to be an outside of infinite parameter to subtract to.
We will never understand how it started or where it came from outside of ourself.
It isn’t possible even for God to know where god came from.
But we can understands ourselves as we ourselves are.

We can be humans. That is all that was expected of us.
All we are meant for is to live as what we are. And to die. We get whatever we want after we die because life is fucking Grande that way .
We are an experiment of nature and we cannot change what we are. But we can enjoy it as it happens.

December 8, 2013 at 1:20 pm
Frosty (45) (@iflipvans) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

* “Have you ever done dmt before?
It basically makes you realize that you can create a universe within your head with an infinite amount of time.” [email protected],

N0pe, ever play with crystals?

Plidan (17) (@Plidan) 7 years, 10 months ago ago


Matheus Pinheiro (44) (@Mattgood) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Take care, one thing is to have a nice amount of awareness… That is good. But you do not need to become crazy to enjoy life at it’s best.

Obviously, you’re not a golfer (605) (@donjaime23) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Random thought: In How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) the entire story takes place on a singe snowflake. That means:

-The entire world of the Whos exists in the timeframe of a few months (ie winter.)

-In order to span a couple generations, the lifespan of a Who has to be the equivalent of a few days, or hours to us.

-In the movie, when the Whos have Christmas every “year,” they likely have Christmas every few days (seeing as a year to them is a fraction of the time to us.)

-The next time you stick out your tongue to catch a flake, think twice–you could be swallowing an entire civilization.

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