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Anonymous (@) 10 years, 3 months ago

I recently wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to try my hand at poetry. Since I’ve written a few poems, I’ve really wanted to get some kind of feedback, I’m not sure if they suck or not. So I’m creating this discussion in the hopes people will share their amateur poetry and stories. Only constructive criticisms guys, not everyone is literary genius. I’ll share a poem, if you want to here another of mine, just ask.

An Explorers Ode to Earth

As I see her from afar,
I obtain an inkling of who we are,
Here I sit in this frigid waste,
As if running from her warm embrace,
Just as children must move from home,
Here we travel deep into the unknown.

By- imhotep

June 2, 2012 at 3:41 pm
Jonathan (1) (@brainfuck) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

but my will wasn’t stronger than my soul. it could never be. all this desire, all this ambition. ambition for things, ambition to consume, ambition for the worst of things. it is killing me slowly. from within. like a bomb, tick-tack-tick-tack-tick-tack.


gather your thoughts, what are you doing? dress up, get ready, bzz bzz, school, eat, sleep, school eat, sleep, school, eat, sleep.


conquering my fears easier said then done. what do you know about fears? what do you know about grief? what do you, you, you, YOU know abut MY soul? gaaaahhhhhhhhhh

breathe. breathe.

come on, come on tell me. tell me I’m not even trying. tell me to just give up. tell me to play by the rules. tell me to accept. ACCEPT? how could i ever? come on tell me. I know you want to. I know you are burning. I know you need, TOO. I KNOW YOU. i know you.

josephm (772) (@josephm) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

what is confidence?
hung neck dry heart defence
captivate what i need:
meditate, run from greed,
hear the call and heed
love with out presents
be present
speak with out words
hear heaven
dance with out music
live with out boundaries
ego cessation
melted crystallization behind the eyelids of your creation.
magnetize communication
souls vacate advanced civilizations.
rising higher than ever before
raising the floor
no ceilings, but trap doors
watch your step, survive the equation
yet to be completed by humans but god is patient

Kabal the Psychonautical (0) (@kabal128) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Here’s a poem that just kind of came to me one day while at work. It’s called “Redefining Love”:

The hopeless romantic would throw away it all,
and put his own life on hold to be at one’s beck and call.
While there is some merit to such selfless devotion,
’tis folly to base life on a fleeting emotion.

One might then accuse me of being quite cold,
but naught more contrary could I ever be told.
For the love that I feel, I feel first from within.
It depends on no others to end or begin.

Don’t rely on the actions of a friend or a lover
to define your emotions, be they happy, or other.
Love is more than a feeling that is cast to and fro;
it’s a foundational force that makes up all we know.

All love for others is just a reflection
of the love you were born with; of our innate perfection.
I would never dare say there’s no use for romance,
as all forms of expression fall within The Great Dance.

But the difference, it seems, would lie in mentality.
How you choose to view life thus defines your reality.
It is the simplest thing to just choose to feel joy;
it bypasses all reasons that one could employ.

Why jump through those hoops to find satisfaction,
when you are the one setting up the reaction?
Just short-circuit the process: feel love simply being!
Then no suffering remains, for believing is seeing.

nati (0) (@cocobonnat) 8 years, 7 months ago ago


Cuando la vida se confina a acabarse un mazapan

La pasta de cacahuate se esconde

Entre las dobleturas de la envoltura

Y yo, levanto mi brazo

Para que los moroncitos caigan

Son mios

Mi lengua trapea

El plastiquito de la rosa

Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

My body is as a tree in the wind
I move with many
I do a small part too
similar to a penny
Nothing materialistic can bring me affection
I stay positive for the sake of conscious connection
Your thoughts are yours
mine are mine
But like the roots in a field of pine
Our thoughts intertwine

Any feedback, critiquing, or questions would be appreciated. Have a lovely day

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 5 months ago ago

Within the dark depths of my mind
I try to find peace for a time,but I’m blind to the signs of a desperate crime hiding in the disguise of a desperate time.

For but a moment, I feel the divine,
When past and present seamlessly intertwine.

I blow a line as my consciousness climbs but the feeling won’t last.

I start running from my past but it’s too damn fast as I feel it’s grip start to grasp me just as it always has

Missed opportunities and past failure consume me as I scream why are you doing this to me.

It’s insidious red eyes pierce my insides as I wait for a reply. Nothing.

