Should I quit my job?

Josh Rogo (@joshrogalsky95) 6 years, 6 months ago

Just a little background before I go into it.. I’m 20 years old and I’ve worked the last four summers at the same bike shop starting from my junior year of high school and I’m now a sophomore in college. I live in a resort town in South Jersey when I’m not at school and it’s packed with tourists from May-October. I hate my job but the money is good (I make $14 an hour) and the hours aren’t too shabby either (8 am-noon). Plus I get to work outside. The commitment is what kills me though. My boss expects me to work atleast 6 days a week and if you ask for a day off you won’t hear the end of it and he makes you feel like you’re leaving him short handed (there’s only about 8 or 9 of us). As nice as he can be with buying us lunch and stuff he can be a real dick. When I first started working there at 16 I had a hard time talking to people and still do but I’ve gotten a lot better through experience. No matter how I come across it isn’t good enough for him though. If you’re introverted like me or shy he’ll give you shit about how you much more outgoing you need to be and yada yada yada. Another thing I don’t like is how stressful the job is. It makes me hate people, like for real. You got kids hopping on bikes and go carts before any even has a chance to help them and the parents letting them get away with murder. Most people are extremely picky and it has to be a certain color and the seat has to be just right. No offense to any women on here but they are the absolute worst when it comes to this! I wanna tell them to “STFU YOU’RE AT THE BEACH AND YOU’RE RENTING A BIKE FOR AN HOUR IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!” Anyway, I think you get the picture of what I have to deal with. I like certain aspects of the job but otherwise I pretty much hate it. It’s not a good fit for an introvert like myself. I prefer a calm relaxing environment where I can take my time and be able to gather my thoughts. And not totally but be away from people haha. That’s one thing I like about working at the grocery store which is my job during the winter but it’s not an option because of the low pay and it’s only part time. I know there isn’t a perfect job but I’m in a town where in the summer there are a plethora of options to work. So all things considered do you think it’s a good idea to quit my job if I’m not happy and can find something I actually like? I’m not worried about the money.. I mean I am because I am saving up for a car but it’s not everything. I’d rather do something where I’m not dealing with so many people and don’t have to compromise who I am. It’s been weighing on me for about two years what I should do. Anyway sorry about the long post but if you took the time to read this, from one HE member to another let me know what you think and much love to you! Take care. 

February 4, 2016 at 9:47 am
Ellie (1,363)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

If you would prefer a job with less people where you have more time to yourself, you could consider a hotel job. The night shifts are extra peaceful (typically you barely see anyone) but you have to get used to the odd hours. If you’re an introvert as well as a night owl it’s pretty much ideal. 
If you find a nice hotel the pay could be okay, but likely not as good as $14 an hour (like you said money isn’t everything though). I worked in hotels for a while and loved it because I almost always had at least part of the day to myself to read, write, or go online. Since you seem to have a lot of experience with tourists, they could consider that helpful.

Another idea is finding a part time job and keeping the one you have but cutting down your hours. Ask your boss if you can start working 2 or 3 days a week instead of 6 because you need more time for other things (come up with a specific reason if necessary).

I don’t recommend just quitting suddenly without something else lined up first. Start looking around and searching on craigslist to see if there’s a better opportunity out there for you and if you find one, take it. Perhaps you could set a limit for yourself, like once you have enough money to buy a car, you switch jobs or quit.

IndEzTheo (1) (@IndiaEzraThelonious) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

Maybe you should try looking at people in a different light. It sounds like an excellent job if you take it in the right way. Take it as a challenge to better yourself and work toward bettering yourself, it may not seem like a job if you focus more on self-improvement. Try that out before quitting if it isn’t working still after about a month of trying over and over again, I would suggest a job with fewer people, but still enough that will help you with a self-improvement goal. That’s how I became more of a “people person” if you can call it that. I started out nervous and annoyed by people until I realized I was taking it all wrong and I calmed down, slowed my thinking, and almost went into gate control trances. It made everything freakin’ awesome and then I quit happy, because I realized I wanted to further my self-improvement approaches. And I did! Now I have a big group of friends in college to surround me, and they’re all pretty helpful people. If you’re simply just not interested in people at all and don’t want to talk to them, then I suggest starting small and trying to look for the good people that you actually like and just sort of observe them or subtly sitting near them until they approach you. (that’s how I made my first friend in college before the self-improvement strategies I began to form.) I get you though, dude!
I hope this helps at least some-what!
Enjoy $14 an hour for now though! :P
Save save save! Best of luck!

Josh Rogo (0) (@joshrogalsky95) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

Hmm.. I like the hotel idea, never thought about that. There’s a good amount of them around too. What was the pay like when you worked at one? I wouldn’t want to take too much of a dip because that’s only going to delay me buying a car. My goal is to make about 4-5 grand from May until August and buy a used Honda or something. 

As far as telling/asking him to work 3 days a week instead I’m not even going to waste my time. He won’t go for it. I’ve thought about it. 

Truth is if I quit my family is going to think I’m crazy and making a stupid decision. They think I’m lucky to have a job like that but what they don’t understand is how much it drains me. My mom is really the only one who understands how I am and where I’m coming from. 

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