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Ray Butler (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago

I am writing this so I can provide a link to anyone who asks my opinion on these issues. They are very vague and need some nutting out to make more specific, which I welcome you to challenge me on, but I think the general spirit of the idea is pretty obvious.

There are things that people need for basic survival, food, shelter, utilities such as power, commnication, transport. They also need a decent education so they can persue whatever they vision to do.
What we all want is to enjoy the essential things in our lives but then we are hit with the responsibilities of gaining, providing for and enhancing those essentials, that is where we have to earn bycontribution.
A persons job, whatever it happens to be, should be measured by difficulty of task and time consumed, but when you get to the business/company/corporation/industry level, these things take on a new measurement that the typical worker is not to be concerned with.
There are those that produce basic needs and those that produce luxury items, then there are those that have little or no social or environmental impact and then there is a vast range that have either or both kinds of impacts in a variety of ways.
So these producers would be measured accordingly, to need vs luxury and benign vs impact. But also luxury producers would go about subsidizing the needs sector, luxury item prices rise so that they can compensate to make needs cheaper.
These are general ideas, but the principle can be developed so to figure out a decent incarnation of it to apply.

Next I will talk about governments, this is two-fold.
1) Is that the two party system sucks ass, it is too adversarial, what you need is each politician as being an independant who is primarily focused on providing the best for their electorates.
Governments can be formed by independant representatives, each would have a power relative not to the ammount of people who voted for them or how many people they represent, but rather by the % of their electorate who voted for them.
That is to say that one electorate may have 10 people but another has 20, if 6 people vote for the politician in the 10 area and 11 vote for the one in the 20 area, then the % of the 10 area politician is higher than the other and so the power of that politicians vote is accordingly slightly higher than the other.
2) The second part I want to raise is this “Think globally, act locally” when we focus on our local area, strengthen it, contribute to it, make it the most vital aspect even over our nation, then the result is this:
Focus on local, national prospers, focus on national, local suffers.
What I am getting at is Mayoral level is far more vital than federal level, it should be relected in the support and powers of the mayor and these strengths intern a move be made toward tapping the power of the federal level and pumping it into local levels.

February 15, 2013 at 4:47 pm
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