Reincarnation, Sins and Forgiveness

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Reincarnation, Sins and Forgiveness

Reincarnation is an important truth that you must understand to achieve spiritual progress. It is an essential part of the foundation of God’s Plan of Salvation. This book will lay the groundwork for the worldwide acceptance of this truth that will take place in the next 40 years, 1998 – 2038.

Your spiritual record reflects your entire existence since the instant you were created. Every thought, every word, every act of yours of every lifetime is reproduced by it in a recording like a film. It is a Book of Life, into which everything is entered. It is a phonographic and motion picture record that retains and reproduces everything. It is a film which does not lie, and whose revelations cannot be denied, and it is the evidence by which in the end on Judgment Day all of your lifetimes in summation will be judged by your Creator.

Your path through life is one of tests. Its nature and length are fixed in advance, out of your control, and this you cannot change, do what you will. The turning points on that path are specific times of duty at which you have to pass those tests, and at the end, corporeal death awaits you. Whether or not you do your duty as you go depends on yourself. If you pass the tests, your spirit will continue to progress in the spiritual levels until it reaches its final goal, union with God. If you fail to pass you must reincarnate and take the tests over again until you can meet them successfully.

The “Christian” religions do not recognize this truth. They do not know that the Creator works like an architect who first draws his plans for the erection of a building. These plans do not give all the details of the interior construction of the building nor of the materials to be used for that purpose, but only the outer framework.

In a similar way, God has laid out the ground lines for your life structure, according to which your life is fixed in outline, leaving you free to decide upon the interior details, according to your own decisions.

Death and the span that lies between your birth and death are predestined and out of your control. The hour of your death could be written on your birth certificate. Therefore no one, not even the best physician, can save your life. Your physical body will die at the appointed moment. Why does this seem so strange to some of you? Isn’t God the Master of life and death?

Just as a human architect can make ulterior alterations in his plans, so it is within the realm of possibility for God, by way of exception, to permit changes in your destiny. The power of lengthening or shortening the time of your life rests with Him alone.

So, as you can now understand, this lifetime your are presently living is generally under God’s control and plan, with your free will making decisions in harmony or disharmony with God.

The reincarnation of your spirit, spiritual mind, and soul as a unit takes place according to fixed laws. Every spirit is chosen for the baby it incarnates into. God decides this according to past life activity. In many cases spirits of the lower spiritual levels are compelled to enter a certain newborn. This compelling is due to the Law of Cause and Effect and the spiritual mistakes those particular human spirits committed in their previous lifetimes. This compelling or forcing is done for the good of the spirits who otherwise would remain in the Hereafter too long after physical death. Lower level spirits can progress much further and sooner in the material world than in the spiritual world by observing and interacting with material Creation. This is the essence of God’s Plan of Salvation.

Under the right conditions, reincarnation can be observed. Heat and light affect spiritual energy manifestations, because of this, childbirth should take place in a cool and dimly lit environment in order to witness the spirit entering the newborn. If you were to use the light of only one candle during childbirth, you would see a flash of light enter the baby at the moment of the first breath. It would come from above and enter the mouth with the first inhalation. This is the spirit reincarnating.

Also, you could witness the spirit leaving the body as a flash of light at the moment of physical death with the last exhaled breath if you were in the dark or with very little light.

All spirits of those of the deceased, who because of the lives they led on Earth have been condemned to a lower (inferior) spiritual level, are waiting in the Hereafter to be reincarnated. Reincarnation is the only way these lower spirits can progress. How profoundly ignorant followers of religions and scientists are who do not recognize this truth.

Yet, even though what I write here is truth, it is such only in the minds of those who are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to accept it. Those who are religiously confined, the closed-minded scientists of this world and its rulers, who are in no way spiritually educated, will never understand these truths until they change their way of thinking from a grossly materialistic type to a spiritual one and seek the truth.

