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Mr. Arbiter (@snaysler) 10 years, 3 months ago

Hi everybody. I’m a new member on this site, but I’ve been visiting it regularly for a while.

I want to hear about you guys’ experience with smoking Salvia Divinorum. What happened your first time? If you did it a second time, did you have a different experience? What was the most notable experience you ever had?

I’ll share mine to get started. My Salvia experience is rather unusual, and it has the same effect every time. The first time I smoked it, I simply broke out into incessant, uncontrollable maniacal laughter for a solid five minutes. I didn’t know what I was laughing at, but apparently it was funny. Even though I was laughing, I didn’t enjoy the experience, because there was nothing to be laughing about, and I wanted to stop, but I had no control of myself. It felt like someone else had control of my body. The second time a couple weeks later, the moment it kicked in, I said with an evil grin, “I’m back!”. But I didn’t choose to say that, and I don’t know why I did, then for the rest of the trip I was just feeling giddy in an evil way while being captivated by how painful it felt to touch this fabric on the pillow next to me, for whatever reason. The third and final time I smoked it was a year later, and I was with a new friend of mine, who was sort of my best friend, and we were in the woods at the top of a hill in a clearing surrounded by birch trees. The second I came up, my friend asked me how I felt, and I said something along the lines of, “I…I don’t know…I…uhh…It’s just…I…somethings not right, somethings not right!”. And he was like, “Tayler? You alright, dude?”. And I said, “Tayler’s not here anymore”, with an evil smirk. And again I found myself going along for the ride in a body and mouth that were no longer under my control.

Obviously my salvia experience is very unusual. Perhaps I have multiple personality disorder which is triggered by Salvia? Never had a single change in my field of vision, or ability to hear. And I was smoking 35x extract from the most well known vendor on the web. Just felt like I let someone else taking over, and they were sinister. Really, really scary, so I haven’t smoked it since, and plan never to do so again.

So what’s your experience?

June 22, 2012 at 8:47 am
Kate (0) (@ontheroad628) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

Salvia is one of the weirder things I’ve tried. The first time, I was in a really uncomfortable situation and I think that fueled it. My friend was house-sitting for a family and we were in the teenage son’s room. You can imagine the family did not know we were using it as a drug-house while they were gone. The walls were bright turquoise. Immediately after taking it, I was convinced I was in a fun house. The best/weirdest part was this indescribably strong feeling that there was a huge circle of energy or something in the air above me. Moreover, I absolutely knew that I supposed to be a part of the energy ring and that I had been separated from it. It was sort of this desperate feeling that I had been disconnected from the this force above me and I needed to get back.

I’d look around the room and see objects and feel this longing to become a part of them. Something in the vein of “I am supposed to be that end-table. I AM that desk chair– how did I become something other than the desk chair?” Trippy business but it was pretty awesome.

I also began to see shapes that resembled those tests for colorblindness take shape in the corner of the room. I saw Lucille Ball’s face and a school bus. The images weren’t threatening but actually pretty cool.

LifeLoveEnlightenment (2) (@memoplur) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

@snaysler OMGGG bro you just gave me Salvia flashbacks from reading this… Well what happened was your EGO was completely deteriorated, and in this deep state with god, you are no longer “Taylor”, you realize that you are a spiritual being in an infinite universe with infinite energy, and Infinite time. & Taylor is just what you are labeled as… Salvia Divinorum is DMT without the nitrogen molecule, so when inhaled , you basically go back to your original state from before you were born, back to your roots. remember were Spiritual beings having a physical human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. DMT is released in the body only when you are born, every night in REM sleep, and when you die.. the only other way to activate it is by having an external dmt source, like salvia. & in this state you become one with everything, the laughing is the amount of happiness being released from the relief of being home, at your original state where you have complete knowledge and understanding, no confusion, just love. <3 <3 <3 well my salvia experience was deep in the forest. as i smoked it, i saw a resplendent light come from my right peripheral vision . not white but the color of the sun, and i just heard drums banging.. i remember being in complete comfort with this light, not a worry on my mind, just embracing the noises of the present time. As i was experiencing this, i couldnt differentiate what was actually happening. Was i in the forest with 2 of my best friends or was i with the higher power? the words that came out of my mouth were "wait am i here or?" and as i said that my friend quickly said "SSHHHHH!" later telling me that it is better to embrace the moment and not speak while tripping.. i had to find out the hard way though because as soon as i spoke the euphoria soon became distant. as i came back, i also bursted in complete laughter. Wonderful ego death experience and hopefully i can come across it again.

