Risk, Security and the Illusion of Free Will

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Are risk, security and free will real?

<h2>The Story</h2>

I recently made some new acquaintances. On the night after I met these people, I had an interesting dream.

In this dream, I became aware that we (I and these same people) were having a frantic series of meetings. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember what the meetings were about, or what happened in them. But there was no doubt in my mind that meetings had occurred in my dream state.

In the following days, I had conversations with these people. The first thing that was strange was that I felt compelled to converse with them. I didn’t seem to be able to resist the urge to engage in these conversations. There was nothing remarkable or sinister about the conversations, they were ordinary, innocent talk. But I seemed compelled to engage in these conversations, no matter how hard I tried to avoid them or do something else.

The second thing was that as I watched my behaviour, I began to notice that I seemed to know exactly the response I needed to give to everything they said. My answers just seemed to manifest magically in my mind, and they felt like exactly the right answers to give.

My intuition strongly signalled that something was going on here that I needed to figure out. And as I looked more and more closely, it suddenly dawned on me with amazing clarity that the reason I knew the exact answers to give them was because we had agreed on a script during our meetings in my dream.

If you don’t see what is so shocking about this, let me paint it clearly for you:

<h2>Free Will is a Brilliant Illusion</h2>

In that moment of revelation, the Veil suddenly parted and I saw straight into a part of the Universe that had been hidden from me all this while.

We are not making decisions in our daily lives. We are merely acting out scripts we have agreed on in other, less conscious realities. Everything we do and experience is based on soul agreements we have made in the spiritual realms.

The reason we think we are actually making decisions and turning them into words and actions is that our script is securely hidden in our subconscious mind. We cannot access it consciously — we have “forgotten” it, or hidden it from ourselves. And so, this makes us think our actions are spontaneous, and deceives us that our decisions are made based on our conscious experiences. In fact, we are just actors acting out scripts stored in our subsconscious minds.

A brilliant, ingenious illusion.

September 26, 2016 at 3:14 pm
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