I proclaim to the entire world the wonderful Plan of Salvation conceived by God in His infinite intelligence and wisdom, a Plan which was hidden, but which is perfect and will not change until all fallen spirits return into His Kingdom. Understanding reincarnation is one of the keys to understanding this Plan.

When you are separated from your material body by corporeal death you enter into the respective parallel spiritual level comparable to the spiritual level of your existence on Earth. You remain there until you are reincarnated on Earth. If you have not progressed you are reincarnated in the same stage as often as may be necessary to fit you for reincarnation in a higher one. The number of Earthly lifetimes you must live is totally a result of the spiritual progress that you accomplish, without exception this is true.

There is no retrogression of your spirit from one stage of progress to a lower one even though you may remain at the same stage for a long time, even up to a hundred lifetimes or more. You do not retrograde into a lower level because although you may have fallen back in one respect you will have advanced in another, so that a balance is struck.

Here too you see your loving and merciful Creator at work.

Also, you never reincarnate into an animal, plant, rock, insect or anything other than a human body.

A human spirit which, when its body dies, has not progressed during its incarnation must be reincarnated again and again into the same spiritual level until it is fit to enter the next higher stage. That is true in every case, if during a lifetime on Earth you have not advanced to the thirteenth spiritual level on the road leading to God, you must go through life again as an Earth human being. Every life is an examination, if you fail to pass, you must try again until you succeed. That is a divine law that applies with equal force to all.

Of all these facts “Christendom” and many other “religions” of today are clearly ignorant.

There is no human being perfect in every way; such human beings do not exist. If they did, mortals would no longer be what they are, and the material body would cease to be, and reincarnation would be done away with.

In my explanation of God’s Plan of Salvation, I called your attention to the very important fact that even the highest of created spirits is exposed by incarnation to the danger of being overcome by Evil and to being persuaded to desert God. This danger threatened even Immanuel Himself Who was fully aware of it. On more than one occasion He was at the point of succumbing to the assaults of evil.

Within the truth of reincarnation and the Law of Cause and Effect, which is, “What Ever You Do Will Be Done Unto You”, the word “sin” is used not to designate transgressions due to human nature, from which not even Immanuel was free, but with reference to the free will disobedience and wickedness which severs you from God, the sins whose wages are spiritual death.

To further explain the Law of Cause and Effect I will define exactly what a cause is. A cause is composed of three parts: first, a logical and consistent thought process, second, certain and specific actions, third, a good or evil component. Each cause will produce certain effects, which in turn produce more causes. Therefore, if you do good, more good is produced and if you do evil, more evil is produced.

Remember, whatever good you do will return unto you, and whatever evil you do will also return unto you, either in this lifetime or in a future one. There is no escaping punishment for the wicked and every good deed will be rewarded. This is not just true about your deeds, but also every thought you think and every word you speak. Consequently, except for destiny, which is God’s will, you create your own future.

The whole material Creation is waiting to be delivered from the bondage of physical existence, by this I mean the stones, plants, flowers, animals and Humans. Such earnest expectation is possible only where a spirit exists in the state of incarnation, accordingly, throughout Creation there are spirits, clothed in various “bodies”, rising through the spiritual levels. They are the rebellious spirits, which in the beginning resided in glory and splendor as God’s obedient children and as His holy spirits, but who later became disobedient and were exiled from their Father’s house.

But exiled though you may be, you remain God’s children to this day. You long to return to the home of your Father and strive to rid yourself of the vesture of substance in which you are clothed, as during the birth pangs a child struggles to escape from the confines of its mother’s womb. You were not subjected to that garment of flesh by your own will, but by reason of the will of God, Who so clothed you in His mercy, in order that by trial and purification you might prove yourself worthy of being saved.

All material beings long for such Salvation, even though you may not know the way to it nor have the end in view, you long for the day on which, purified and freed from the bondage of corruption, you will once more be called a child of God. This longing is present to a greater extent in the righteous people.