Peaceflower (72) (@cosmicplur) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

My ego death came with 7 grams of mushrooms and 7 drops of lsd. Ive never done salvia or dmt.. the dmt is soon to come, but ive never felt the want for salvia before I read these posts. Ive never heard of aaa good salvia trip, esp not once have I heard of it bringing the feeling of one ness. I guess once your ego is gone though, you wouldnt have anynegative experiences, at least any that would affect you

LifeLoveEnlightenment (2) (@memoplur) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

with salvia, the more you try to hold on to your physical self, the worse its gonna be.. you have to completely let go! just like all psychedelics. & we cant have complete ego death in the physical realm forever because we need it to stay alive.. without an ego, we wouldnt know how to feed ourselves let alone speak english. the point is, we must accept ourselves as a whole, (with the love and the ego) and tame the ego. (meaning not let it control you) and that is when you aRE in bliss

LifeLoveEnlightenment (2) (@memoplur) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

one love

Kevin (188) (@bigred) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

I took 2 hits of green then packed a salvia bowl while waiting for the buzz to kick in[i hadent smoke mary jane in a while so 2 hits was sufficint]. I set up my pillows and got in my cuccoon and while holding in my 4th hit of salvia i suddenly realized that i was watching myself from above.. almost like my room had no ceilings and i was 20ft above it, then it zoomed away into darkness for a second, next i found myself in a small all white room with around 20 other people that were all just standing there. My vision zooms out again to reveal that we were all in a huge mans hand [slightly long black hair, same all white background], I say aloud[in real life] “You guys its god!” again it zooms out even more to reveal that there are men that look the same as him holding more people in their hands for as long as i could see”Theres so many of them!” i said outloud. Next thing i know im in somekind of tubelike flying vehicle with one of my friends[from real life] sitting in front of me, there is no roof and we were zooming through my whole life. Then i was a little kid around 3 or 4, i was doing something [cant remember what but it was somewhere along the lines of playing at the playground], at the time i though that this was a suppressed childhood memory that i was reliving. Then another jump to around the age that i am in real life, im in school talking to some friends in the hall way, school ends and i walk home. When i get home i had a diffrent mom and dad waiting for me [my real parents are divoreced and i see my dad rarely], my life seems almost white pikit fence perfect. Around that time i open my eyes and diddnt move for around 5 mins, i just let everything sink in and recapped what all just happend in my head. After i took the covers off of my head i looked at the clock and just under an hour had gone by since i went in!After reviewing the whole trip in my head i came to the conclusion that i had relived some of a past life, i hadent really reasoned to this conclusion i just ‘knew’, almost like the salvia told me that. I also believe that i can only relive up to the point where i am in real life[eg when im an adult i would be able to relive up to my adulthood], this also was ‘told’ to me by salvia.

Another time:
I go in my bed, proped some pillows up against my wall and went completly under my blanket, because after my 1st trip i associate this ‘cuccoon’ as an entrance to where ever i go with saivia. I take 3 big hits and as it starts to hit me i can somewhat hear a man and a woman talking in a small conviniant store there words mean nothing but they were talking. I decide to take another big hit.. I start to sink through my bed, then floor, then earth, where i drop into a large green feild of fake grass, theres a little girl nearby that mistakes me as a dog but when she realises im human she gets what seems to be her older sister, the sister asks me who i am i say “My name is kevin.” [outloud] she replies “No… who ARE you?” as in who am I not what my name is. I diddnt know how to respond, then before i knew it i was somewhere else, on a dock with lots of boats, but the water was almost purple looking and there was something not quite right about the boats but im not sure what. It was there that i start thinking where all of these things are comming from, then i realize that im am actually INSIDE my subconsous mind, and that this is the language my mind speaks, i start to walk to where the dock meets land but before i knew it i was in a girl who i like alot’s room but she couldnt see me, she was doing her hair in the mirror and then she walked right through me as if i were a ghost, this caught me off gaurd because i wasnt expecting to just get walked through lol, this place is so real that if i were to drop something on my foot, it would hurt. After her room fades away i open my eyes and it looks as if everything i see has faces[my blanket wrinkled up] and my knee looked like a tree [also with a face], all of the faces seemed welcoming so i said hello mr.tree, then i realized that i was drenched in sweat and when i puled the covers back down i was freezing.

I took all that from trip reports i posted on another forum 4 or 5 years ago. So parden any spelling errors.

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