Roadtrippin' Boulder –> Cali… join me? (May 21-30?)

Grayce (@watchsparksfly) 8 years, 4 months ago

I reached out to HE previously, to discuss an idea I had for a trip and seek fellow inspiring individuals who have strong wanderlust and wish to meet strangers, or contribute to a blooming dream. The response to my post around this time last year was overwhelming, and I would love to give it another shot since last time things changed and it didn’t work out. I’m feeling really good about this new notion!

Basics: May 21st (ish) – 29th or 30th—— road trip in a truck with a pre-nursing college student (who’s interests are climbing, backpacking, sewing dresses and stuffed animals, drinking local brews, and occasional CO herb smoking.)

I will be going on a road trip from Boulder, CO to Bradley, CA (and a few other places) for the Lightning in a Bottle yoga/art/music festival.
I have the two-day pass, which is for the 24th-26th. It would be really awesome if you wanted to also get the two day pass, and my friend who was originally going to go with me could sell you his pass for cheaper than online.
Regardless of if you want to go to the two days of music/love/light, I think we can still make it work… since I will be traveling onward for a few days after!

Here’s my idea, totally open for altering:
*Camp every night possible, I have some friends in Cali to stay with at certain points
*Gas calculator says it will be ~$200 gas per person for the round trip I sketched on google maps (w/ two of us… there’s room for more!)
*Seeing the coastal highway and redwoods are my main inspirations for elongating this trip.

~Leave Boulder on May 21st or 22nd
~Totally stop at all the best oddities on the way there, but mostly just direct show west to Bradley.
~24th+ 25th– camp at LIB and enjoy the festivities
~26th after a morning of wrapping up camp and saying goodbye to new friends, head north to Santa Cruz, and then potentially press on to San Fran where we can stay with a musician lady I’ve known since I was born (she’s super rad and friendly).
~27th Drive to Eureka, explore town around evening
~28th Hike in the redwoods for the day, then drive for a while back towards home, which according to google, will be through oregon and probably some really wonderful small towns for exploring.
~29th-30th Make it back to Boulder at our own pace

Sound good?? Want to make the plunge and do something spontaneous?! We can totally meet in a coffee shop in Boulder/Denver and see if we jive, or if you’re on the way maybe I’ll pick you up!
Looking forward to meeting more of you incredible souls :)

May 6, 2014 at 1:47 pm
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