So, do you guys like reading short stories?

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This is a story about a boy named stan and a girl named Jenny. It was the first day of 4th grade when he saw her. She was the girl who was alway surrounded by people; people who admired her, people who laughed at her jokes, and people who just wanted to be a part of a popular crowd. He was the boy who sat at the back of the class reading his book. He never really was reading though, he was hiding behind a book, staring at the girl who was always surrounded by people. He never knew why, but he loved her from the first second he ever saw her. “I should go over and say hi. Maybe I should go and tell her a joke? Knock knock…?” he would think, but he never worked up the courage to ever go over her way.

It was the first day of 6th grade. Middle school, new people, new faces and new places. The teacher told them that they would be paired up and that would be your reading partner for the rest of the year. Stan sat there at the back of the class, quitely listening as people starting getting paired off. A few moments later, he heard his name called. “Stan, your with Jenny.” He thought he was dreaming, but he didnt come to school naked(as often was the case in his dreams), and when he pinched himself, it hurt. Jenny and Stan became best of friends that year. They would build off each others jokes, ponder about things too deep for the minds of 11 year olds, and talk about nonsense all day long. To stan, it felt like they were always meant to be together. But he never told her that, he was always too scared.

Years went by, and Stan and Jenny went on to highschool. Jenny started telling Stan about the boys she liked. She would look him straight in the eyes, everytime they talked. Stan would look down, look at the walls, or look at the sky, avoiding eye contact at all costs; he didnt want Jenny to know how he really felt when she would be telling him about other guys.

It was the night before prom. Jenny had been asked to go with the most popular guy in school, and stan… well stan didnt even know if he wanted to go at all. Jenny asked him to come over to her house. He sat there waiting in her bedroom, as she put on her dress. She came out, and asked him “how do I look?” Beautiful, gorgeous, magnificant, like a star fell out of the sky took human form and put on a dress… is what Stan thought in his head. But all he could muster to say was “you look good!” His heart couldnt stand looking at her anymore, so he made an awkward excuse, and went on his way.

Stan was turning 27 next week. It had been weeks since he had talked to jenny, so he was a bit surprised when she called him to meet up for coffee. Stan had tried dating, met several great people, but he never could stop thinking about Jenny. She had been going out with some guy for almost a year. He walked up to the coffee table where she was sitting, and sat down. Looking into her eyes, he could tell that she was excited, but also nervous, scared, anxious, and lost. “He proposed!” she said, and his heart fell out of his chest. It took everything he had inside him to hold back the tears, and it was even harder for him to say “im so happy for you!” and make it look like he really meant it.

Stan was out shopping, making preparations for his 36th birthday party. It was probably something that his wife should have been doing, but like always, she was too busy. “do you even love her?” Jenny had asked Stan the question many times in the last few years, but he always lied when he said “ofcourse I do.” He never did. He never really knew if he had ever loved her. He use to enjoy being with her, but he never once felt for her the way he felt for Jenny.

“Ill take it!” Stan told the man who had just sold him his very first motorcycle. He never thought he would suffer a mid-life crisis, but here he was, 40, and buying a bike. He was walking out of the dealership when Jenny called him. “he..he cheated on me. Its over.” He knew this day was coming. Her husband was a total dick. But stan never said anything, because he made Jenny happy, or atleast thats the way it appeared. “I should call my wife right now. tell her im divorcing her. Ask Jenny out on a date.” is what he thought inside of his head. But of course, he knew he couldnt do that. Jenny never loved him, and there was no way he could ever risk losing her from his life.

Stan wiped the tears from his eyes before walking into the room. He knew he had to look strong, for her. Stan was 48, divorced, and now sitting on the bedside of the girl he had loved for almost 40 years. Jenny had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer 2 years ago, but she fought and fought and lived a healthy 2 years. But Cancer had caught up, and both her and Stan knew that she only had days left on earth. “Tell her Stan. Tell her how you feel. How you’ve always felt. You will never get another chance.” He thought inside his head. He was going to do it, he was just figuring out where to start. “Hey Jenny..” but midsentence, Jenny cut him off. “hey stan? Remember the first day of 4th grade? You probably never noticed, but I always looked at you secretly. You were the boy who hid behind his book. I always wondered what you were thinking about.” Stan wanted to say something, but Jenny kept talking. “Remember 6th grade Stan, when we became partners? I never told you this, but I secretly went up to the teacher and begged her to let us be partners.” Stan wanted to say something, anything, but he let jenny keep talking.