I clench my fist in anger letting go of my fear and lunge at my shadow whose followed me for years.

I grab him as we crash from the sky falling so far we will both inevitably die but my fear of death is gone

No more sleepless nights contemplating right and wrong replaying over and over like that annoying song. I make my stand now.

Falling faster and faster with my life flashing all around us we crash down into my city of dreams.

Sweat pouring down my face I awake to another sleepless night. I have won for now.

Snowcrash (0) (@snowcrash) 8 years, 5 months ago ago

I try not to over think poems while writing. I seem to only work in rhymes, started a few months ago and thoroughly enjoy the process.


The ground is soft and the moss is old,
the forest holds tales still untold.

Tall ancient trees grown to last,
hold stories still of a Celtic past.

The darkened boughs whisper songs of wonder,
through these woods the Celts did wander.

Crystal pools and hidden places,
behind old rocks hide ancient faces.

The faerie sings and plants her seeds,
while telling tales of heroes deeds.

Hidden pathways led to realms of magic,
our loss of these is truly tragic.

Ancient signs that only few still see,
where spirits learn that they are free.

Milo (57) (@milo) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

This is a true story from my childhood. I turned it into a poem for credit in my sophomore English class. Here it is.

Details from the Butterfly’s Funeral (2010)

The demised creature caught my eye while my dog was urinating in the nearby foliage
Bright wings broken, antennas bent into unnatural angles
I’m not of the Norse religion, but I believed this monarch might have been
Only one right way to do this
Gently I scooped up the winged insect and laid it on a big green leaf
I sprinkled shards of Goldfish onto its small lifeless body
Nutrition for its long journey into the great unknown
I half expected it to awake and shake off the snack food and fly away
It didn’t
I placed the butterfly’s carcass and its makeshift leafy boat into a nearby stream
I took a deep breath and held down the ignition on my cheap translucent lighter
Flames ignited and the butterfly crinkled and shriveled and a horrid stench filled my nostrils
But it didn’t burn
The odor of an insect on fire still clung to the air but the monarch’s flame had gone out
I gazed down at the small halfway charred carcass and was overwhelmed with despair
I had dishonored this beautiful creature
It had lived its life and in an instant I had mangled its frail body with a disposable lighter
I couldn’t even look at it without a feeling of shameful guilt
But I resolved to finish what I had started
I hurriedly ran back to my house and came back with a can of flammable body spray
I aimed it at the monarch and the smell of burning wings was washed away with the
overpowering fruity scent of adolescent cologne
The remaining chunks of butterfly were smothered and glistened with liquid drops of odor
Again I ignited the lifeless insect and this time it caught and I pushed the leaf into the streams
The flames sizzled and sputtered as bits of buoyant butterfly floated to the top of the stagnant
Everything dies and everything goes to a better place
It’s not a bad thing
I gave a butterfly a Viking funeral today

josephm (772) (@josephm) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

immersed- in a constant vortex of energy,
stare down with synchronous synergy.
got this style of sacrificial liturgy
literacy repentance literally.
its not him or me, its not good or free
its my soul releasing melody.
singing i want to be heavenly, trade equity
creatively master my conscious destiny.
war paint – no guessing its me

im an animal unchained but boxed in a digital frame.
racing to the finish blind folded aiming to obtain
a ladder in a game of snakes.
today I train, tomorrow i’m insane.
wake up to demon drop through my lane.
rewrite code to program my brain –
at the cost of sane to maintain the game ive made.
obey the rules ive strayed from,
tonight is history in the life ive made drum

acid bathed training to love.
wrapped in tattered rags beat with facts from above.
hung in debt, woke up missed a step.
jumped rusty fences running against the nests intention,
tetanus infected learning lessons flowing through ascended testing.
on my best for set and setting
lion mane for easy guessing
i’m a heaven sent conception.

