Simple Steps Towards Sustainability

ALEC (@ALEC) 8 years ago

Here are some incredibly simple things that practically anyone can do to better sustain this world….I encourage people to add any ideas they have.

1. Plant apple trees EVERYWHERE. Not just apple trees, but any kind of fruit or vegetable that can grow on it’s own with little care.

2. Install an outhouse in every persons’ yard. It will save water and save your family some money, not to mention fertilize your lawn (depending on what you eat).

3. Recycle, obviously.

4. Turn off lights, electrical appliances when not using.

5. Bike or walk instead of drive.

Anyone care to brainstorm? Think of something that is basically effortless, that you could do in your everyday life that will benefit yourself and your environment in the long-run.

November 18, 2013 at 9:10 pm
Cody (472) (@versai) 8 years ago ago

@alec, Going from paper to electronic. More of a suggestion for business and large organizations like schools. I remember everyone in my English class getting a 100+ page booklet and it was so thick it made me wonder how much effort it took to cut the trees, cut the pages, print the pages, and move it all from forest to desk. Would be so much easier and better for everyone to just email an adobe or something. I also notice it with banks offering online banking and E-statements rather than the mailed paper copies. Same with doctors and lab results or what not. Can just login online and view the info digitally and sustainably, whenever and forever.

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