“hey stan? Remember when we were in highschool? remember when I use to tell you about all the boys I liked? I never really liked them that much, you know. I just wanted to see what your reaction would be when I told you about them. But you always just smiled, and never said anything and never looked into my eyes. you always looked like you were busy thinking about something else.” The tears started coming to Stan’s eyes, but he held them back, as hard as he could.

“remember the night before prom, Stan? When you were at my house and i showed you my dress? I always wanted to go with you Stan, but I was always too scared to ask you. But I knew you didnt feel the same way.” Stan couldnt hold back the tears any longer, and wanted to say something, but he looked over at Jenny and knew that she had something to say.

“Remember when I told you that im getting married that day at the coffee shop Stan? I had no intention of marrying him before I met you that day, Stan. I just wanted to see your reaction. Because i never loved him. I loved you, Stan. Ive always loved you. From the first day I saw you. It was always you, Stan. And im sorry for telling you this now, but I just have to tell you, before I go…” Stan wanted to speak, but he couldnt, he just couldnt say anything. he ran out of the room, down the hallway, and straight to his car. He sat inside his car, crying, for what seemed like hours. He finally came to grips with himself. “I have to tell her. I have to tell her how I feel.” He KNEW he had to. He walked back to her hospital room, but the doctor told her she was sleeping and to come back the next day.

Jenny passed away that night. The doctors told him that she felt no pain, and passed away as she slept.

THE END… just kidding, keep reading.

Stan passed away, many years later. He awoke in a white room, his eyes blurry, and a man sitting in a chair beside him.

“hello, Stan.” said the man in the chair. “where..where am I?”

“you died yesterday Stan.”

“if I died, than where am I? and who are you?…is this heaven? Are you God?”

“ive been called many names, Stan. But for the sake of time, you can consider me your guide. We have some important things to discuss before you move on, Stan.” said the man.

“My guide? Guide to what? And move on? Move on where?” Stan looked around the room, confused, and looking for answers. But there was nothing, just him and the man in the chair.

“Move on to your next life, stan. Your re-birth. This is just the waiting room. Now stan, what im about to ask you next is very important. Please, make your choice wisely.”

Stan reluctantly replied, “ok..”

“Stan, you have 2 choices, and you must choose one of them. I can either send you to a new life. A life where you will be a different person, living in a different place, and time, than you just were. Or, stan, I can send you back. You have the choice of re-living the life you just had.”

“I want to relive the life I just had” Stan said, without a moment of thought.

“Hold on Stan, its not that simple. If you do choose to live your previous life over, you will not have any recollection of it. You will be living it with no thoughts or knowledge of what you went through in your previous life. This is very important, Stan. Not knowing what you went through, its very likely that you might make the exact same choices again, Stan. Just because your reliving your life, doesnt mean you will get Jenny, Stan. Are you sure that you are ready to relive the heart-ache you suffered your entire life Stan? Just for the slight chance that maybe, just maybe, you might do something different and end up with her?”

Again, without thinking, Stan said yes.

“very well then Stan, You will be reborn, to the same mother, at the exact same moment you previously were. Do you have any questions before I send you off?”

“yes… Just one. When I arrived here, you said that I had the choice of either choosing a new life, or re-living the same one I just had. Does that mean, that I have been here before? Did I die in a previous life, come to you, and made the choice of re-living this life over? Is it possible that I have been reliving this life over and over? for her…?”

“I cant answer that for you, Stan, im sorry. Are you ready to go?”

“…yes, I am.” And like that, Stan was gone. The man in the chair looked up at the ceiling, and gave off a little smile. “Lets hope he makes the right decisions this time. I really am rooting for them.”


If you guys like reading short stories, i’ve written quite a few, I could post them here if anyone wants to read. Quite a variety of topics, love, death, sci-fi, existentialism, philosophy, etc. Also, sorry for the typo’s, I write it free hand and don’t really edit unless I have to.

May 19, 2012 at 3:36 pm
Convict Hammer (15) (@convicthammer) 9 years, 8 months ago ago

I liked it a lo!, really makes one think about those things you keep to yourself because of shame, fear or just pretending not to care :)

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