Luis (63) (@luisfabian) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

When did you write this. Any inspiration?

josephm (772) (@josephm) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

i forget.i think i tried to weave things i wrote at different times together. sobriety probably inspired this…

Luis (63) (@luisfabian) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

What defines a mountain?
A clump of dirt or mount if you will…
Just a series of patterns ups and downs
Some high some low but most just seeming out of reach
We climb and climb and claim to never fall
But if we never fall then how do we feel at all?
For it is at the bottom that we experience real shit
And at the top that we remember the trip
The trick is to move
To never be dormant
Always be slick
And be patient
Because patience is rich
If the foundation is solid
Then grace it will show
Beyond any boundary shadow or zone
Experience the dirt
Do it with bare feet
And you will feel it all
Better yet live to tell the streets
Of the present that is gift but also a mystery too
Do not be afraid
To become unglued

(5) (@kyleneach) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

This is kind of cheesy:

Time has separated us
Like dandelion seeds being scattered,
Sanding down the edges of our jigsaw pieces
That used to only fit each other,
Holding us together.
My love for you is like a fire,
Burning so bright
Despite the fact that you don’t even like me.
And it hurts me so deeply
To think about you and how you think I’m freaky.
I just want to be with you with you wanting to be with me.
We could be so happy.
But I guess you don’t see that yet,
And I say “yet” out of lopsided hope.
How the hell am I supposed to cope
With your beauty
When it’s so great,
And none of it’s for me?

I’m over the girl now haha

Luis (63) (@luisfabian) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

Thanks for sharing. Got anything you wrote recently? You said “I’m over the girl now” So I assumed this was written some time ago.

Thunderfeet (161) (@thunderfeet) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

this is a story I started to write a while a go, and I’m hoping some feedback will motivate me to finish it. Also I’m not sure how the spacing for everyone else looks but when i got to edit it it looks fine but when I actually make the post it morphs into a wall of text.

