Seeing energies or something alike

MrsMomOfThr33 (@Twizt3dSist3r) 4 years, 6 months ago

Hello! I am new to talking about my experiences openly. I’ve always been a science AND religious, research-based, student… of any topic that interests me. Anything from reading books, looking online, outside sources.. etc…

I have had many negative experiences in my life for the past 7+ years… but before that, I was always overly positive with thoughts, communications, basically anything mentally and socially.

I have always been an empathetic person; Understanding situations with friends and family that, quite frankly, most wouldn’t. 

Enough about my persona, my reason for this post, is to find people that may have experienced this crazy phenomenon that I have.

I have no explainable or consistent reason to why it happened to me (mostly when I am upset and distraught, confused or mad); Other than the fact, that it happens when I am feeling overwhelmed (usually negatively).

Moving on, I experience these types of “episodes”, I call them, when I am in a state of depression and turmoil. 

Usually, I am looking off in the distance, blank-minded, visually-fixated on one point, and suddenly start to see green “speckles” flashing in and out of existence. 

Once I move my eyes, they disappear until I fixate them again. Usually once I notice them the first time, I can concentrate to see them again. 

I tried to find out why it is always green. Why I see them in the first place. How I came to notice it. Why I never told my family. But most importantly, if it could just be a trick in my mind? 

Is it just a hallucination, or could it be more?

I usually only see it in dim lighting, and when I concentrate on it. Sometimes it happens when I least expect it…

Can anybody help me try and understand if it’s something real? Or if I’m just making this whole thing up? I really don’t know what to think. I might sound crazy…. but at least I’m taking a “shot in the dark” to try and understand this better.

Thank you, to anyone that can help!!!!

February 2, 2018 at 4:46 am
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