Running on a flat battery ?

Rabbit (@GarryBright) 4 years, 1 month ago

In simple terms we are simply a battery.

In reality we are mostly in a discharging state. The reason for this is that we are predominately in our minds. Our minds are predominately in negative states. Which when looked at under battery terminology is a constant discharging state. 

Why is this so ? Any negative state e.g Fear involves the person constantly running these negative thought processes in the head. The constant mental exercise physically drains the person.  The physics of Negative energy is that it moves outward, hence drains. 

The presence of the negative state of mind in itself then becomes an issue. The negative thought itself becomes an “allergen”. 

Fortunately it is not difficult to remedy.  The solution is in changing the repulsion to the negative thought and then transforming the negative thought to a positive thought. 

Ok, so that sorts out the negative discharging state but, then we need to charge up our battery. Charging ourselves actually is a very simple thing to do .

Our lower dantian: which is two cms below the belly button, is the centre of our soul and is the place we need to charge up. Our soul contains energy that is very elastic in nature, if you do nothing it contracts back to nothing and all you are left with is your MIND and it’s mostly predominant negative thoughts.

The charging process with positive energy is a process of simply imagining the area of the lower dantian accumulating with positive energy – much like a balloon blowing up. When this charge is built up then can you start sharing this positive energy. 

I would start with opening the heart with Love and share this positive energy with self , others and then your particular life path. This is the basis of forgiveness, however you cannot forgive yourself, others or your life path on an empty battery. The battery needs to be charged up. Living life with a constantly charging battery is the key to removing the focus of the excessive negative thoughts of the mind. 

March 26, 2018 at 12:09 am
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