The Jessuish

The morning trashalanche shook Garr’eth out of sleep, he dreams quickly faded from memory and by the time he cracked a fresh lightstick he had forgotten almost all of them. Except for a vivid image of a distorted brown stick sprouting from the ground with bright green things attached to the top.
Garr’eth had never seen anything like it before but he knew it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, just recalling the fading image brought back a sense of awe. After putting on a shirt that looked brown Garre’th left his room, the floor crunched under his feet and the familiar stench of the Pardok clan tunnel network greeted his nose. It was not a pleasant smell but at the same time it wasn’t disgusting either, to Garr’eth it would always smell like home.he had only walked a few steps down the small tunnel that connected the sleeping quarters when he bumped into
“Watched were your going idiot.” Steven said before he turned around, he saw that it was Garr’eth and a big smile split his gaunt face. “Good morning you lumbering oaf, I was wondering when you would wake up. Come on I found something amazing when I was out on Scavenging duty.” He rubbed a dirty hand through his black hair before leading Garr’eth back to his sleeping quarters. Garr’eth stood by the doorway as Steven dug in the wall by where is blanket pile was. “Aha, here it is” Steven said, pulling a large brown rectangle out. He brought it over to Garr’eth and turned it around, revealing a shiny surface that reflected everything around the pair.
“What is it?” Garr’eth asked, as he studied his reflection in the shiny rectangle. His brown hair was a mess as usual, and his dark blue eyes had big bags under them. “I look a bit crazy” he thought, his wild reflection
smiled back up at him in agreement.
“I don’t know,” Steven said, “but I hope its valuable. lets have something to eat before we go down to see the Quartermaster.” He handed the reflective rectangle to Garr’eth then returned to the spot beside his blanket pile and began digging again. Garr’eth continued to study his reflection as Steven searched for the food he had stashed.
Garr’eth’s broad nose dominated his face and his big ears made his head looked disfigured but he was happy with his appearance because he new he wouldn’t be able to change it. Steven pulled out a ripped box with a colourful picture of a rabbit on it, he took a handful of the brown balls it contained before passing the box to Garr’eth.
“Wow, no way. When did you find these?” Garr’eth said, grabbing a handful and stuffing them in his mouth. The artificial chocolate taste made his mouth water as he chewed them.
Steven took the box back and had another handful, “It was in the same mountain as the shiny square.” Garr’eth smiled at Steven when he passed the ripped box back. Taking another handful of the brown balls he stared at his reflection in the shiny square as Steven had called it, he was always coming up with names for the things he found and this one was a perfect fit. Steven dug in his spot again and pulled out a small bottle of brown water, he took a sip then handed it to Garr’eth and took back the box of brown balls. After eating another handful he put it back in the wall than covered it up, and he did the same with the water bottle after Garr’eth had a quick drink.
“Come on let’s go to the Quartermaster.” Steven said, taking the shiny square and leaving the room. Garr’eth followed right behind. The walked down several different tunnel halls lit by lightsticks, most of the time they were all still glowing but every so often Garr’eth noticed one of the clear tubes that’s liquid was no longer giving off light. They past a large room where the tunnel service team was clearing out a new area before they
reached the Quartermaster’s office.
“Ah, Steven and Garreth. What have you boys brought me today?” He said looking up from his dusty notebook. His white hair flowed down his chest from his face and part of his head, the top had been bald as far back as Garr’eth could remember and Steven often joked that the Quartermaster probably traded that section of hair.
“I call it a shiny square, but here see for your self.” Steven said, placing the shiny square on the Quartermaster’s desk. In the reflection Garr’eth saw the Quartermaster’s smile as he studied the shiny square.
“Oh my, I haven’t seen a intact mirror since I was a young man,” He said. “but what did you call it? A shiny square, yes that is an excellent name.” He made a few marks in his notebook before opening a section of his desk to let the two boys through. Closing the gate he yelled out “Phevrica to the front desk” Garr’eth could hear some crunching but he didn’t get to see who this Phevrica was because the Quartermaster lead them into the labyrinth of items that he had to trade. “Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?” He asked Steven and Garr’eth.
“Yes, we need at least one full bottle of water and what ever value is left we will take in edibles.” Garr’eth said as they followed the Quartermaster to the back of the room where the most valuable stuff was kept.
“For something as rare as a shiny square I can give you two bottles of water and two loaves of bread. I also have a small puzzle I found that I will throw in.” The Quartermaster said, stopping in front of a pile of blankets.
He lifted up a dirty red and green blanket and pulled out two water bottles before continuing on. After a few more steps they stopped in front of another pile of blankets and the Quartermaster handed the two bottles of water to Garr’eth and then produced a small cube with different coloured squares from his pocket. “I believe this is called a Rub it Cube, your supposed to twist it different ways and attempt to make each side a single colour.” He said giving the cube to Steven then turning to dig in the blanket pile. Steven gently turned the bottom section all the way around as Garr’eth looked on in awe, then he turned a middle section upwards making two red squares end up side by side.
“Look I got two of a single colour together, am I doing it right Quartermaster?” He asked holding out the cube.
