Sleep hallucinations or astral projection?

Hey guys. So long story short, since a young age I have experienced sleep paralysis where I have woken up unable to move for a short time and heard or saw “someone” in my room. It has always frightened me, but I never knew what it was so I kept it a secret. Recently, I have been waking up to the hallucinations without the paralysis and they have become more vivid and interactive. Sometimes there are figures that immediately frighten me, sometimes they seem affectionate, sometimes they seem seductive. Only rarely do I see any sort of face.

Anyways, today I saw a psychic for the first time who told me I was astral projecting (my spirit leaves my physical self and I’m on “another plane”) and that these figures were spirits who seek a body to inhabit. That wasn’t reassuring at all! And I don’t think it’s true since I have also seen inanimate objects (such as a lamp, a floating jacket, and even animals). I think it’s just a hallucination, that I’m waking up with still a sleepy mind and am just seeing a projection of my subconscious. I really don’t think we understand the human mind and tend to underestimate the crazy things it can do. It’s also worth noting that these visions seem to correlate with stressful days or when I’m overtired. Also, alcohol intensifies the vividness of these experiences, and weed prevents them altogether. 

I don’t have any concrete answers though, and would love to hear of anybody has had similar experiences. Thanks!

February 3, 2016 at 5:28 am
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