So I think I was visited by a spirit while high? Also astral projected?

mellowpapi (@MellowPapi) 7 years, 8 months ago

Okay, so I’m new here and don’t exactly know what I’m doing. This is a long story, so bare with me.

So, a little backstory before I get into the high that I had.

I have been searching for life answers for a while now. Ever since I started, I have been having these weird lucid dreams. I can’t get into all of them, but what is interesting is what happens when I wake up from these dreams. I wake up to someone standing over me. I’ve woken up to geometric shapes on the wall. Pictures of ancient statues projecting on my walls, and they glow! Also, one night I woke up to what felt like a hand over my mouth. I couldn’t move, but I just ended up falling back asleep. I also hear whispers, not in my head, but in my ears. Whatever I’m thinking about, they will usually ad-lib or answer a question that I’m pondering. It’s never full sentences through, they only speak to me in one or two word fragments. It definitely only happens as I’m half asleep though. I feel like you cannot be directly contacted unless you’re not fully conscious?

Now onto the high:
I ingested half a gram of marijuana. I used to be an avid pot smoker like 4 years ago, and I’ve ingested it several times, but nothing has ever happened to me quite like this. I’ve ingested a whole gram of marijuana and this sort of thing definitely didn’t happen.
So everything is normal. I start to feel the pot kicking in like crazy, which is usual when ingesting pot. Nothing abnormal. Then I tell myself to go to bed.
When went to lay down, every time I fell asleep, I kept waking up. I was literally scared upon waking. Most people when they wake up are like “Damn. Why can’t I stay asleep?”, but I felt something was about to happen, something was approaching. I didn’t know what it was and that scared me.


I wake up again and start to feel this ‘energy’ manifest in my room. I immediately sit up and as soon as the energy is fully there, my head shot straight to the ground. I started to hyper-ventilate. There was a cosmic being in my room and I felt so inferior to whatever this thing was, I couldn’t even look at it, hence why I was staring at the ground. There were two actually, one in front of me and one by my door, guarding it so I couldn’t leave. In addition to my inclination to not look at it, I felt the need to bow. Whatever it was was so superior to me and I was so graced by it’s presence. My emotions were raging. You know when a parent knows a child did something wrong and that child feels guilty.. There’s tension because of the unspoken elephant in the room? That’s exactly how I felt. Now when I tried to look at these energy’s, it was like looking at a blinding light. I started from the feet and worked my way upward, but I never could get to the head. It wasn’t that I couldn’t, it was out of respect for my inferiority…? If that makes sense. But the light radiating from them was so bright. I feel as though it was communicating to me through the emotions I was feeling. I was not at all afraid of these things or thought the wanted to harm me, I was just so overwhelmed by their presence and upset with myself.

Now, eventually they left and I just sort of sat there. I was so upset with myself. I felt an unusually large amount of entities around me. Spirits, ghosts, etc.? I don’t know. But there were definitely things there. I felt the emotions of sympathy and compassion in the midst, and they were not coming from me, so I figured it was them trying to console me. Letting me know that everything is okay.

So when I finally fell asleep, I had a vast amount of dreams, but they didn’t feel like dreams? It felt as if my soul was taken from my body, and onto a journey. I remember a vast amount of gates being opened and being in this room with hundreds, thousands of statues, perfectly aligned. They were huge in comparison to me. I remember speaking to one of them, but unfortunately this is where my memory gets foggy.
But I do remember flying through air, seeing stars, feeling a breeze. I remember being taken to the past and seeing my ancestors. I can’t recall everything, but I was definitely taken on a long lasting journey.

The question I now ask myself is: Was this just my subconscious playing tricks on me? Or was I visited by a divine being and astral projected with it’s help?

January 16, 2015 at 9:12 am
Unreal (1) (@UnrealHotShot) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

This sounds like an incredible experience. Faced with something like this, I can see why you might be questioning yourself. There’s no way I can simply tell you one way or the other. If you have been actively looking for answers like you say, both conclusions are entirely possible. I’d like to know what you decide. In my opinion, your subconscious can’t force you to avert your eyes and bow.

danisurya (19) (@danisurya) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Thanks for sharing a great experience! First of all, what I would do in your situation – stop taking any kinds of things that alter your state of consciousness. Like Marjuhana, alcohol, coffee…. make yourself free from all these things. Then your consciousness will come back to the state where it has to be now, in order for it to expand naturally. So when you push yourself with Marjuhana for instance, you can experience meditation like states, however you are not ready for it, and therefore you cannot comprehend what happens. Insight meditation’s only purpose on the other hand is to understand. not to experience. it sounds boring but its not. its the real way out. insight meditation will make you understand EVERY experience that you had in your past, and even in your past life. it is like a key- opening all the mysterious doors in your past. they are infact only mysterious because you are afraid to look into them. So fears play a major role. often so hidden and forgotten, that we don’t know where to start – and we don’t know they are still ruling our life! so we have to dig deep. Another good part of insight meditation for me is that its never emotional when you see inside. you will be watching yourself as if form a third persons perspective. therefore being very objective in your observation – without reacting to it. another good point: you will get to states like as if you are somiking marihuana or mushrooms. but you can stay on them for days. and not only that, you don’t have side effects and you are in control! so whatever you experienced there, just try to relax about it, you cannot understand it through effort or through anyone in the forum here. it was meant for you. and now you need to find the keys in yourself to uncode the message. i am sure you will succeed this way! good luck!!

peetoh (0) (@peetoh) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Frkn awesome experience yo! I am currently drug free right now. I don’t do nothing, haven’t for almost 3 months. Coffee was also left out so I’m being one I’m myself instead of using narcotics as help. Not that i ever had episodes like the ones youve been having. I can honestly tell u that ive only had one out of body experience and it was semi frightening. Nothing compared to what you’ve been engaged in. One thing that ive noticed about my sub conscious mind is that no matter what time I put my alarm, I will always literally wake up exactly a minute before the alarm goes off.. Probably not anything drastic, but I’ve always wondered why. ? And meditation is a something I might do as one of my new hobbies for 2015 ! Answers on my alerted mind… ? Feedback if possible!

Ed (40) (@orange) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Weed is called a hallucinogen for a reason. keep that in mind.

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