The Quartermaster turned from the pile with the two loaves of bread, “Good job Steven, but you still have a far way to go before you complete the Rub It Cube, and the more squares of a single colour you get together the harder it gets.”
Steven looked disapointed for a second then he twisted another section and got two more red squares on the same side, “I’ll figure it out Quartermaster” He said with grim determination.
“Please come show me when you do.” The Quartermaster said, “I struggled with it for days before I gave up and I would very much like to see it completed.” He led the way back through the piles of stuff with out looking back to see if Garr’eth and Steven were following.
The trio arrived at the front desk after may twists and turns that had Garr’eth thoroughly turned about, as they walked around the final pile of odds and ends he saw her. Phevrica was leaning against the front desk writing in the notebook, her long brown hair flowed down her back and the soft angles of her face look more defined in the dim light.
“Quartermaster, what is this letter?” She asked, looking up from the notebook. Garr’eth nearly tripped over a metal tube that lay on the floor when she looked at him with deep blue eyes. She smiled at him before
turning back to the notebook as the Quartermaster hurried over to help.
“That is an X my dear.” The Quartermaster said, taking the pencil and scratching other letters in the notebook, “This one is a Y and the other one is a Z, they are the last three letters of the alphabet and are not used as much as some of the other letters but they are equally important.” The Quartermaster fiddled with the shiny square setting it up on the desk so that anyone who walks in would see their reflection.
“Are you learning to read?” Garr’eth asked moving over to stand in front of the newly positioned shiny square.
“And write.” Phevrica said with out looking up from her work.
The shiny square started to fall but the Quartermaster quickly snatched it out of the air. “Phevrica can you go get a stand to put this exquisite mirror on, we must have it properly displayed for when The Fathers proprietors
come.” He said, “Now if you two boys would please excuses us, we have work to do as I’m sure you do to.” The Quartermaster laid the shiny square down flat and turned back to his notebooks clearly closed to any more
conversation. Phevrica smiled at Steven and Garr’eth before heading back into the labyrinth of trading goods.
Steven opened the gate in the front desk and stepped out, “Come on Garr’eth we should probably go scavenging.”
Two hours later Steven and Garr’eth stopped on a small hill, Mount Pardok was still visible off in the distance and the next closest Clan Mountain was just a bump on the opposite side of the horizon. Other massive trash
piles were sprinkled across the landscape and a deep valley lay on the other side of the hill . The mismatch colour of the land would of been disorienting to anyone not born here, but Garr’eth had spent his entire life scavenging and could pick out areas of interest from over two hundred feet away.
“This is where I found the shiny square.” Steven said, kneeling to dig through the trash. “I don’t think there is any thing else valuable left in this hill.” A soft breeze brought the heavy stench of decomposing food, but it was gone again before Garr’eth could discern the smells origin, the sickly sweet stench of trash returned stronger than before. Spinning in slow circle Garr’eth observed the area, a bright red spot caught his eye down in the value he marked its location before continuing his survey.
“Oh, come look at this Garr’eth.” Steven called from behind. As Garr’eth turned around he saw movement on the opposite side of the valley, he watched the area for a few seconds more before walking over to Steven. “Something probably shifted and caused a small trashalanche.” He thought, putting the movement out of his mind as he knelt down beside Steven in front of a small hole. At the bottom of the hole was several large metal pieces that were all connected, Garr’eth reached in a gave it a firm pull.
“I already tried that, it didn’t budge.” Steven said, leaning in to dig more garbage away. “Let’s see if we can dig it out.” Garr’eth moved over to the other side of the hole from Steven and began to pull more trash out around the connected metal pieces. They quickly expanded the hole to ten feet across.
“Garr’eth I found the edge, come over here and help me dig down.” Steven said from his side of the hole. Garr’eth climbed across the object, his feet sinking into gaps between the metal pieces. Reaching the other side he
jumped down into a deeper section that Steven had cleared out. His feet were about 2 metres below the surface and the edge of the contraption was still submerged. As the dug down deeper it became apparent that all the connected metal pieces on top were just one part of a very large machine.
“I don’t think we are ever going to find the bottom of this.” Garr’eth said, sitting back. “And if we do there is no way were going to get it out.”
Steven stopped digging around the machine and turned to dig in the side. “If we’re down this far we might as well look for some food.” He said, arms half buried in the trash then as he pulled his arms out he scooped the trash into the middle of the hole they sat in. After doing this several times he sat back to begin sorting the pile.
Garr’eth crawled over to join him. “I saw some bright colours down in the valley that might be worth a look after we’re done here.” He said, separating the in edibles from the pile. Steven nodded his head in acknowledgment with out looking up. The pile was quite large but it only took them a few moments to sort through it all, most of it was junk but there was a bag with three slices of bread in it and a half full water bottle. Garr’eth ripped one of the slices in half and gave it to Steven with a full slice. They passed the water bottle back and forth as they ate their bread in silence staring at the giant machine they had uncovered.
“What do you think it was for?” Garr’eth asked after he finished his share of the bread.
“Probably for making furniture, I bet they used to have big buildings full of machines like these but each one made something different.” Steven said, taking one last sip from the water bottle before passing it to Garr’eth
