Social Ownership – internet – what is it

Anonymous (@) 8 years, 9 months ago

A social network is in it’s core a system to better people’s life, a system where people can exchange value for personal or collective goals. Where value could mean;- information, products, services, the exchange of value in an economy propelled by will, greed, dreams and all other emotions to fill emotions.

A circle that gives a future, a vision, innovation, it is the anchor of our society -the exchange of value. Where some promote a free society My stummick turns over with even the thought of it. Ownership that is the perception that drives our exchange, it is the base of a lawful system, an economic and society if you will.

But even more essential is the ownership, for exchanging can only occur when an owner decides to exchange his ownership for new ownership. It may be a value in the form of a chicken or in the form of some gold, it depends… But the ownership is that what is created by the combination of labour, time and knowledge -becomes ownership.

So to capitalise on the thing you own you must understand that our entire economy from the days it was build is founded on this principle, and as soon you start playing with this principle and not reward the owner of his or her ownership a problem occurs, sometimes it takes months, but sometimes it even takes decades. But a problem it will remain….

Where we turn our focus to a world engorged with social networks and mediums we see a staggering number of 20% of the world population being part of a social network, however the exchange is not occurring on the level of owners but facilitators.

We are travellers, hunters and seers al together, where ones we exchanged value, the ownership of knowledge of ridge hunting grounds we now share it. Where we where paid by the corporate to sell a product in our network, we where paid for the ownership of our time and the way we can manipulate our network…, It is economy…..

The leverage of our discovery, network, personal opinion is now the anchor point of social media, a system that effectively exchanges your information, network, insights to manipulate you from a machine point of view to buy, interact, LIKE the DAMN the thing.

But these things, we cannot see, are just the same thing as ownership, exchanging value, for an economy is based on this principle….

So how can a economy which we call an information economy survive when the very nature of ownership is no longer the base of an exchanging value. Are we mere binairy individuals that are stripped from our basic rights to exchange ownership….

I ask you?

February 25, 2013 at 10:55 am
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