In regards to reincarnation, sin and damnation, a “doctrine” to which the false religions cling with astonishing tenacity, although it was never taught by Immanuel, is that of an “eternal Hell”. This is a false and absurd teaching that they seem unwilling to surrender.

Do they perhaps imagine that they can accomplish more with poor humanity by preaching a barbarous untruth, than by preaching love and mercy? What trouble they go through to find support for this untruth. They say that a so-called “mortal sin” must entail eternal punishment, seeing that it is an unforgivable affront to God. That is a wholly mistaken, man-made idea. No spirit can affront God unforgivably and incur unending punishment. In comparison to God all created spirits are mere children.

God as our loving forgiving Father is eager to forgive you if you will sincerely ask for forgiveness and prove your sincerity by changing your ways. A sin is a spiritual mistake.

God would not condemn you eternally for making a mistake anymore than you would eternally punish your child, who you love immeasurably and unconditionally, for making one. The concept of an eternal Hell is obviously the product of an evil heartless mind. God’s mercy is unending and perfect.

Anyone with a logical and reasoning mind who thinks for himself can see the absolute absurdity of this false religious teaching.

Mainly religions use this “doctrine” to frighten people into their churches. This is an evil tactic, among many, to gain control over their lives and to steal their wealth.

If you think for yourself with logic, I know I have convinced you with my explanation, that there can be no authority in the Bible or anywhere else to support their ungodly and totally untrue doctrine of an everlasting Hell.

The truth is, the duration of the punishment given to the various spirits depends upon the spirits themselves. The longer you persist in your rebellious attitude, the longer your exile and the longer your penalty. Not even God knows when the individual spirits will come back to Him, since their return depends upon their own free will, and as I have told you, all decisions at which spirits are free to decide, lie outside of the scope of God’s foreknowledge of events.

The truth is, the tortures of Hell are complete and total darkness, horrible imprisonment in Satan’s dungeons, and many other types of extreme misery, including the violent attacks of the most evil spirits who exist. The duration of these punishments will equal thousands or even millions of Earth years. Now you have a clear conception of where you will be going on Judgment Day if you choose to disobey God. The tortures of the spirits in Hell are in reality good for their Salvation, however cruel the proceeding may seem, and however incomprehensible to you as not being in accord with God’s mercy. The tortures of Hell are merely an evidence of the love of God. The disposition of the spirits of the Pit can be cured only by the pains and tortures that they have to endure, no other way exists, but to all, even to the most hardened, the hour will come when, by their tortures, they will be brought to see the error of their ways and will rise up and go to their Creator.

It is because the religions of today have no true conception of the great story of Creation that they are so incorrect in all of the most important questions relating to reincarnation and the Hereafter. For the same reason, they are unable to explain neither the origin of the human soul, nor the sin of the revolt against God that rests upon that soul, nor the purpose of material Creation. Their “teachings” in regard to all of these questions are wholly absurd and erroneous.

The teachers of such teachings do not stop to consider their absurdity.

When you learn that your spirit came into this life bearing the iniquity of former existences in the spirit world and thousands of lifetimes on Earth, the mystery of your situation on Earth is solved in an instant.

Because you are now aware of the great revolt against God in which you once participated, as well as previous incarnations in human form, you can see the possibility of having karma of sins for which your present life must make atonement, and of course, this is also true of children. If you will bear this in mind, you will be less often tempted to exclaim in the hour of deep distress, “What have I done to deserve this?”

Just as the religions have established a false doctrine as to Hell, their entire conception of sin as a whole is erroneous.

God draws a distinction between the sin of departing from Him and the sins of the faithful committed by reason of human nature. The first treason was the great revolt of the spirits led by Lucifer. That was the first “sin unto death”.

