Rock in space

AmBigYouUs (@nashish) 8 years, 6 months ago

There is a splitting level that represents the distance between two states of understand, these being that of one’s self and that of everybody’s. Our primal foundation has been to bring the attention to one’s self, though our current evolution is shifting towards a more connected nerve system that thinks together. If the earth is a rock and we are just intelligent micro organisms, our internet is an electro magnetic sensory system that the bacteria on the rock use to re-act to, detect, and repair environmental disasters. These tiny specs of carbonic inhabitants, either parasitic or symbiotically beneficial, have set hold of this environment from an earlier level before our understanding. Completely non- observable relationships of reality have derived from an existential intelligence manifested atomically with a purpose to build its influence and knowledge onto infinity. Zooming in or out of relativity to these aspects that engulf everything, ‘what is the universe’ seems like a much smaller and silly question.

We are quite more complex than an earlier evolution of reality, but this understanding is just as minuscule a part to the instinctually perpetrating design, or maybe natural occurrence, beyond our levels of reality where the rock is less than a quark in quantum space, and the universe is nothing more than an atom. Our bacterial species has came a long way, from aligning cells of data that were smart enough to become semi advanced organic computer systems. In this sense, this amazing technological communication grid isn’t even that surprising because we have done it before, and as of the present moment un- impressive to the intelligence nature has displayed previously. Hopefully a day will be when our own designs have achieved something even grander than current nature dictates, invoking a new natural reality. In concurrence with the constant motion of reality, our technology and learned experiential data will combined with all other achieving existence all in our “universe”, to flick a spark in our dark dimensional level of understanding; though this higher, broader and more complete reality had always been there to the shock of a newly born conscience-ness . So even though we are bacteria occupying this rock so far from any other piece of space filled with material, that the tiny inhabitants can barely imagine spreading through the vastness, we must keep an expanding spirit. We must properly use our resources of intelligence, inevitable time, and energy to survive. If we are not an efficiently organized and functioning entity we will sit in time and build upon itself, festering and crawling in an effort to understand why its failure is coming.

There are many issues that must be addressed and handled quickly, now that our insight allows us realize our true frailty. There are many people in this world that still only thing as them selves and not as everyone. Even the ones who believe to see through all eyes might not wish to grasp what is known by alien life. Wether we decide to expand our conscience influence onto other planets and galaxies and space into infinity or just sit right here and do nothing, we will one day eventually meet other intelligence with similar intentions to expand their conscience influence barring we haven’t already been taken out by a natural disaster that make typhoons look like mist. In this case, just as micro organisms and animals and people do, these forces will either fight or work together. These prolific blogs of information will clash until an idea is finally understood that even aliens are the same as us. Then like beings leaving their planets we will attempt to leave spacial dimensions of reality into a higher level.

March 20, 2014 at 9:30 pm
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