to finish. “Come on, lets go check out what you saw in the valley.” He grabbed one of the connected pieces of metal on the side of the machine and began to climb up. As he grabbed another part of the machine it moved and clicked into place. The machine jumped to life for a split second, shocked by the noise Steven fell back down into the hole.
“Holy hell how did that happen?” Garr’eth said as he helped Steven to his feet.
“I don’t know, it might have still had some juice left in it,” Steven said, “Probably won’t happen again.” He quickly climbed out of the hole from a different section of the machine than the piece that turned it on. Garr’eth
waited hesitantly until Steven got to the top then followed him up along the exact same route.
When Garr’eth got back to ground level he turned and lead the way towards the valley, at the edge he looked down. It was a very steep drop but was deeper than he could safely fall especially with what might be buried in the trash. A wrong step could cause him to lose control and slid down the incline, if their was anything sharp under the surface he wouldn’t be in good condition when he reached the bottom.
“The other side looks like it would be easier to climb down.” Steven said pointing to the left side of the valley. They walked around the edge of the drop off reaching the other side quickly, beside a broken talking box there
was a small path that some one else must have made. “If there’s a path than someone has already been down there, they may have found all the good stuff.” Steven said, crouching by the talking box to snap off the metal antenna.
Garr’eth started down the path anyways. “The trash could have shifted since whenever that path was made and its a big area I doubt they scavenge everything worthwhile.” He called back over his shoulder. The path zig-zagged but it was stable all the way to the bottom. The red spot was close to the middle of the valley between to small hills, Garr’eth quickly lead the way over there. They arrived at the centre of the valley but the red spot that Garr’eth saw earlier was no where to be found. “The trash must have shifted.” He said as he dug around the area where he had seen the red spot.
“I’m going to check around this hill, maybe the wind blew away what ever it is you saw.” Steven said, walking away and kicking over some trash in case there was anything valuable to be uncovered. Garr’eth continued his dig, he uncovered a broken watching box, three toasters and corners of a few other large appliances but still no sign of the red spot. Sitting back with a water bottle he had found Garr’eth looked up at the sun, it was past noon so he got up to find Steven and start the journey back to Mount Pardok. Garr’eth had only taken a few steps in the direction that Steven had gone when he saw Steven climbing on top of the hill with the red spot in his hand and a huge grin on his face.
“Look out below!” Steven yelled as he sat down on the red spot and push forward. The plastic material easily glided over the trash and within seconds Steven was at the bottom of the hill. “Your turn” He said as he handed the red spot to Garr’eth.
He examined the red spots as he climbed up the hill, it was a piece of plastic with a ridge around the edge and two hand holds on opposite sides. When Garr’eth got to the top of the hill he sat down on the red spot and just as he pushed off he saw two men in brown clothes sneak up behind Steven. “Behind you!” Garr’eth yelled but he was to late, he watch as one of the men struck Steven on the back of his head knocking him unconscious. By the time Garr’eth got to the bottom of the small hill the two men had already tied up Steven.
“This one probably has the information we need I’ll take him back to camp, you deal with his friend.” One of the men said as he lifted Steven’s limp body over his shoulder. His companion nodded then turned towards Garr’eth.
Thinking quickly Garr’eth threw the red spot toward the man just as he began to charge, it flew perfectly through the air but as it was about to hit the man the wind shifted and changed its direction. The man easily evaded the the now off
course red spot and continued toward Garr’eth. He swung out with his fist aiming for Garr’eth’s face. He felt the fist barely miss as he stepped back out of the man’s range, the simple dodge gave him just enough time to realize that the first punch was just a distraction. The man’s other fist was already inches away from Garr’eth, he had no chance to evade this one so he braced himself for the impact. The punch connect with so much force it sent Garr’eth falling back onto the trash pile he had just rode down.
Dazed and out of breath Garr’eth looked up to see the man towering over him, he could tell from the look in the man’s eyes that he wasn’t going to be taken prisoner like Steven.
Desperately Garr’eth dug in the trash around him as the man slowly got closer. The man pulled a knife from his belt and Leaned in for the kill. There was nowhere for Garr’eth to go, nothing he could do to get out of this situation. As the panic of facing his own death began to take over Garr’eth sliced his finger on something in the trash. With out looking at it he pulled it out of the trash and stabbed it into the man’s chest. It took a second for the man to realize what had happened to him, but when he did the look on his face changed from smug confidence to complete shock. He groped at the sharp object that was barely sticking out of his chest but it was to late, the man fell back and convulsed a few time on the trash before remaining still. Garr’eth slowly got up and stumbled over to the body, once he had confirmed the man was dead he turned to retrieve his mystery weapon.
It shined in the sun light and as Garr’eth pulled it out of the man’s chest he realized it was a broken shard of a shiny square. Garr’eth threw it away then sat for a long time looking in the direction the other man had taken
Steven, he had said the he was going back to camp which meant there was more of them. Garr’eth was already in no condition to fight again so he turned back toward Mount Pardok and began the long journey home as he formulated a plan to save Steven.