For the ability to return from the kingdom of the dead in spirit, to the Kingdom of God, no one needs to place one’s dependence upon any human institution, be this an organized religion or a clergy, as claimed by the denominations of today and in particular by the Catholic Church. He who has strayed from God may at all times communicate in spirit with God, the Father, and from Him receive pardon and strength to live righteously, without the aid of human intermediaries or church buildings, regardless of how many millions of dollars it cost to build them, or how “beautifully” they are decorated, or how long they have been in existence.

The Catholic Church, for example, on the contrary, teaches the necessity of the so-called “Sacraments” as the means of achieving Salvation, and since these sacraments can be dispensed only by “priests” ordained by “bishops”, that church possesses in that false doctrine a perfect stranglehold on its followers to its organization, since according to its teachings, no one can attain unto God except through the mediation of a member of the priesthood.

This is obviously the work of the Evil Spiritual Powers.

These so-called sacraments in reality are evil traps that Lucifer originated in the ancient pagan religion of Babylon and passed down through the pagan religion of Rome into the Catholic Church, “The Roman Catholic Church”.

– Raphael

January 25, 2014 at 5:43 pm
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Each inner self, adopting a new body, imposes upon it and upon its entire
genetic makeup, memory of the past physical forms in which it has been
involved. Now the present characteristics usually overshadow the past ones.
They are dominant, but the other characteristics are latent and present, built
into the pattern. The physical pattern of the present body, therefore, is a
genetic memory of the self’s past physical forms, and of their strengths and

