Sex and intimacy fears

I’ve noticed recently that I have subtle fears about sex and intimacy with my partner. 

One interesting fear is that I’m afraid of penetrating my woman BECAUSE I fear she’ll go so into her feminine that she will act more ‘crazy’ and illogical ( thas happened in the past). And when she’s more of that, I tend to get more angry at her because non-sensical behavior can often irritate me. 

So I’ve found sometimes that after our sexy times, she’ll sway deeply into her feminine nature, and then I’ll generally get more triggered and irritated — I think specifically when I want to get things done and she’s being passive, romantic and ‘in the clouds’ ungrounded. 

Another fear is the fear of having babies. It’s something I want in the next 2-3 years; however I’m definitely not ready now. So we use protection, but there’s still a primal fear that feels very real. 

…Then, on the other hand of course I really enjoy intimacy and sex. my woman verbally has told me she wants more of my penetrating strong Masculjne energy. I can give it to her but I’m also scared subconsciously for the reasons above. 

Men have you experienced these types of fears or triggers before? 

Women, what are your thoughts and reactions to this? 

July 28, 2016 at 8:42 am
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