Cyborg-girl (0) (@cyborgKla) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

The red house of the past. (part1)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in her past. Her name was Carolina, but she preferred calling her “Lina”. She had long violette hair and dark-blue eyes. She liked drink tea with her plushanimals and with her ginger-cat-Vincent-. She lived in a big red house and she couldn’t leave it. I mean… She couldn’t go outside. Never. Outside there was the future and the reality, what weren’t her favourite things… She was afraid of them. So. She stayed in the house with her old photo albums and her sweet memories.
But on a cloudy Monday, she heard dogbark from outside… She ran to the window, and she looked a giant black dog was barking. Vincent was scared too. She was alone in the house (ok…Vincent was there too…) and she didn’t know what should she do…

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

i’ve recently started writing poetry too :D here are a few of mine…

My thoughts are clouds of energy,

That float around my brain.

They don’t belong to me.

If I own they bring me pain.

So i watch these little clouds,

As they float around my brain.

Glowing different colours,

always beautiful, never mundane.


So i watch the clouds patiently,

As I manipulate and control,

I hold these clouds in front of me,

And let their energies unfold,

I try not attach myself to feelings

for they don’t belong to me,

I simply notice the glowing colours,

So I may find what i can see.

I keep looking until i know,

if this cloud is needed or not.

If its needed then i keep it,

If its not then it gets forgot.

I take this little cloud,

filled with bad ideas and memories,

and i let it float away,

because if i don’t it will make enemies.

When i get a nice green cloud,

filled with love and lots of joy,

filled with lots of good ideas,

that i’m sure i’ll soon deploy,

then i keep that cloud inside of me,

i plant it so it may grow,

first it changes into a seed,

Then a tree that changes the status quo.


You can do the same with your thoughts,

But you’ve got to stop being a slave!

Doing what you’ve been told,

So you can get your minimum wage!

Give up your fears and hatred!

And follow me into the dark!

We don’t need candles or torches,

Because we’ve got lights inside our hearts.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

i walk in the graveyard at night,

alone by where the dead sleep,

to walk near the dead gives me a fright

one thats very cold and it hits quite deep.

I go to be peacefully alone,

and walk around with my head held high,

I remember i’m now fully grown,

and the fear that i felt was a lie.

When you look carefully the graveyards not scary,

in fact its quite lovely and calm,

i promise theres no need to be wary,

i promise you’ll come to no harm.

So come walk with me in the graveyard,

We’ll talk on how theres nothing to fear,

see walking here isn’t so hard,

so stop fearing instead fill with cheer.

Now do you see what i mean?

it was a lie, now can you see?

next time i ask will you be more keen?

together, we’ll learn to be free.

Lets all learn to walk in the graveyards,

its our brothers and sisters that sleep,

to see what i see is not hard,

to feel how i feel is not weak.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

This planet is filled with Sheeple, they all gather to work then play,

They gather to get some credit, and then work to pay it another day.

They spend money they haven’t got, to impress people they don’t like,

They’ll pay £2 a month for 52 years, if it means that they’ll get a new bike.

These people think there is evil, consumed by horror and fear,

of things that might never happen, we scream and cry out some tears.

We think the worlds filled with evil, but i’ve been there and i know its not true.

You’ve become so consumed by evil and fear, that its polluted your point of view.

You see its us that are evil, we create it with the choices we make,

instead of feeding hungry children, we stuff our faces with cake.

We could share it with them if we wanted, but we complain when the shops out of stock,

we complain when the food doesnt look nice, the food hungry children haven’t got!

You see there never was evil, when you believe it then you then make it true.

You made it all up you silly old fool, you’re so scared your face has gone blue.

You didn’t have to worry you made it all up, but you chose it as though it stuck to you like glue.

You tricked us all you silly old man, you made us all look a fool.

bambuintiaani (0) (@bambuintiaani) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Earth Inc.

Buzzing, restless movement of the crowd
Glowing neon sign above shaved heads
Eyes torn wide open by fear
Please step into the line, the voice echoes
Women please take a step to the right, males to the left

Please strip off now
Personality into this box
Hopes and dreams into the next one
Emotions into the last one
Thank you

Please receive your new job with a respectably decent salary
From 9 to 5, if you may
You will be handed over an exclusive uniform later
Don’t worry, it’ll look great on you

And here, a list of essential brands everyone sh—

Where were we— Oh right
Your vitamin pills and other necessary supplements
To ensure your wellbeing
Because we care about you!
Please be so kind to smile now
We’re grateful for your co-operation

Welcome to the Earth, Incorporated
You’re now one of us.

MonkeyZazu (1,865)M (@monkeyzazu) 8 years, 2 months ago ago


TecnasX (1) (@TecnasX) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

that was great.. :)

Cyborg-girl (0) (@cyborgKla) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

*—* I love it ♥

TecnasX (1) (@TecnasX) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

this. was. great!
i like the background of your poems. it has some kind of melancholia, and simultaneously a motivation, a guide, what life is about, or what it’s not about.

TecnasX (1) (@TecnasX) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

this really touched me!
it partly shares my feeling, my view of the world :)
thank you, mate!

TecnasX (1) (@TecnasX) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

awesome! you’re doing a great job a writing!
I really love the manner you’re writing.
Keep on it!

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