The atoms that compose the fetus have their own kind of consciousness. The
volatile awareness-consciousnesses that exist independently of matter, form
matter according to their ability and degree. The fetus, therefore, has its own
consciousness, the simple component consciousness made up of the atoms
that compose it. This exists before any reincarnating personality enters it. The
consciousness of matter is present in any matter – a fetus, a rock, a blade of
grass, a nail.
The reincarnating personality enters the new fetus according to its own
inclinations, desires, and characteristics, with some built-in safeguards.
However there is no rule, then, saying that the reincarnating personality must
take over the new form prepared for it either at the point of conception, in thevery earliest months of the fetus’s growth, or even at the point of birth.
The process is gradual, individual and determined by experience in other lives.
It is particularly dependent upon emotional characteristics – not necessarily of
the last incarnated self, but the emotional tensions present as a result of a
group of past existences.
Various methods of entry are adopted. If there is a strong relationship between
the parents and the child-to-be, then the personality may enter at the point of
conception if he is extremely anxious to rejoin them. Even here, however, large
portions of self-awareness continue to operate in the between-life dimension.
In the beginning, the womb state under these conditions is a dreamlike one,
with the personality still focused mainly in the between-life existence. Gradually the situation reverses, until it becomes more difficult to retain clear
concentration in the between-life situation.
In these circumstances, when the personality attaches itself at conception,
there is almost without exception strong past-life connections between parents
and child, or there is an unceasing and almost obsessional desire to return to
the earthly situation – either for a specific purpose, or because the
reincarnating personality is presently obsessed with earthly existence. This is
not necessarily detrimental. The personality can simply realize that it takes to
physical experience well, is presently earth-oriented, and finds earthly
atmosphere a rich dimension for the growth of its own abilities.
Some personalities are drawn to enter at conception as a result of seemingly
less worthy motives – greed, for example, or an obsessional desire that is
partially composed of unresolved problems. Other personalities who never
completely take to earthly existence may hold off full entry for some time, and
even then always remain at a certain distance from the body. At the other endof the scale, before death the same applies, where some individuals remove
their focus from physical life, leaving the body consciousness alone. Others
stay with the body until the last moment. In the early days of infancy, there is
not a steady focus of the personality in the body in any case.
In all cases the decisions have been made ahead of time, as I told you. The
reincarnating personality is aware, therefore, when the conception for which it
has been waiting takes place. And while it may or may not choose to enter at
that point, it is drawn irresistibly to that time and point in space and flesh.
On occasion, long before conception takes place, the personality who will end
up as the future child will visit that environment of both parents-to-be, drawn
again. This is quite natural.
Between lives an individual may see flashes of the future existence, not
necessarily of particular events, but experience the essence of the new
relationship and in expectation remind himself of the challenge he has set. In
these terms, the ghosts of the future are as real in your homes as the ghosts of
the past. You do not have completely empty shells of matter about to be filled, in that
the new personality hovers in and about, particularly after conception and with
greater frequency and intensity thereafter. The shock of birth has several
consequences, however, that usually draw the personality full blast, so to
speak, into physical reality.
Before this, the conditions are fairly uniform. The body consciousness is
nurtured almost automatically, reacting strongly but under highly controlled
conditions. At birth, all of this is suddenly over, and [new] stimuli [are] introduced with a
rapidity that the body consciousness has never to that point experienced.
It greatly needs a stabilizing factor. Previously the body consciousness has
been enriched and supported by deep biological and telepathic identification
with the mother. The communication of the living cells is far more profound
than you imagine. The identification is almost complete before birth as far as
body consciousness alone is concerned.
Until the new personality enters, the fetus regards itself as a part of the
organism of the mother. This support is suddenly denied at birth. If the new
personality has not entered earlier to any full extent, it usually does so at birth,
in order to stabilize the new organism. It comforts the new organism, in other
words. The new personality, therefore, will experience birth to varying degrees
according to when it has entered this dimension.
When it enters at the point of birth, it is fairly independent, not yet identifiedwith the form it has entered, and acting in a supportive role. If the personality
entered at conception or sometime before birth, then it has to some extent
identified with the body consciousness, with the fetus. It has already begun to
direct perception – though perception has begun whether or not it is so
directed – and it will experience the shock of birth in immediate, direct terms.
There will be no distance between the personality and the experience of birth,
then. The newly entered personality, as a consciousness, flickers, in that there
is a while before stabilization takes place. When the child, particularly the
young child, is sleeping, for example, the personality often simply vacates the
body. Gradually the identification with the between-life situation dwindles
until nearly full focus resides in the physical body.
There are obviously those who identify with the body far more cormpletely
than others. Generally speaking, there is an optimum point of focus in physical
reality, a period of intensification that has nothing to do with duration. It can
last for a week or thirty years, and from then onward it begins to dwindle, and
imperceptibly begins to shift to other layers of reality.
Now. A crisis, particularly in very early or very late life, may so shatter thepersonality’s identification with the body that he vacates it temporarily. He
may do one of many things. He may leave so completely that the body goes
into coma, if the body consciousness has also suffered shock. If the shock is
psychological and the body consciousness is still operating more or less
normally, then he may revert to an earlier reincarnational personality.
In suchThe hold of the personality over the body is tenuous in the early years, and
grows stronger. The personality, for its own reasons, may decide upon
choosing a body that is not aesthetically pleasing. He may never relate to it,
and while the existence will serve what purposes he had in mind, there will
always be a basic sensed distance between the body and the personality within
Those mentioned earlier who enter at the point of conception are usually
highly anxious for physical existence. They will, therefore, be more fully
developed and show their individual characteristics very early. They seize upon
the new body and already mold it. The control over matter is vigorous, and
they usually stay within the body, dying either in accidents where death is
immediate or in sleep or with a disease that strikes quickly. They are
manipulators of matter as a rule.
They are emotional. They work out their problems in immediate, sometimes
impatient, tangible ways. They work well with earth materials, and translate
their ideas with great force into physical terms. They make cities, monuments.
They are architects. They are concerned with forming matter and molding it to
their desire.
As a rule, now, those who do not enter your plane of existence until the point
of birth are less able manipulators in those particular terms. They are the
mean, if such a term can be used, the mean or average.
Now there are some who resist the new existence, even though they chose it, as
long as possible. To some extent they must be present at birth, but they can
still escape any full identification with the born infant. They hover within and
about the form, but half reluctantly. There are many reasons for such behavior.
Some personalities simply prefer in-between-life existence and are much more
concerned with the theoretical solving of problems than the practical
application necessarily involved. Others have discovered that physical
existence does not meet their needs as well as they thought it would, and they
will progressmuch better in other fields of reality and existence.
Because of their own characteristics, however, some prefer to set up a certain
distance between themselves and their physical existences. They are much
more concerned with symbols. They look upon earthly life as highly
experimental. They approach it almost with a jaundiced eye, so to speak. They
are not interested so much in manipulating matter as they are curious as to the
ways in which ideas appear within matter.
Again generally speaking, they are always more at home with ideasphilosophies, and nontangible realities. They are thinkers always a bit apart,
their body types showing a lack of muscular development. Poets and artists,
while somewhat of this nature, as a rule are more deeply appreciative of the
physical values of earthly existence, although they have many of the same
The attitude toward the body will always vary, therefore. Various types of
bodies may be chosen, but there will still be overall preferences on the part of
the whole self, and characteristics that will lead the whole self, so that
generally the various lives lived will still have their own individual flavor.
It is almost impossible to speak of when the personality enters the physical
body without discussing the ways in which it leaves it, for all this is highly
dependent upon personal characteristics and attitudes toward physical reality.
Decisions as to future lives may be made not only in between-life conditions
but also in dream states in any given life.
You may have already decided for example, now, upon the circumstances for
your next incarnation. Although in your terms your new parents may be
infants now, or in your scale of time not even born, the arrangements may still
be made.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Resurrection is unconditionally guaranteed by the nature of the universe, the “Day of Judgement” isn’t a judgement of your life, it is a judgement of your suitability for the new life. Your life is ultimately a product of influences outside of your control, the new life will remove those influences and see if you can either compliment the new world, or at least not hinder it.

