Rookie onboard! Just want to say herro :)

 FunkyMonkTommy (@FunkyMonkTommy)7 years, 4 months ago

Hello there beings :)

My name is Tommy.

I’m Australian.

Shameless (U.S.)
Brand new bed sheets
This mysterious, mystical, magical, mind-expanding journey of self-discovery and awakening.
NOT dentists or doctors

These are some of my favourite experiences in life. I thought I’d start my first post by sharing some thangs about myself, in the hope that some of you can also share some of your pleasures (or fears, dreams, allergies, phobias, what have you) in order to bond and connect by personal and informative discussion.

Love & Light to you all.

February 13, 2014 at 5:03 am
robbiew8n (11) (@mickyisback) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

Hey Tommy….. I am marginally less HE rookie than you, still finding my way, not understanding the rules (are there rules?).

New sheets…….. nope, not for me. The feels of new sheets aggravates my skin.

Music………. in so many varieties and so many more yet to experience.

The challenge of the new, enticing & scary.

Veggie food… sure…….as long as there is also some meat on the plate.

Herbs, self diagnosis and treatment always my first choice: dentists, physicians and surgeons only as a last resort.

People and connections

Understand what you are saying, not just read or hear the words that you use.

Learn about me, how I react or not, my reason for being, do I have a purpose.

Spirituality….. is there something more than this physical existence, even if it ends at death.

I like smileys as an indicator of how I am at the time of writing: mostly I am smiling :)), sometimes I frown :(, sometimes I am confused :s and when I’m feeling playful I might stick my tongue out :p

that’s just part of me, Named Michael but always called Micky and I like it that way.


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