sleep paralysis + hallucinogens?

 dopedayna (@dankdayna)6 years, 10 months ago

Okay so I literally just made this account to see if somebody out here understands the traumatizing experience I had with shrooms last night. I’ve taken mushrooms one other time before and basically didn’t trip at all. I’ve taken a lot of LSD and RC’s and MDMA etc. etc. but I’ve never, ever tripped like this. I seriously thought I was dying, it was terrifying. Anyways, I suffer from sleep paralysis, pretty severely.. It can happen to me any time during the day or at night awake or asleep standing or sitting, I never know when it’s gonna happen (if you don’t know what sleep paralysis is google it lol) I’ve had some anxiety problems all my life, I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 15 and I’ve struggled with depression since my preteen years as well. My mother is a paranoid schizophrenic and I often wonder if I have sleep paralysis bc of that? Idk. I have a lot of theories. There are lots of stories online about sleep paralysis being some kind of demonic possession, and from what I’ve read about demonic possession it is easiest for a “demon” to possess a person who is emotionally or mentally unstable. Scary thought :( I probably sound loco en la caveza right now but just hear me out. When I took the mushrooms yesterday it started out just like any other trip, I was giggly and shit then I decided to take a shower. I ended up taking three showers lol. When I came out I felt like I couldn’t walk, when I looked in the mirror I saw something I can’t remember and I was completely terrified, I started screaming and crying and my face got stuck in this scared-for-my-life look. I collapsed and couldn’t move so my boyfriend moved me to our bed then I started vibrating and twitching really bad and I just kept crying. I don’t remember what I was seeing but my boyfriend says I kept looking up at the ceiling and my eyes would dilate to being basically my whole eye and I would look like I had a gun to my face. I kept trying to talk but my lips would just twitch and only noises would come out, I would try to move my hands and my fingers would just twitch and I was just spazzing out and convulsing and shit. My boyfriend was so scared he started crying and called all my friends asking them if he should take me to the hospital. He’s really experienced with mushrooms and he said he’s never seen anything so terrifying, he thought i was going to be stuck in my trip or hurt myself. I was scared just like when I have sleep paralysis, I felt totally out of control of my brain and body. I am never taking hallucinogens ever again after what happened to me last night, straight up. I just want someone to tell me if they’ve experienced anything like this, I need to know if there is something wrong with my brain, or if it’s something else…
Or if I’m just crazy and paranoid lol.
Please help!

August 15, 2014 at 1:33 pm
ConnectingToSource (0) (@Connecting2Source) 6 years, 10 months ago ago

I can relate to the sleep paralysis issue, although for me it typically only takes place during the night when trying to fall asleep etc, and typically more so on one half of my body.

From your description of what occurred it sounds like you may have had some sort of hypertensive reaction leading into a seizure. I can think of a few reasons this could occur… the most likely culprit to me (and which I have personally witnessed once), is that you have an allergic reaction to mushrooms (or at least that particular strain.) This makes sense especially given the fact that you had one prior exposure, as with most allergic reactions the initial point of contact has NO effect, but secondary or continued exposure causes an automatic and severe reaction. Some people are so allergic to mushrooms, that they cannot be near a grow chamber as even the spores themselves can set off a reaction.

Now I am not a doctor, but I have done some research into this after witnessing a friend have a very distinct and terrifying reaction of a similar kind. Their experience started with a throbbing pain or tension in the neck on one side of their body, and soon had issue with swelling (luckily we were able to give them Benedryl.) I have to say right out, maybe it’s best you stay away from the mushrooms until you are certain, of an allergic response. Ingestion of a substance you are allergic to is one of quickest and most severe ways to introduce your body into instant shock. There are other ways to test for allergic reaction, and whether or not it is “Strain Based.” Either way there should be other alternatives for an ethnobotanical/plant based psychedelic experience of a similar kind.

The other possibility is an interaction of some kind, if you are on any particular medication that would increase the chance of such a reaction. Even if you have not taken anything within the immediate period of consumption, there are many medications which will stay in your system for literally weeks to months. This is why such substances such as “Harmal” or Ayahuasca recipes will state that you should be cautious if you are on SSRI’s etc. There is a chance with some psychedelics that on their own cause a jump in serotonin levels, to mix with the effects of certain medications and cause seizures etc.

I would do some research into either of those possibilities and take inventory of what might have led up to this incident. I am Sorry to hear about what happened and am glad you are ok. Don’t let it ruin your view or benefit received from future or past experiences, but do use it as a tool for learning and proceeding safely.

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