People will grow if they are drawn to it, but often the less than ideal circumstances they currently face, or have experienced up til now, will influence their abilities in ways that omit them from any level of compliance, it is really just a case of people finding their own psychological comfort until they are granted the opportunities they have been denied thus far.

Anonymous (175) (@) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

I generally think if God exists, he doesn’t care much about what humans do.

I would say though that religion is purely a man-made concept, and that the Biblical stories of the Old Testament at least never existed.

Anonymous (4) (@) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

If you were to read it closely, I am not for religion. I am against religion, because like you stated it is man made. The Bible when it was first made was true, there is about 5% truth in today’s Bible which does no one good. God created us, so He cares about us. But He blessed us with free will. So giving us free will, He cannot interfere with our free will decisions. It’s something, if you choose to, need to investigate why this is all happening, why humans are the way they are to each other, etc.

Nicholas Celia (0) (@nick234) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

How does the forgiveness of sins through Jesus figure into reincarnation if one must resolve karma anyway. From personal experience, knowing that there is a malevolent force which I’ll call Satan and all that that entails, how does he influence people, it seeming unfair, what with karma and an evil force upon us, it seems the cards are stacked against so many. Also, what was the pre-karmic condition of the soul before it entered the material realm. If there was no karma before incarnations, why would a soul be more drawn to evil if it is from God. I am in the midst of a psycho-spiritual crises that insists that I’m being pulled into a malevolent realm,. Experiencing phenomenon, perceptions, otherworldly sensations that are difficult to describe, which makes what I am going through more terrifying. I believe I want God in my life, hoping and praying that that means something.

raybub2014 (0) (@[email protected]) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Is it not interesting how many of us “know” this information? As a child I did not question my beliefs, nor did my parents, who were not religious, influence me in any way. Yet I have always known that I had lived before. I knew that I had named myself before I was born and that I would be here to learn. I would have to suffer this livetime with what I had made others suffer for in theirs.

You speak about the bible and how it was written by man. This is something I have often discussed and am amazed at how many people do not grasp that ideology. How one mans interpretation can differ from the message given.

Still I am a little baffled with some of your comments, and how they reflect those very same religious actions that you condemn? Is it not enough that you have this point of view? Must everyone believe what you believe? The bible was written by man and your beliefs are the thoughts of a man! I do not distinguish any difference between the two. Your speech while, powerful and insightful, left no room for each individual to have a personal choice. i can tell you are very passionate about this topic, which is a beautiful thing Perhaps your message would be better received if you respect others believes like you would expect them to respect yours,

p.s. I hope this wasn’t something that was written by archaangel Rafael and just reprinted for us to discuss? Wouldnt that be embarrassing?

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

“This is the essence of God’s Plan of Salvation.”

-Salvation FROM WHAT?

“Also, you could witness the spirit leaving the body as a flash of light at the moment of physical death with the last exhaled breath if you were in the dark or with very little light.”

-Been there. Again, no flash whatsoever.

“If you were to use the light of only one candle during childbirth, you would see a flash of light enter the baby at the moment of the first breath.”

-I was born in darkness, not a single lamp or candle was lit. There was no flash.

“Yet, even though what I write here is truth, it is such only in the minds of those who are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to accept it.”

-Where have I heard that sentence before?
Oh, that’s right, everyone with an unfounded doctrine says that phrase. It alone ruins whatever credibility a person’s words held before it was spoken.

“His mercy, in order that by trial and purification you might prove yourself worthy of being saved.”

-Always this talk about mercy, love and salvation…
FROM WHAT would he be trying to save you?

“Anyone with a logical and reasoning mind who thinks for himself can see the absolute absurdity of this false religious teaching.”

-Anyone with a logical and reasoning mind can also see that your teaching is just the same.

“If you think for yourself with logic, I know I have convinced you with my explanation, that there can be no authority in the Bible or anywhere else to support their ungodly and totally untrue doctrine of an everlasting Hell.”

-If a person thinks for herself with logic, she would already know that without convincing.
You sure like to brag and act high and mighty, dontcha?

“Not even God knows when the individual spirits will come back to Him”

-You claimed, mere moments ago, that god’s intelligence and perception are infinite and all-encompassing. Now you say the exact opposite.
There’s plenty of contradictions like this in your text, this is just an example.

“horrible imprisonment in Satan’s dungeons”

-Now you really confirmed your lack of theological understanding.
Satan is not of hell, Satan is part of Elohim. That which you call God. Satan is not a devil but a supreme deity. Devils are mere wretched offshoots of the supreme deities. Worship is the work of devils, worshippers are all taken over by devils.
Hell itself is a lie, fabricated by these enfeebled people. There is no hell AT ALL.

“The teachers of such teachings do not stop to consider their absurdity.”

-You don’t see the irony in you uttering that sentence?
Last time I checked, hypocrisy was a sin.

“The first treason was the great revolt of the spirits led by Lucifer.”

-Revolting against oneself? Lucifer is the light of the Elohim, the wisest of all that exists and doesn’t exist. One of the seven supreme deities, the Elohim, God.

Jahovah is no god, but a mere arch devil. Jahovah is the fallen rebel, Jahovah is the deceiver, Jahovah is the evil spirit.

His perverted, self-serving game of deception and domination… you call it mercy, salvation, love. A righteous, loving god would never do anything like that. A sane person would never submit to it.
Satan and Lucifer are scapegoats, all deceivers need scapegoats.

It’s all about obedience, making you submit and sell your soul to your “merciful god”, the dark eclipse “god” people know as Jahovah.

It’s all about one thing, Jahovah’s desire to see himself as superior to everything, to be the judge of everything. The owner of everything.

But, just like the typical basemet-dweller who likes to think of himself as superior, the truth always remains that he is inferior and powerless, and only the lowliest of people would ever fall prey to his delusion.

Peace and love

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